LoD Blessed Shield

Actually Holy ain’t that bad outside of ease of multipliers for Holy damage vs Fire (you can get holy on amulet and bracers and that’s about it, don’t think you can get holy dmg on rings). The shattered 3 pieces also benefit fully from all your dmg buffs / multipliers and they count as a normal BS thrown, also each bouncing 6 times, so your BS dmg increase counter will go and stay up insanely fast compared to fire with some mob density. It also melts elite packs that stay close (not like the ones who spread in all directions shooting etc), I can pretty much drop elite packs in 105 in like 5-6 seconds if there’s like 5+ mobs nearby. It makes it at times not even worth to move to triune / follower dmg ring because it will be a dps loss.

Also with Gogok and having perma uptime on both Laws of Valor critical and Provoke for extra 50% block (am peaking 79% cooldown reduction with fully stacked gogok) and iron skin, the dps increase and toughness / safety should overpass BotT IMHO (extra attack speed and 50% crit dmg on top of always having 100% block chance for BS dmg multipliers irrelevant of your CoE cycle).

Sure fire can most likely burst harder during CoE cycle, but I feel that Holy has better all time DPS and more flexibility.

PS: stonegauntlets sucks vs slow hitting RG’s like Butcher, you will never get more than 1 stack - which while it’s good, it won’t save you from getting KO outside of your iron skin / Akk Champ. When I did couple 115’s with a pug (was pretty much a Vyr’s 3k paragon wiz doing all the dmg) I swapped my stricken to Esoteric and BS physical for armor stacking, I was peaking 3.6B toughness and facetank in molten / beams / plague etc, also running ESO in cube for the pull so I can stack mobs on top of the archon, it was freaking epic!

You can get holy dmg on SoJ. You can also get it on Andy’s, but Leorics is too good. Hmm. Yea, I can see Shattering Shield not being horrible just not quite as good as Combustion for single target.

That might not be a bad idea, I will try to get an ancient SoJ with holy dmg on it and test it out, but not sure what to drop between CoE and Justice Lantern for it. I feel like CoE is the least relevant one since you only benefit from it every 12 seconds (As it rotates through 3 other elements before coming to your element, physical, lightning fire/holy) and you can’t always get the benefit of it from being forced to move etc. This actually could be pretty dope, as if memory serves SoJ also gives % dmg to elites, if I can get one with ChC / CD / AS on it and 20% holy - HOLY BATMAN or something ^^

I don’t like Andariel’s for LoD BS, you really need Leoric for the 25% CDR, as you want as much CDR as you can get without sacrificing chc / chd / as on rings to roll for it (and I’d rather have AS on gloves with chc/chd than CDR).

Yes, SoJ can give 20% holy and 30% to elites.

eDit: just noticing that in the op, I was using SoJ, CoE and Justice Lantern so I was wondering what ring you’re using that isn’t CoE or Justice Lantern.

It’s not RotZ because it requires a resource spending attack and there’s nothing that boosts BS damage. Oculus Ring might be a decent ring for trash, but horrible for the RG. Unity maybe? In case you’re a bit squishy.

I think if you had to choose between unity and CoE, I’d drop CoE also because you’re gonna be kiting at random times like you said.

When are you supposed to use the Akarat as LoD Blessed Shield? Vs elites or just activate it whenever it is ready.

Also, if I am using Trapped for LoD Blessed Crusader, how am I supposed to trigger its bonus consistently? So far, get close to the enemy is the only way I can think of, but that would leave ranged enemies out from Trapped effect when you throw shield afar.

I wouldn’t use Trapped with BS as there’s no way to proc it on RG, but as far as, it AC should have 100% up-time or you need to reevaluate your gear.

eDit: Can’t help you with a hidden profile. Who does that…

You can proc trapped on RG too if you are enough close to it; you can proc strongarm bracers bonus if you run Condemn - Vacuum, in a LoD BS, even if you don’t see RG “moving”, but actually bonus is applied (RGs are NOT juggernauts!)

Why do you keep claiming that you cant use trapped vs the RG?, it works, the aura made by the gem still works on it.

