Frenzy Build Question

So the setup I want to have is as close to this as possible;

EDIT: (UGH WHY can’t I post links when other people do?!)

My big dilemma is whether to run with Aquilla Harness on my body and put Depth Diggers in cube, or keep as is. I’m pretty sure the 15-20% fire damage outweighs the 100% frenzy damage from Depth Diggers but can anyone confirm for me?

I was originally planning to run a physical variant with Pain Enhancer (to help with mobbing) but the wiki says the bleeds do not stack, which frankly leads me to believe that gem needs to be redesigned since the rank 25 bonus doesn’t assist the main function of it at all.

EDIT 2: So I have the Aquilla Harness cubed and using Cindercoat in my build planner, vs equipping AH and cubing Depth Diggers and forging the extra fire damage


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You don’t want that setup, Depth Diggers give you way more damage than Cindercoat.

I wrote a whole guide for H90! Check it out: [Guide] H90 Frenzy: A simple guide

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No the 100% largely outweighs 20%, especially when you also have 40% from amulet and bracers. Depth Diggers are pretty much mandatory, but do cube them.

You should really consider a mobility skill to get you in and (especially) out of situations, like Leap or Furious Charge. And then you’d benefit from Stomp more than from Ignore Pain. This also enables Band of Might and you can forego Aquilla’s.

Morticks are still very bad, the uptime on WotB makes them not worth the slot. Either go with Ancient Partan Defenders or use Aughilds Bracers.

Yea Pain Enhancer doesn’t do much here, the damage is nothing as you have nothing that increases it. Bane of the Trapped and Stricken is the ones you want to combine, along with Simplicity’s Strength.

There’s also no reason to take a Fury generation passive in a Fury generator build, you are going to stack that fury up so fast anyway.

Last thing, the 15% increased attack speed from dual wield is gonna outweigh that shield by miles.

Ok so the Depth Diggers are multiplactive and not additive, then. Like it doesn’t take the base value of Frenzy and just add another 100% to the WD%, it actually doubles it?


Can’t ditch Depth Diggers in this build.

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OK thanks, it’s hard to tell which effects are multiplicative and which are additive, I just know elemental damage tends to win over crit.

Here you go:

Interdasting side note here:

I went to blizzcon 2016. Even back then, we were all hoping for d4 news. Ah, but I digress. Anyway, at the very, bitter end of the whole thing, a few of us strays stuck around to listen to Wyatt talk for an hour or so about his general thoughts on d3. One of my big takeaways was that he (and the dev team in general) wanted everything to be separate category; ie, no dibs at all. I don’t remember the specific class/skill that got him started on it, though I’m sure that it was somehow barb-related.

He gave the impression that they wanted to in fact change everything eventually to separate category but might not be able to b/c of dev time constraints. It’s nice to see that many skills have in fact been moved to separate categories.