LoD Blessed Shield

Depends on playstyle but I think PE might be best. The attack speed can increase your Leniency stacks and your recovery via Life on Hit.

It’s close though. If you have a high level Trapped and don’t have trouble surviving, I think that does provide a smidge more damage.

PE = IAS = more damage to RG than trapped. Don’t prioritize trash damage.

I personally have been running pain enhancer. Mainly due to the amount of trash and face tanking things. It’s a pretty big attack speed gain when you have a screen full of trash and it causes a large increase to your Life on hit and the stacks of shield impacts in 3 seconds. When you hit the riftguardian I kinda think bane of trapped would be the winner. I need to do some simulating on D3 planner to know for sure. But PE on the rift guardian is only 3% IAS versus BOTT at a high percentage the whole time.

Just napkin math, and maybe i’m way off here. But let’s pretend my attack speed is 2.00 APS. If i get 3% on a rift boss that means my AS is now 2.06. at 2.00APS it would take me 20 seconds to hit a guardian 40 times. At 2.06 APS in 20 seconds I would hit the guardian 41.2 times. With my stricken gem that would net me one extra stack of ~1.95% damage increase. With BOtT I’m running at 50% damage increase from the very start. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. To me PE is for trash, and BOtT is for the guardian. Problem is that 10 minutes of your run is trash, and 3 minutes is the guardian

MIght try to high GR tonight with BOTT and see how it does. It’s been a long time since i’ve tried it, I think i have it at 110 gem level so would be a good quick test.


Remember that it only works on certain guardians, only those that have high enough spawn rate of adds to grant enough attackspeed. In any case trapped works against guardians and is a must in almost every build. The damage bonus is too large to disregard.

running two generic tests on my character upload with NO paragon points put in etc. a simulation says:

PE: 9434.196 B done in 4 min. (little less than 1 trillion damage)
BOtT: 10.039 T done in 4 min.

If i’m reading that correctly, Bane of the trapped would do more than 10 times the damage in 4 minutes…dear lord. I’m going to have to test this tonight.

Little side note: it also shows my shield damage jumping from 80B to 117B per hit (no paragon input into the sim).

Yea, I don’t know what you’re reading.

Pain Enhancer: less than 1 tril in 4 minutes.
Trapped: 10 tril in 4 minutes.

Where do you see PE doing more than 10x the damage? Also, trapped will not affect RGs, but the planner thinks it does; same for Strong Arms.

I notice you keep posting this in several threads. Why do you think Trapped won’t work on RGs?

Typo, typed the wrong gem name. At work right now multitasking… :slight_smile:

Bane works on RG’s it’s the reason why my N6M4 cold DH can explode Guardians, if it didn’t It would be a huge hit on dps (since I have 6 turrets that all benefit from the extra dmg).

My take is that running Long Arms of the Law to have 10s on Valor Critical is a better dps gain than bane since with Gogok of Swiftness I will have 23% AS increase and +15% CD reduction AND 50% more crit damage up for the entire fight with the guardian irrelevant if am in fire cycle or not, if I have to move to dodge out stuff or if there are adds or not. Having 100% uptime on Valor Critical - to me - along with 23% AS (8 more from Valor and 15% from gogok) seems like a much better deal than a flat 50-60% dmg increase from Trapped (which may not be up at all time if you need to kite / move away from some difficult RG and not be in 15 yards range and your follower doesn’t proc his slow etc).

Pretty much doing this (I dropped towering shield 20% BS dmg for the valor 10s duration) made it so I can clear GR 105 with 8-7m left after GR death depending on map / mob types instead of 2-3m left after GR death (when was running Towering shield, bane of trapped and bane of stricken or w/e is called that multiplies dmg vs GR / bosses each time you hit them).

I was able to reproduce this several runs in a row (the clear time) on various maps / RG’s so for me it’s better by miles than trapped. Am quite positive once I get some better rolls on my ancients and find an ancient Lantern to get last ancient in slot (and replace my shield) I can probably do 110 with 2-3 minutes left at my 1.2k paragon.

I tested and compared PE and BotT quite a bit when I was pushing GR130 in NS, and I settled on BotT because it’s more consistent.

During rift clearing phase, both gems performed about the same as far as clearing speed is concerned, and I didn’t need the extra healing from higher attack speed with PE so I call it a tie.

The key difference is RG fight. BotT is far stronger than PE even on RG with adds because those adds usually die too fast for PE to provide consistent and significant Akkhan’s Leniency stack advantage over BotT, and on a single target RG PE is basically worthless.


I am thinking to convert my Akkhan Condemn Crusader to LoD Blessed Shield.

Do I need the cooldown reduction as much as I need for Akkhan?

Also, why is LoD Blessed Shield is more favorable to LoD Condemn Build?

You still want 50%~55% CDR, but it will be much easier to get than Condemn because you will be using Fervor instead of Heavenly Strength.

Without Akkhan 2p RCR, LoD Condemn has to use the Fire rune with Cindercoat in order to keep wrath consumption in check so it loses the ability to pull monsters together as well as healing from Holy Cause, making it less ideal for pushing.

Another possible reason is that people become tired of playing Condemn season after season since S12.

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I would love it if Blizz would simply nerf or alter condemn ----> which can lead to a buff for Akkhan Set to open up more builds, and make other skills be more relevant at end game.


Depends on the build. You can freeze RGs, but their immune to knockbacks and slows including the BoT aura so Strong Arms are useless and I can’t think of anything a BS build has that hard CCs RGs. So why would you run trapped in this build?

Because Trapped’s slow aura does trigger Trapped on RGs. Why do you think it doesn’t? RGs aren’t Juggernauts. Trapped works on them.

So once again, why do you keep saying it doesn’t?

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Like Jako said, RG can be slowed so BotT works on them.

You also have the common misconception about Strongarm that it can only be triggered by displacing monsters with pull/knockback effects. The truth is Strongarm is triggered by “hitting” monsters with those effects, whether they are actually displaced or not is irrelevant. Strongarm can work on even Juggernauts.

A visual effect will appear on top on monsters’ heads when they are affected by Strongarm debuff. It looks like a small sparkling cloud.

SOLO GR 129 Non season EU:

It was just testing a new flail! ^^

P.S. 15:30 PM EU
And now 130 done!!! :))


Your gem choice definitely holds water as far as i can tell. Gogak of swiftness and BOtT sim nearly the same for me on d3planner. On rift bosses it’s close to the same, swiftness maybe a touch higher over 4 minutes. On trash with 3 elites and 10 whites it outperforms over 4 minutes for total damage, not sure how to look at it for like 30 seconds. My guess is in burst BOTT outperforms, but maybe not by much. The side effect of dodge would be nice, but running hold your ground probably negates that. I’ll have to play around with it tonight for fun, if you get 15% dodge and could drop hold your ground it might be a good result.

Good job messing around with things and finding what works for you well, and could work well for other people. 15% cool down doesn’t suck either :):grin:

On the RG fight, you should take a step back before casting Condemn so it can actually hit RG with pull effect and proc Strongarm.

In your video at 13:09 you cast Condemn and a small sparkling cloud appeared on Saxtris’ head, that’s the indication of Strongarm debuff. After that you spent about a min fighting him without actually procing Strongarm.

Congrats, now you make me want to push 131. :grin:

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Does anyone else run holy instead of fire? Curious as to what people are clearing for a holy variant since i enjoy holy over fire. Ive finished a 115 so far.