Lod/lon ww barb

What does the build looks like?

I am think about the damage potential of wotb arreat wail and slaughter

Here is the one I’ve been running https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Blackarrows-1814/hero/107040112
Serro speed version is really good for speed T-16…

Several variations of gear and weapons…
Original guide by Free in the old forum

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I’d try something like this just to be different:


BoT is good in this build, but the RG isn’t affected by Strong Arms. On the bright side, you may be able to perma freeze it or something relatively close via the Frostburn proc.

If you find that you need more defense, you can wear Morticks Brace and cube String of Ears. Trash will take less damage, but so will you. Also, put the sword in the main hand as it has faster attack speed. Im sure this matters.

As much as I would like animosity in this build, I just don’t see the room for that for CoE. I don’t like running EF in this build because it increases fury spent per second by 25% and does less damage vs elites than Furnace.

I don’t have the gear to test this build but if you do and find that fury is not an issue (meaning you’re able to maintain cuirass buff), you can drop Unforgiving for Ruthless. I still think that’s a better choice than animosity.

Also, try to get health globe healing bonus in your secondaries if possible. We aren’t running the Blood Funnel rune so it’ll help a lot.

eDit: This build is showing 99.1% DR, but if anyone knows about a cap you have a couple options:

  1. Drop Band of Might in the cube for CoE.

  2. Drop Aquilla Cuirass (which might be hard to maintain anyway) for any other chest. Maybe Tyrael’s Might since it always rolls with AR plus dmg to demons in the secondary.

TOP-3 EU seasonal atm
GR117 @ 14:29
Just 952 Plvl
NO Augments
Low LGems (max 112 lvl)

Talladro used LoD Hota for this clear, not WW.

I wonder if Siladil’s EQ/WW LoN Barbarian would be any good in 2.6.6.

Dragonfire, thx, my bad, didn’t notice that exactly WW-build being asked
Btw let it be another version to compare

Just as good as it ever was, kinda good. sorta, maybe…

Well I was thinking Echoing Fury would solve the problem of low attack speed the build had. LoD Gem means you can rock a couple of Rings besides Zodiac now too.

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Edited my post to show speed build with Tribes and EF…

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You need to kill things to maintain that IAS so you definitely lose it all on RG and maybe between packs depending on dificulty. I’m still convinced the freeze build is the way to go.


And I don’t believe you’d ever be able to drop RotZ.

The build isn’t for pushing.

EQs do the work on the RG.

I never said to drop Zodiac.

Wanna race?
These LoN/LoD builds are speed based not for pushing. There are way better builds for that…

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You can do T16 half naked, nobody cares. And I literally said the freeze build is probably better for pushing. Wants to race, doesn’t have a single season character. Good job.

This sounds a lot like “drop RotZ for other rings” to me. Hence “besides”.

First off, I wasn’t talking to you when I brought up Siladil’s build. So I don’t care about your “freeze” build. This isn’t your thread. I didn’t click reply to you.

Secondly, I said the LoD Gem replaces LoN Rings, so now I can use 2 other Rings besides Zodiac. How do I magically replace one ring with two rings?

Thirdly, I wouldn’t trust any build you recommend. You’ve been repeatedly saying Bane of the Trapped and Strongarms don’t work on the RG the last few days.


Oh, so you think Strong Arms work on RGs now. Incredible.

What’s incredible is that you don’t realize they do. There’s several ways to proc Strongarms against bosses including Furious Charge, Ancient Spear, % Knockback on gear, and other abilities.


Implying there was a time didn’t? Well maybe a few years ago I guess.

Just because I was letting Kikaha and HunterKiller try to correct you on Strongarms doesn’t mean I didn’t agree with them.

Strongarms is useless in a Blessed Shield imo. So I focused on correcting your misinformation that Trapped didn’t work in the Blessed Shield thread because Trapped is a really strong gem and probably one of the best choices for the build.


I wish they would add in an item that gave WW the effect of the Dust Devils rune because any other rune without it is absolutely gimped damage wise in comparison. The Hurricane rune is a lot of fun but it only works in farming builds that utilize the Wastes set because you get Dust Devils baked in, running it by itself is just too much of a damage loss to overcome which pretty much forces you to use the Dust Devil rune in any LoN/LoD build.

I have played quite a bit with Fjord Cutter/Rimeheart coupled with Frostburns but the damage from Rimeheart just isn’t enough to justify it’s use as compared to either Doombringer or now Echoing Fury.

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So what you’re saying is that you too believe RGs are affected by Strong Arms. Better do some research on RGs and Knockback Immunity. Also, research sheeple.

EF wouldn’t be good for pushing because your stacks will fall off on RG, but have you tried this build since LoD release?