Hello I just made a new record on my wizard and the system did not recodnize it

Same happened to me right now. 133 with DH non season not registered. 132 remains listed.
Here the link to imgur

This is unacceptable.

Personal GR records are one of very few reasons people are still playing this game.

Hope this will be fixed very soon and the records done during this bug will finally appear.

My solo record with the Crusi was also not displayed (133), made today.

True. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

Sigh, why do the blues think this is a website issue…

This fault is with the in-game leaderboards on EU not recording GR records, not the website to view them outside of the game, and has been ongoing for a couple of days!

Exactly. Its it the game issue, not some outside website just showing the boards

i cleared 140 solo on Necromancer today and it did not count.

Sadly it wont let me upload the screenshoot.


same issue here, pushed dh, personal best not recorded:


seems to work again

20 chars

Yes… it seems like it.

Unfortunately, clears performed during the outage were not awarded retroactively… as they were the last time on 4 Nov.

Bummer !   :frowning:

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I shared a post on the Gen Discussions that the bug has been addressed here and want to give a big thanks to everyone sharing the issue and thanks to BouBou for confirming that the recent clear was recorded.

If issues happen to come back, please let me know! Ill have my eyes on this thread as well.

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My solo record with the Crusi has not yet been entered in the best list, the record was on November 15, 2020 at 18:50 EU, 133 in 14: 27.566

I’m sure we’d all prefer it if you let us know that you’d found out what causes this fault to re-occur and fixed the root cause rather than relying on players to tell you it’s broken again. Is whatever you do to fix it something that could be automated server-side?

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Bug still persist, did a 102 and 103 gr with my monk in EU server and still says 101. It also happened to my with my non seasonal character some days ago. Very fustrating, I only play to compete against the leaderboard…

Bug is back. (EU server)
Personal best was updating the 21,
but today, the 22. it is not.
Please fix it.

They’re back…

Just want to confirm taht the bug is still there. Did a GR111, 12:29 (EU, Season) with my DH a few minutes ago, but it did not count. Not showing in the ingame ranking, not in the accounts statistics, nothing.

Still showing my previous record from yesterday (GR 110 in 13:xx).

ok, the personal best is updating again.
And retroactively, so maybe it was just really bad lag?

I just got a proper GR personal best completion on S22 EU too.

Having said that, in a previous instance of issues on EU the problem was only apparent when your game was hosted on particular servers in the farm, i.e. some would record them, some wouldn’t. Let’s see what Rich has to say.