Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q2 June 2020

Yes! I totally forgot about Dungeon Siege. Now I remember I once had a single character and 5 or 6 donkeys following me around the world. That was so much fun.

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Q3 Update still happening or did devs forget about us :(?

Last day of Q3 is 30th September, so they’ve still got today and tomorrow to post it.

[ EDIT ]
They posted it today…

Well Q2 was actually suppose to be in may, but they pushed that to june, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushes this update as well. Hope it doesn’t happen though, I want the update soonish.

How did you come up with that?
Q2 is from April 1st - June 30th.
Q3 is from July 1st - September 30th.
Q4 is from October 1st - December 31st.


Well from this update we know they read this forum, keep it constructive, they might pull it off this time.

Alright I can get that. As long as the fight mechanics are unique and challenging and the loot isn’t too absurdly good–or better yet if it’s tied into a unique quest chain–I could get with that.

They delayed 1 month. That was my point.

How Enchantment system is different from D3 macros?

They did not “delayed” anything, all updates were posted in each quarter as intended.

You will find out during the beta or the release of the game. It is not an example given in the blog, which allows you to say how it will work overall the Enchantment system.

Yes I dream of a hack and slash with class evolution and races with dark graphics.

I always thought a quarterly update was every 3 months. I stand corrected.

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June 25th to September 29th. 3 months and 4 days.

EDIT: WTF is June’s report having more activity than the one dating from 9 days ago???

Because it’s only the start of October. I must admit though i would have liked to have seen gameplay of the skill tree. Not just fireballs.

I suggest checking out Lost Ark - Mage is at @ 3 minute marker point

Its not Spammy like PoE
But magic like the Dragon feels impactful. Though she gets other masive spells like a Giant Foot Stomp

I eagerly await a NA release of this game. But have seen many endgame videos and it looks pretty spammy like all ARPGs.

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Some say D3 had too much color and looked cartoony. Bring on D4.

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I get a bit where the OP is coming from, and sure seeing a caster fling fireballs and such out of their staff would be nice to see, but after 5-10 minutes, that novelty would have worn off.