Leaderboard fix, priority high

Wow, Blizzard acknowledging the bug


They acknowledged it two days ago…

…and that acknowledgement has already been linked in this thread.

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some problem, 118 season gr is done few minutes ago(i have screenshot) but game still tell me 117 :confused:

Imho it got worse in the last days actually, now hardly any game works for personal bests even.

Any news on whether records we got while the games broken are going to be put on the Leader boards? If not how long is it going to be that the LB doesn’t work?
When can we start to push solo again?? I put in a lot of effort and keys in the solo 138 on my Sader, my shard cap increased but no spot. im close to the 140 but dont want to get that and the same issue happens so any ETA on fix??:"

They answered that 13 hours ago in the EU Technical Support thread

To pre-empt suggestions, please understand that sadly we wont be able to manually update or backdate runs

So looking at the TCP network ressources monitor of windows you see the exact IP of the server your game is on, and it works out exactly as people thought it would…There are specific servers who never save the records and others who do work as intended. Guess the last maintenance damaged several servers (looks like roughly 50% so far?)
It goes like… not saving OK not saving not saving not saving OK
and so on.
Soooo, its definitely something that should be solved with a simple maintenance of the EU Realm servers? Why does it take so long?

It is very sad indeed, they haven’t fix it yet. It has been 2 weeks now this bug is there. Though I found a way by coincidence, tested it and it seems to work.
I salved something by mistake, so wanted to check what it was , but could’nt see the loot table in the clan loot items. So i kept it on didnt see my loot in clan chat
I relogged , did a gr, and there it was my loot was showing, put it to test on PB and got recorded, asked some other pple in clan where i saw loot from in clan chat, if they wanted to break their Personal best, and saw their achievements.
So to make a long story short. What I do now is make a item , if its seen in the clan chat, gr validation will work to, if I see it not in clan chat I make a new game until I do.
If they can’t fix the bug, you have to outsmart it than. :slight_smile:


Same issue for me, no log on the profile but everytime, my great rift limit takes in account the completion of the rift.

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I also noticed, that the loot is no longer showing in the chat in all of my games during the past week. Though I can’t confirm if there is a connection to the leaderboard issue since I didn’t push for the past 2 weeks, maybe that’s it…
Thanks for writing that, I thought the whole time that I accidently messed up an option that I 'm no longer able to find^^

Just wanted to update the thread here with a response I posted here: EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records - #48 by FilthieRich

Thanks again everyone.


Excellent to see this is resolved!

Hi Rich,

Any chance for a retroactive update to clears that have supporting evidence?


They said no to that over in the EU thread.

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The EU response didn’t clarify exactly the criteria. They just mentioned based on LogGoblin dumps, they couldn’t retro actively update. This is true as anyone can run a log dump and edit the GR to whatever they wanted.

But when supported with say video evidence, that should warrant a second opinion on whether they want to do the update or not.

“To pre-empt suggestions, please understand that sadly we wont be able to manually update or backdate runs based on log-goblin files as these can be easily edited, sorry.”


They may not even need your evidence… as far as I can tell, the best solo gRift for each hero is stored right on the server… who knows what else is stored there… the records for group gRifts perhaps. Blizzard hasn’t commented on my suggestion that they have a talk with the devs to figure out what’s feasible.

I wish you the best of luck with this… and I hope you get a response from Blizzard. As Meteorblade has already said, they have never backdated such records… unfortunately.

Blizzard does not accept screenshots or video from players as evidence for anything because, sadly, it can be edited and falsified. Blizzard uses their own log files for any and all final decisions.

The issue here is that Diablo 3 does not have second by second logging like WoW does so Blizz does not have log files proving your run clears. If they did, maybe there is something that could be done. They don’t have those logs though so they can’t PROVE anyone’s clears.

Same reason they don’t have any in-game restorations or in-game support services. Without logs there is nothing for a GM to go by.

Now, if there are actually server side leaderboard captures that are separate in a file somewhere and they can use that to populate the leaderboard display, that might be different. That would be a separate data set though.

You can get as small snapshot of what’s available each time you launch Diablo III… Tab out of the game, fetch the D3Debug.txt file (in the same folder as the game), open it with Notepad and search for “My Hero List” (without the quotes).

For each hero that has completed at least one Greater Rift, you will see a variable called “highestSoloRift”; its value is the highest Greater Rift that that hero has done. The value has the correct value… even though the personal record or leaderboard was not updated because of the recent server issues. As you already know, the D3Debug.txt file is refreshed each time you launch Diablo III; the fact that the file contains the correct highest solo rift, even on a computer which was not used to complete that highest solo rift, is an indication that that data comes from the server.

Obviously, if all there is is the value of the highest solo rift… then that is insufficient to populate the official game leaderboard… and there lies the issue. We don’t know what else is contained on the server files… there could be a full record of the data for the leaderboard, or there could be partial record.

But all this is for nothing if Blizzard won’t communicate… as seems to be their current position. I made the suggestion that Blizzard at least have a look at what they have on 12 August… since then… nothing.

Tbh, I think they don’t want to set a precedent on restoring leaderboard clears. I assume it would be a manual task, which may be able to be automated, but they don’t want to go that route and do it for everyone.

Take the current leaderboards for example, a lot of the people listed are still there, but they were banned in the previous wave at S20 end.

That may be… and that would be OK if these leaderboard issues were a “once in a blue moon” event. But that is not the case.

I was hoping for an automated process… something that could run during server maintenance when the servers are offline and the game is not available.