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I’ve now had to correct you 4x.

Bane of the Trapped works on RGs. Slow effects work on RGs. They just only have 65% of the effectiveness. But that doesn’t matter for Trapped because all you need is a slow applied.

Best way to use Trapped on enemies at distance is your follower using Thunderfury. The sword applies a slow to enemies hit. Otherwise, you just worry about the enemies in front of you and hope for the best.

Blessed Shield’s weakness is single target damage anyways. As long as you are fighting in density, everything dies fast.

Hey, i’ve been messing around on the planner trying to think of a RGK but i think according to reports of the mechanics of Akkhan’s leniency the stacks wouldn’t get high enough even with one with adds if the exploding doesn’t trigger procs, or if they are already hit maybe? (i think?)

edit: (deleted profile) was going to need large changes anyways if zodiac didn’t work. Now i have been looking at heavens fury… does shield of fury stack infinitely cause 2 attacks per second that’s some rgk damage right there too. Not sure of the cc immunity for blinds and the fury bracers though

Yeah BS single target DPS ain’t the best, but it is better than WoL (I played monk all past season and have great gear on her - Inna’s variant) and I’d argue better than condemn too vs some bosses who move a lot around. My DH with N6M4 has insanely higher single target DPS than my LoD BS, or my WoL, or my Condemn, but it’s way trickier to play and squishier - and still not even close to my Impale DH (don’t think even Vyr’s can get close on RG on single target dps to Impale).

Bane works on all bosses (and knockback effects too even if they don’t displace visually the target), stuns and blinds work on all bosses as well (I was having fun running Glaring Shield or what is called the cone AoE blind 4s duration with perma uptime with my Akkhan set, which made all bosses trivial as they wouldn’t get to use any of their abilities, but then again Akkhan doesn’t have the DPS to push compared to other options, but still fun and prolly good as a future support Crusader? As you are super tanky with akkhan, can add easily stone gauntlets & ice climbers for more toughness and just round up mobs, pull them together with Eso procs with BS and facetank stuff and aoe blind everything - would love to try it in higher GR 4 players, did something similar in 120 with a vyr’s wiz worked wonders).

Then it’s broke af and should probably be looked at. Or they might as well remove BoP because it’s just a weaker BoT.

Stop trying to use your own reasoning to judge a design in the game that’s based on fantasy in the first place.

BotP and BotT aren’t mutually exclusive, they can be used together, ever think of that?

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I tried LoD Blessed Shield yesterday and it doesn’t feel powerful than Condemn build.

Am I doing it wrong or both build has a similar range of power level?

Yea, they could. But show me one person doing it. It’s not feasible. You’re not going to sacrifice a gogok or esoteric or zei’s or taeguk or stricken to use BoP.

It’s hard enough to find somebody using BoP at all let alone someone using BoP and BoT together.

It’s not my own reasoning at all it’s cimmon sense. Don’t worry give it a few years kid. You’ll get there.


You don’t have a public profile. I told you this 12 hours ago and you still haven’t changed it. Nobody can help you until you do.

I will gladly use BotP over BotS when I’m farming anything below GR110. Besides the fact BotS is useless in lower difficulties, some builds don’t use any of the gems you mentioned or BotP can be used with them.

In case I’m not clear enough, I’m not talking about only certain builds, but the whole game, and BotP has its place where it’s useful. No offense, but it seems you have serious tunnel vision issue.

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Below 110 lol like I said, its not feasible. On a scale between taco bell and naptime, how high are you.

At this point you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing but like I said, give it a few years.

No, at this point it’s pretty clear you’re just a troll who pretends to know everything about the game but in fact had been corrected multiple times by multiple people.

Edit: Here, cleared a GR110 with BotP with BotT just for you.


Nobody. Is pushing with BoP and BoT. It was never about using it for the sake of using it. You’re arguing for the sake of arguing, child.

BotP is a fine alternative of Pain Enhancer for Shadow Impale pushing, go see NS DH leaderboard rank 12 and 16 you tunnel vision troll.