Rend % from shoulders DIBS?

Sorry if this have been asked before, I searched a long time but I cant find info for it, so I wanna ask, is 15% rend (or skills from items generally) from shoulder is DIBS? or is it a separate multiplier?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s DIBS. List of Multiplicative and Additive sources for Barb

Here’s a quick list of W6-applicable DIBS sources: Taeguk, Rend% Chest, Rend% Shoulders, Battle Rage % damage, Falter, Mutilate, Maniac, Punish, Gathering Storm, Weapons Master % damage, Brawler, Berserker Rage, and Strongarms.


I remember from old2 patch that is it DIBS, I just thought they might have changed it in recent patches since I heard some people said Blizzard wanna make almost all bonuses multiplicative, but then I heard the old team and old engine made it hard to do it.

So yeah…this means brawler is almost useless as I have predicted…On to Relentless + Crimson combo for me then :)…haha…idk if it will be practical for me tho since RGs like to one shot me and from what everyone is saying that passive does not work with one shots.

What does Rend% on shoulder and chest mean to the overall DPS for a WhirlRend Barb?

How does it stack up with Lamentation Belt, Waste6, and Ambo?


The 3 you listed are multiplicative so very well. Always take rend on chest and shoulders no exeptions

With taeguk, BR, Battle rage, and the Rend from items…passive like brawler means so little tho lol, might wanna consider that when taking ur passives :)…

Altho…there is no other good dps passives anyway, …

Man how i wish so much that brawler and BR is multiplicative :)…

And the EHP passives aren’t that nice too, if only relentless calculates one shots or any hit that makes you go below 35%, it will work wonders for the captains build… Hope they change these one day,…one can dream :slight_smile: