EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records

I am from EU and just looking here for news but did not find a problem solve, so I just try to help with a hint, which do work on EU Server :
press N - than news- than on the right there is a wheel “news filter” and than klick and activate “items” the first one. Than you have to identify a leg item.
If you see in clan chat, that you did get the item, than the Server is fine and the record in ranking will sure be counted.
I hope I did explain understandable.
We tried it yesterday several times in EU and always the ranking was counted.
Greetings from sunny germany :wink:

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This clan chat loot thing was suggested in the EU Technical Support thread, where someone responded a couple of hours later with this…

…proving that it’s not a reliable way to determine if your GR clear will be recorded or not.

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Sadly didn’t work for me, new gr records are still not counted…


This is totaly not true.
Just made solo 143 dh at euro ns with your advice and i still got 142 as best. Pls dont fairytales anymore, cuz all u do is mess

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dh 134 down, doesnt count… :frowning: sigh
cmon, plz fix this sh*t, it is so annoying

I don’t play much on EU, so my information is limited. But I’m sure I’m not the only person who noticed this ‘registering’ thing comes and goes quite frequently/easily? One room, it doesn’t register. Then the next room, it does register. And that doesn’t change as long as you’re still in that room (not registering room will continue to not register, registering room will continue to register). I started HC on EU recently, so low level clears are all new clears for me, easy to test. Still couldn’t figure out the pattern of which room is the registering one.

Well, it’s a bit of work, but there’s a reliable method to determine whether or not you should attempt your clearance(s) or not, and it’s based on which of the servers in the EU farm that your game gets hosted on. The method to determine which IP your game ended up on is described here (it uses Windows Resource Monitor)…

And we have a list (that’s being added to / maintained) of server IP addresses that are confirmed working / confirmed broken here…

So, start your game, alt tab to resource monitor to see which IP address you got, look at the table of good / not good, if you got a known good server, your clearance will be recorded. If you got a known bad server, exit the game and restart game, repeating until you get a known good server.


Finished a chat with the team and wanted to share that this issue has been resolved. Thanks to everyone who chimed in & shoutout to @meteorblade who made it super easy for me to find the best place to share this on.

If this issue still persists, please let us know!


Meteorblade for PRESIDENT. We’ll fudge the birth certificate.


This issue was happening on Americas for me and many others a month ago.

Yay! Time for me to try getting some new non-seasonal leaderboard clearances recorded then.

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Well this is excellent news to wake up to! Thanks for the update and thank you for also posting in the Bug Report forum!


Overnight we had two reports that records were not added to the leaderboards…

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Hello Blizzard Support,

This problem is happening again. I have reported in the bug section. Season Leaderboards are not updating

Do you know if the completed runs will be retroactively posted? Also, when this problem will be fixed because it would defeat the purposes of trying to get a higher rank.

They never have been in the multiple previous occurrences of this issue.

Hello Meterblade, you can search the EU and US forums that mentioned the leaderboards are not updating has happened on many occasions.

I’m well aware that this has happened previously. I was involved in showing a method to track down which of the EU server farm’s servers were / were not affected the last time this happened back in August…

In that same thread Blizzard confirmed that they would not be backdating the lost clearances.

[ EDIT ]

It’s back again. EU non-seasonal clearances intermittently not being recorded…

Hi Meteor,

The issue is if the clears are saved on Blizzard servers, then why shouldn’t they be backdated? Also, they have backdated in the past as well on some occasions and not on others.

problem is back after last update. no records


Honestly, this is getting excessively ridiculous.

An issue, that constantly reappears out of nowhere and then has to be “fixed” again, opening a tiny frame of time of hours to days, to be able to get any LB highscores? Last season I did SOMETIMES did get a post-poned record & the earned spot on the LB, but I plenty of times I also didn’t get them.

(Was even funnier right at the end of S21 (Thu? Fri? Can’t remember anymore), time running out… then, finally the long awaited clear on the DH AND one of the two season theme procs that actually were able to kill the RG… finally… again… for nothing. Again.

Then checked on the forums, LB issue been activate for ~3hours or so, slightly having missed the time frame to get my clear - did then do some clears on other classes, think my Barb clear I did get then, postponed, the one from my DH though was another case of:

“Sorry, but the re-validation of your previous valid clear did not get validated due to the re-appearance of the LB issue & therefore not having occured during the valid time frame of validation.”

(2nd time this massive level of frustration about a highscore on my DH. 2nd time unrewarded. 2nd time somewhat close to ~600 keys each (which [without an SSID for atleast ultra-fast loading screens while re-opening games] literally did drain me out and gave me the rest).

Now, we still get it after the whole new patch build, so no hidden fix on that within the Patch, either. I kinda did suspect this to happen though.

I already did smell something familiar, regarding the forthcoming Season…

Can now say: This premonition is now officially validated.

\o/ (yay!) \o/