Lod/lon ww barb


Interesting you mention research. Allow me to share some.

First, a very informative cheat sheet from Reddit:

Next, a helpful video from fight.

You may notice that–GASP!–a Barb can indeed proc Strongarms on bosses and RGs. In fact, you could have tested this yourself instead of relying upon/spreading misinformation. So I have to believe you’ve confused the word “research” with “assumption.”

How should we go forward? I have an idea:

Stop posting in the Barb forum. Stop trolling in general. Whatever you’re selling, no one here is buying.


Rift Guardians are immune to knockbkacks. Yet knockback abilities still proc Strong Arms. Well, that’s spaghetti code for ya because I guarantee it’s not the desired effect, unless the designer is as bad as the coder.

No, you’re right though. I shouldn’t just assume a AAA developer can actually program things to work the way their intended. Do you hear yourself LUL!

  1. Telling people how the game should work.
  2. Telling people how the game actually works.

Stop doing the first one and claiming it’s the second one and then getting defensive when people point out, with video evidence, that you’re doing so.


Other people told you that Strongarms could proc on Guardians. You said they couldn’t. That’s you saying that they were wrong.

Non-defensive people often refer to others as “sheeple” for not agreeing with their incorrect position, right?

Shift patterns. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.


Sure. It’s called a Continental Shift Pattern. For example…
06:00 - 14:00 (morning shift)
14:00 - 22:00 (swing shift)
22:00 - 06:00 (night shift)

For someone on the swing shift, playing a game or posting on the forums at 03:00 is five hours after they got finished work. So, it’s a bit like someone that works 09:00 - 17:00 playing a game or posting on the forums at 22:00.



Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

Here’s you telling people they were wrong despite you being wrong.

This quote is particularly funny because D3Planner even told him they both worked.


I’m not sure “work” is the word I would use. It’s more like they activate unintentionally.


Better do some research on RGs and Knockback Immunity. Also, research sheeple.


You implied it was ridiculous that I stated Strongarms works on RGs, which it does.

You’re wrong about the game’s mechanics as a matter of fact regardless of developer intent.


Regardless of why they activate there were a dozen players in the Crusaders forums telling you Trapped and Strongarms work on RGs.

You told us we were all wrong without doing any research. Then you came here and continued to spread misinformation. Getting defensive and calling us sheeple.



Like I said before, I was misinformed. I put too much stock in believing a AAA developer could actually code things to work the way they’re intended


No, several players informed you correctly. D3Planner informed you correctly. You ignored everyone and made your own false assumptions without doing any research.


Strongarm’s legendary effect description reads “Enemies hit by knockbacks suffer 30% increased damage for 6 seconds”.

HIT, not pulled, pushed, displaced, HIT.

Get it? It doesn’t matter if Juggernauts, RGs, Mallet Lords or Colossal Golgors are immune to knockbacks, as long as they are hit by knockbacks they will be debuffed by Strongarm.

In this case they did code things to work as intended.


It used to say “Enemies hit by knockbacks suffer 20-30% more damage for 5 seconds when they land”.

But apparently instead of fixing the issue, it was easier to remove the part that assumes the enemy was affected by the knockback.



There was no issue because it used to only affect monsters that are actually displaced by knockbacks, and they decide to change it to make the item more useful. You’re the only one who seems to live in the past and complain about a buff.


There are indeed a lot of mandatory items if you want to play certain builds, but Strongarm is rarely one of them so what you said has no bearing on this matter.


The word you’re looking for is “wrong”.

Heck, before you went back and edited it, you were even on the Bug Report forum asking for Strongarms to be nerfed…


Perhaps it’s you that needs a new hobby.


The fates are not kind to me pushing LoN/LoD WW. Last season with the free LoN buff I saved a great set of gear, augmented it and was 7 minutes ahead of a GR108 when Verizon decided to reset their DNS entry on a Saturday so I died due to a disconnect.

This season with adding EF so far I’ve just pushed a 100 and it felt fine. It’ll definitely under-perform relative to LoD HotA but I’m thinking I can get a 110 out of it with the right map/RG. On an individual target RG it’ll be worthless but with Furnace in the cube you won’t be losing anything. Usually during a push with WW you’re hoping for something with adds so hopefully I have Hamelin’s and Saxtris’ as far as the eye can see.


Looks like we defeated the troll, folks. Nice work. Remember to use the flag function when trolls rear their silly heads.

Now we can get back to the topic at hand, which is, of course, the Windsh1tterer.


Continue to be vigilant.
Unless you destroy them with fire they tend to regenerate. :wink: