[Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

I’m Barb noob, can I use Lightning Rend instead of Physical?

I know that feel.
Was stuck in the 110, without AS. Just done a 115 with It and was so easier…

Thank you.

I have just found a post by Nubtro on the old forum:

I think this info must be stickered on this forum (with info about CC and other new bonuses).

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Now I am on same level with IB and Ambo/Doom. With both I cleared GR128. And with both I had GR129 under 15:20. One attempt with very good map, but I died 4x (in super density pack with 4 elites with bad affixes). I need a bit more tougness and that good map will be GR130 clear.

Still without spear. With spear I am not able play WW5/CC, low defense (without spear I have WC Veterans -> much more defense). If I want training playing with spear, I have to with WW6 variant.

However some of this information is, expectedly since it was posted in 2016, outdated: BotP is a seperate multiplier now. All those legendaries like FotVP and GoJ no longer have additive damage but seperate multipliers. It’s best that the post is rewritten (I think) instead of have a sticky with old info, even though the differences might be small


I updated Nubtro’s list:


I was running Ambos + DB and did not need WM at all, Windshear was sufficient. How much better is ItF than Brawler or Berserker (in density Fury globe wouldn’t drop in Fury).

Seasonal player here, is it worth running Rampage in high GR pushes? The guide recommends it as a staple passive, but it seems like it will be down the majority of the time when pushing since you’re focused on building density and spending a good chunk of time before you start actually killing anything, wouldn’t running Brawler be better in this scenario (assuming you can’t fit both)?

You can find this out pretty easily using D3Planner.

Brawler is 20% dibs, Berserker 25% dibs.

With max Taeguk, Rend% on chest + shoulders, Battle Rage, that’s 80 + 15 + 15 + 10 dibs, 120 total.

240 / 220 = 1.091, i.e. Brawler gives you +9.1% dps
245 / 220 = 1.114, i.e. Berserker Rage gives you +11.4% dps

This is assuming you’ve got a max Taeguk (probably not) and that you aren’t already using the other skill (not already using Brawler or Berserker). If you’re already using one of those, the other will give you a bit smaller % increase (+8.2% and +10.4% for Brawler and Berserker, respectively). If your Taeguk is not max, both will give you a bit larger % increase (Taeguk rank 120: +9.6% for Brawler, +12.0% for Berserker)

BR: ItF is, of course, conditional. Against a no-adds RG, it gives you 1% CHC, which is not very good (of course, Brawler is useless in this situation, too).

On a good pull of density, however, you can easily see +20% CHC, and can get above +30% CHC at times. And one of the RGs who summons a lot of adds, like Hamelin, Binder, or Saxtris, can net you +10% CHC.

Assuming you’ve got the maximum likely CHD (+610%) and CHC (67%), then getting +10% CHC will increase your damage by 12%, +20% CHC will increase your damage by 24%, and +30% CHC will increase your damage by +36%.

Bottom line, they’re all good. ItF is definitely the best in density, and has the capacity to contribute the most total damage.

That’s it, I remember that they were in that 8 - 12% ball park figure, but was 100% sure.

I personally struggle to create good density. I commonly see a 6 to 8% CHC increase. Easy and consistent is what I usually lean towards. Dibs might suit me best.

Which variant are you playing? ItF is most effective when you have both Spear and Stomp, which pulls guys from far away (Spear), and then packs them really tightly around you (Stomp). And of course, you only play this variant with WW 6 and BoM.

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Ambos/DB WW/Crimson

I watch videos on how to create density, but I lack the patience and discipline to follow through. And in the process of creating density, I find myself dying more often because I forgot Stomp, forgot to pop a potion, forgot this, forgot that… etc.

In S19 - it doesn’t worth.

I can’t get the hang of Spear myself, so I use Demoralize and find it works quite well (also has the added benefit of providing an additional enemy debuff) , albeit not quite as effective as Spear in the hands of a skilled player.

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Ok that was my thought as well, wanted to make sure I wasn’t way off, thanks.

Use Rage Flip to drag mobs and elites to intersections, then use Stomp to “pixel pull” them into tight, compact globs. This is very similar to what zDPS Pixel Barbs do in 150s to create tight clusters of density for the Wiz to explode.

Into the Fray can offer a ton of damage if you play properly. And if you use Ambo’s + Doom, put Ambo’s in your main hand, take the Weapon Master passive, and use Bloodfunnel on WW. Problem solved.

Spear gives you much more benefit than War Cry. If you’re Paragon 4K, you should be able to start swapping Stomp + Band of Might for COE and rely on IP to keep you alive with the Crimson’s variant.

My advice: get good with Rage Flip ASAP. It works wonders in GRs.

Lightning is inferior to Physical, but if you prefer Lacerate, go ahead.

Thanks. Out of curiosity why is Phys better?

I am already playing CC + CoE variant, thats way I need WC for now. With BoM, of course, WC is not needed.
With BoM with spear I am around 2 GR lower than with CC + CoE without spear.
When I will have a bit more paragon and some better peace of gear (shoulders and gloves not ancient yet) and higher augments, than I will switch to spear (without WC).


Did a substantial update to various sections of the guide, most notably:

  • Gear and optimized rolls
  • Skill selections
  • Fleshed out sections on Zodiac Procs and Healing
  • Added section on Crowd Control
  • Fixed typos

If you see anything amiss, want additions, or have questions, let me know!

Bloodbath > Lacerate because the former creates additional Rend bleeds. It’s way more damage in density.

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