LoD Blessed Shield

I tried LoD Blessed Shield yesterday and it doesn’t feel powerful than Condemn build.

Am I doing it wrong or both build has a similar range of power level?

Yea, they could. But show me one person doing it. It’s not feasible. You’re not going to sacrifice a gogok or esoteric or zei’s or taeguk or stricken to use BoP.

It’s hard enough to find somebody using BoP at all let alone someone using BoP and BoT together.

It’s not my own reasoning at all it’s cimmon sense. Don’t worry give it a few years kid. You’ll get there.


You don’t have a public profile. I told you this 12 hours ago and you still haven’t changed it. Nobody can help you until you do.

I will gladly use BotP over BotS when I’m farming anything below GR110. Besides the fact BotS is useless in lower difficulties, some builds don’t use any of the gems you mentioned or BotP can be used with them.

In case I’m not clear enough, I’m not talking about only certain builds, but the whole game, and BotP has its place where it’s useful. No offense, but it seems you have serious tunnel vision issue.

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Below 110 lol like I said, its not feasible. On a scale between taco bell and naptime, how high are you.

At this point you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing but like I said, give it a few years.

No, at this point it’s pretty clear you’re just a troll who pretends to know everything about the game but in fact had been corrected multiple times by multiple people.

Edit: Here, cleared a GR110 with BotP with BotT just for you.


Nobody. Is pushing with BoP and BoT. It was never about using it for the sake of using it. You’re arguing for the sake of arguing, child.

BotP is a fine alternative of Pain Enhancer for Shadow Impale pushing, go see NS DH leaderboard rank 12 and 16 you tunnel vision troll.


Demonhunter. Non-season. Rank 11 - 17, none of them are using BoP and BoT. Is this what happens when you stay up past your bedtime.

can anyone link a version of this build that would be good for doing speed GRs?

You didn’t just check the leaderboard on the website and click on their names to see what they have equipped now, did you?

Check the leaderboard while you’re in the game and view hero details, do I really have to teach you this?


My profile is currently showing what I use for speed GR farming, you can choose between BotP and Gogok.

While im in the game LUL some people work for a living. Give it a few years, you’ll understand.

BagBoy you’re just annoying. You are telling multiple bullshi*ts, pretending to teach the game tips to skilled players, but your vision is limited since you’re a 900 paragon rat with, frankly, very poor knowledge of D3 mechanics. I think here we would be glad if you stop.

And, just to be clear about BoP, in Season 16 I cleared a 119 solo with Roland’s Legacy build in which I was running BotT, BoP and BotS. Then, I cleared a 120 with Zei instead of BoP (just check LB Season 16 EU, ~50th rank).

I use BoP when I play in group in all my trash builds below 120, since the +20% dmg allows to speed up the progression, obviously playing with an Élite killer who knows his job… with LoN Fire Condemn I did a 125 4-men using BoP, Esoteric and BotT, so it’s not true BoP is useless.

Be respectful of other players and maybe you will learn something…


cool thank you very much

Common sense: not everyone works on the weekends. Don’t worry give it a few decades, you will probably understand.

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This guy is a perfect example of why we need a downvote back.


As many have pointed out, BotP is an addition, and it has its uses for some of the lower content, which is perfectly fine since it’s a pretty versatile gem, thus the damage is lower to counter that.

If some of the following is true, then you can use botp:

  • Content is low enough for you to be killing elites fast enough.

  • There isn’t a secondary damage gem that’s designed for a specific damage type (channeling, primary attack or pet attack)

  • The build isn’t heavily reliant on attackspeed.

  • All toughness and cdr demands are met for clearing said content.

  • Or your attacks kill the rg so fast that you don’t really need stricken.

It all varies from build to build, but it has it’s uses. And for a farming purpose it’s really useful. For instance, I farm at roughly 110,if I use invoker, I usually down the rg in the first or second Coe rotation, that means that stricken is barely catching up to the damage bonus of botp when it dies.

Wheater you feel it’s bad or not is besides the point, it’s working as intended, and strong in its own way. If you really need to call out on some gems, look at the defencive gems,half of them never see themselves in a proper build.


He is using Star of Az. So fire damage is not an issue.

This guy gets it. :smile:

This isn’t about the hero taking increased incoming fire damage due to the helm, it’s due to the cumulative increase of having fire bonus on the helm compared to not.

Imagine that you already have 4 sources of fire damage at 20% each then add another 20% from the helm. It’s an increase of…

2.00 / 1.80 = 11.11%

So, whilst you’d be gaining 11% fire damage you’d also be losing 12.5% CDR because you are no longer getting your helm’s diamond effect doubled by Leoric’s Crown. This could mean you cannot maintain as much up-time on Akarat’s Chamion, which is a 35% damage boost.

Essentially, the more sources of elemental damage you take, the less overall percentage benefit each damage source grants your hero and other items might give a better benefit.