Hello I just made a new record on my wizard and the system did not recodnize it

This is top40 record and its big deal to me im very competitive person and if I make another record and the system did not recodnize this aswell
why do I even bother trying ( i made screenshot )

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the online boards are never accurate, only the ingame ones are relatively accurate. If you completed the rift in game it will show in game. How many blood shards you have access to on the character now?

my previous wizz record was gr 133 - 14.43 my new record was gr 133 - 13.35

for test I went on demon hunter where my record was 130 I did 131 - nothing hapens

were you seasonal? or seasonal hardcore? I’m not sure whats expected for characters that just dumped. I don’t think the season boards will change at all once they end for each realm.


Upload your screenshot to a website that hosts picture, such as imgur.com, and provide a link in your reply.

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I finished season as rank 5 wizard then I pushed in normal - I made several records including 1 this morning - rank 38

so all was fine in the morning in the evening I managed to beat my time but the system did not recognize it

to be sure its system problem I went to demon hunter and made new record also not recognized both characters was created in the season and I now use in normal im not talking about seasonal board im talking about normal

not sure I can help, try a bug report? :slight_smile:


@dbq: Allow me to display your screenshot:

and here is the screenshot of my record on Europe

As one can see…

  • no toast for the new record
  • personal best is not updated to reflect the new record
  • blood shards increased to 1550 as a result of the 105 GRift record

So yep… looks like it’s broken again :frowning:


Do you know if after some times (few hours?) it was finally updated? That happend to me at the end of S21, after few hours my record was updated.

Just now on non-season I pushed my barb to gr130 in 11:30 and record was not recorded :confused: I hope it still be updated later on.

(EU servers)

No - I don’t know.

My guess is it depends how fast Blizzard reacts. As with the last time, I posted a message in General Discussion… hopefully, one of the CMs or some moderator will see it and take appropriate action.

Same here. I just made new record with my Witch Doctor
Leaderboards not updated

My wizzard and necro records made yesterday are fine.

the same bug was live on eu servers last season, i experienced it over a month without getting fixed when i quit, appereantly it was fixed after that… only to show up with the new patch again -.-

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I also just made new DH record at EU. Very good run on my standards (138 / 12:22). No toast, no record. Same feelings, why even bother to play. I usually use season breaks just for pushing, so nothing to do…

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I can only say that after 11h my record was not updated so I guess it’s lost forever :confused:

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I can confirm.
Did a quick 138 solo clear with new I2/A6 Bomb Crusader in 13:10 min EU server and it didn’t show up on my profil record and leaderboard.
Wanna push some other classes as well until S22 starts, but if this bug isn’t fixed then well rip.
First, they didn’t reset leaderboard era after this patch(sad enough) and now leaderboard bug…


I can confirm this. New personal best is not updated on my profile and not on party members either.

Just made best Hc, no recording.
sux. :face_vomiting:

My EU GR’s didnt record anymore since 14/11/2020. It was fine before that date.

I did yesterday 125 SOLO none season with my WIZ and today again but nothing happened on the leaderboards because it’s bugged.