List of Multiplicative and Additive sources for Barb

99.9% credit goes to Nubtro, this is just an update of his list.

Most recent update: 3/26/23.

3/26/23: converted post into a Wiki.

4/28/22: Added Arreat’s Law to the Multiplicative category.

10/31/20: Moved Blade of the Tribes from additive to multiplicative.

3/17/20: Added H90 (Horde of the Ninety Savages) 6-piece and Undisputed Champion to multiplicative section.

12/9/19: Moved Depth Diggers, Enforcer, and Simplicity’s Strength from additive to multiplicative section.

12/6/19: I’ve updated everything I think has changed. If others could take a look and let me know if I’ve missed stuff, that would be appreciated. There are a few things here that I never knew about, like Call of the Ancients skill bonuses being multiplicative… anybody know if that is still the case?

> Damage Increased by Skills or “DIBS” category
> > these bonuses stack additively together

Active skills:
> Threatening Shout - Falter
> Battle Rage (including 15% for Marauder´s Rage)
> Rend - Mutilate
> Frenzy - Maniac
> Bash - Punish
> Cleave - Gathering Storm

> Berserker Rage
> Brawler
> Sword/Dagger Weapons Master

> Taeguk
> Gem of Efficacious Toxin

> skill damage bonus rolls except Call of the Ancients
(a) Hammer, Whirlwind, Spear, Slam on helm and boots
(b) Frenzy, Bash, Cleave, Weapon throw on belt and pants
(c ) Rend, Furious Charge, Earthquake, Avalanche, Overpower, Revenge on chest and shoulders
> Dread Iron - Avalanche
> Strongarm Bracers
> Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
> Harrington Waistguard
> Overwhelming Desire
> Oculus Ring <- before 2.4
> 300th Spear <- before 2.4

> Separate multipliers

Active skills and passives:
> Insanity
> Ruthless
> No Escape

> Bane of the Trapped
> Zeis Stone of Vengeance
> Bane of the Stricken
> Bane of the Powerful
> Legacy of Dreams
> Simplicity´s Strength
> Enforcer


> Wrath of the Wastes (2, 4, 6)
> Immortal King (6)
> Raekor (4, 6)
> MOTE (6)
> H90 (6)
> Legacy of Nightmares set bonus
> Focus + Restraint (each is separate 1.5x multiplier, 2.25x total)
> Istvan’s Paired Blades set bonus
> Endless Walk (i.e. Compass Rose + Traveler’s Pledge) set bonus
> Captain Crimson (3)
> Aughild’s Authority (2)

> Convention of Elements
> Vile Ward
> Standoff
> Lamentation
> Fury of the Vanished Peak
> Fjord Cutter
> Bracers of Destruction
> Gavel of Judgment
> Remorseless
> Bracers of the First Men
> Girdle of Giants
> Blade of Tribes -both Earthquake and Avalanche
> Skull Grasp
> Dishonored Legacy
> Oathkeeper
> Blade of the Warlord
> Undisputed Champion
> Mantle of Channeling
> Depth Diggers
> 300th Spear <- new 2.4 version only, old (white text) one was DIBS
> Arreat’s Law
> Skular´s Salvation (first bonus = 2.5-3x, second bonus = 2x, total 5-6x)
> Oculus Ring <- new 2.4 version only, old one was DIBS
> Squirt’s Necklace

> elemental skill bonus (this group includes Enforcer gem)
> Call of the Ancients bonus (shoulders, chest, Boulder Breaker)
> damage bonus vs monster type (demons, humans, beasts, undead)
> elite damage bonus

> Strength


Simplicity’s Strength and Depth Digger provide separate damage multipliers, so they don’t belong to DIBS.

In which category falls the nephalem glory bonus?

And does it also affect rend damage?

It does not anymore, since 2.4.1 enforcer is a seperate multiplier

Hey fellas, any chance you’ve got links to blue posts, patch notes, testing by serious players that confirms these changes?

I’m moving Enforcer, SS, and DD over now, since it’s not that I don’t believe you guys, I’m just trying to be careful about double-checking everything so as not to accidentally convey misinformation…

You know what, ES, I really don’t know. I’ve never been very clear on the mechanics of nephalem glory. The speed buff is pretty straightforward, but as to how much damage it does… :man_shrugging:

Here you go:


  • Pet damage reduction increased from 25% to 90%
  • The damage bonus granted to pets is now multiplicative with other sources of bonus damage

Simplicity’s Strength

  • The damage bonus granted is now multiplicative with other sources of primary skill bonus damage
  • Heal amount increased from 2% to 4% of maximum Life

Depth Diggers

  • The damage bonus granted is now multiplicative with other sources of primary skill bonus damage

All in the same patch, 2.4.1


Awesome, thanks very much!

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