EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records

Hi Meteor,

The issue is if the clears are saved on Blizzard servers, then why shouldn’t they be backdated? Also, they have backdated in the past as well on some occasions and not on others.

problem is back after last update. no records


Honestly, this is getting excessively ridiculous.

An issue, that constantly reappears out of nowhere and then has to be “fixed” again, opening a tiny frame of time of hours to days, to be able to get any LB highscores? Last season I did SOMETIMES did get a post-poned record & the earned spot on the LB, but I plenty of times I also didn’t get them.

(Was even funnier right at the end of S21 (Thu? Fri? Can’t remember anymore), time running out… then, finally the long awaited clear on the DH AND one of the two season theme procs that actually were able to kill the RG… finally… again… for nothing. Again.

Then checked on the forums, LB issue been activate for ~3hours or so, slightly having missed the time frame to get my clear - did then do some clears on other classes, think my Barb clear I did get then, postponed, the one from my DH though was another case of:

“Sorry, but the re-validation of your previous valid clear did not get validated due to the re-appearance of the LB issue & therefore not having occured during the valid time frame of validation.”

(2nd time this massive level of frustration about a highscore on my DH. 2nd time unrewarded. 2nd time somewhat close to ~600 keys each (which [without an SSID for atleast ultra-fast loading screens while re-opening games] literally did drain me out and gave me the rest).

Now, we still get it after the whole new patch build, so no hidden fix on that within the Patch, either. I kinda did suspect this to happen though.

I already did smell something familiar, regarding the forthcoming Season…

Can now say: This premonition is now officially validated.

\o/ (yay!) \o/


Not recording my high clears on EU SC leaderboard …bummer!

Yup they’re broken again i pass a 140, 3 times now and nothing is recorded

The team was to confirm that a fix has been applied to the issue. Leaderboards should now be correctly recording clears. I’m going to keep my eye on this thread - so if you have any updates of clears not recording, please post up here.



Did the team also say why it did not award the new clears performed during the outage… as they did the last time we had a similar issue (on 4 Nov) ?


I understand that all records that have been made by players will not be included in the ranking? Even those with screenshots or even videos sent to you on the forum? You only move players from one thread to another for this

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The records set while the bug was present seem to have been registered after the fix :+1:t2:

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Not for me, it didn’t.

I have tried to repeat the record… so the tier level is the same; but the time shown on my personal best now is higher by almost a minute than my record during the bug.

Not a big deal for me… I’m not on the leaderboard.

Just thought I should put a screenshot of my best record while the bug was present… that was 16 Nov at 4:17 PM EST… you can see that the bug is present since personal best is not updated… and there is no toast in the chat:

The same day, at 7:25 PM EST… after @Legit had said that the bug seemed to be fixed, I tried to beat that record… came close… 12:55 but no cigar. You can see that screenshot here. Note, on that screenshot, that there is a toast but that the record done during the bug is not referenced… although, somehow, it did know that my bloodshard cap was already at 1600… so it didn’t show the increase in bloodshard cap.

So yeah… I’m happy for those that have had their personal best / leaderboard record credited… but it sure didn’t occur for me.

Sorry to hear that. I had some incremental increases on a Necro that suddenly stopped on 109 even though I went higher and higher one step at the time - but when I looked today it had suddenly jumped to the 118 that I did yesterday when it didn’t show. 118 is still below the leaderboard of course.

well that’s not true at all

Has someone reported a record been corrected by blizzard? From what you can see no one, despite the pasted screenshots and videos in other threads. Someone from Blizzard can comment on this, do you bury your heads in the sand as always?
All in all, I can paste here my screen from the record for top4 HC non season - please:

I am curious if the blizzard will react or, as always, leave it without a comment and bluff its players.

Mine was not updated unfortunately. Still I pushed even higher and succeeded so it does not hurt me know but I know the pain from previous season.

Hi, still happening, I cleared a 143 and 144 with but the leader boards still say 140 :frowning:

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EU leaderboards are once again not recording personal best clearances.

Whatever you do every time this breaks, could you do it again please but also actually fix the underlying cause of its reoccurrence rather than treating the symptoms every few weeks?


every season, same little probrem

good look :v:

This shiiiit seems its happening again but seems u cant track it i IDed and item was showing in clan chat did a run but still no record

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ı cleared GR 120 but not recorded.


Dearest Blizzards,

I just cleared a 148 with my dh on EU, 8 seconds to go and my highest ever clear. It would be Rank 2 on the Season 22 LBs but it didn’t register :cry :

I have a video of the clear if you need it, but something is up with the LB’s.

Pleeeeeeease can work your wonders and fix it? The magic of the game and all the effort is put it so I can push for ranks, don’t take that away or covid will be a nightmare!!

much love Kolonel x