Captain Crimson's plans won't drop for me

Can’t believe we have to actually farm for this plan! Fix this Blizzard! Double the drop rate!

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Or do like you did with the Sage’s Journey Set and let Haedrig automatically learn it when he’s Trained to Level 12.


I’m about 30 full bounty runs in and still no plans for this. Even PL’d a second character and opened caches on them several times now and still nothing… damn… lol

Yes my friend is having the same issue. no level 70 Cpt Crimson plans from bounties or Odious Collectors.

  • Support ticket = No answers. No replies. No help.

I’ve started my 3rd alternate (4th Character). All I do is Bounties, Rifts and GRifts. I’ve had a couple of Rainbow Portals opened. One Goblin I killed opened a Portal to Not the Cow Level and one I killed opened a Portal to The Vault. I’ve lost count of how many Odious Collector’s I’ve killed.

I even tried the trick of letting my main Character run some Bounties, stashing the Cache and letting a different Character Class open them.

Still no Captain Crimson’s Trimmings Plan.  

By the way, my Demon Hunter collected and stashed the Bounty Cache. My lower-Level Barbarian opened them. The items I got were the expected items. That is, there were the Act-specific Legendary items and some Rare items. But, all of the items had Strength on them instead of Dexterity. (So, it does make a difference which Class opens the Bounty Cache).

Hey CAM!

The plans are working as intended and there’s currently no bug with them. They are a low drop % though, so it might just be a bad case of RNG.

Hope this provides you an answer, a reply, and some help moving forward.

Good luck on your adventures


Thank you for the confirmation!  

At least I have them in non-Season.  

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So, may we close the thread now?

This season I got all three plans within 5 caches.
Non-season, I got all three plans within 30 caches.
But I’ve seen posts where people still don’t have them after 200+ caches.

Are you willing to tell us what the drop percentage is, whether it’s affected by Torment difficulty, and so on, so we can work out just how astronomically unlikely it is that the plans wouldn’t have dropped after 200 caches?

For example, if the drop rate was 5%…

Chance of not finding the pattern in 1 cache = (0.95)
Chance of not finding the pattern in X caches = (0.95)^X
Chance of not finding the pattern in 5 caches = (0.95)^5 = 0.7738
Chance of not finding the pattern in 30 caches = (0.95)^30 = 0.2146
Chance of not finding the pattern in 200 caches = (0.95)^200 = 0.000035

Thank you for your response. But I still not happy about it because it contradicts to the patch 2.3.0:

  • Horadric Caches now contain :point_right: two guaranteed :point_left: Legendary or Set recipes (if available at your level range)

The RNG should only affect the order of recipes dropped; not the number of recipes.
We have :point_right: ZERO :point_left: recipe even we don’t get all of them.
Not only Crimson, it could be any other recipe.
Please review the code again, or make a statement that 2.3.0 no longer applicable in future patch notes.


That does apply to the basic plans, though. Just not to the “end game” plans.

If that’s the case what would stop it from being just two legendary items? Doesn’t sound like a guarantee of items AND plans.

I have said, not just “end game” plans, basic plans could be “missing” too. Just people (including me) don’t care about them and didn’t report.

I’d have accepted Matthew’s explanation if there was no 2.3.0. :slight_smile:

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It has always applied to all plans, not only the basic plans.

With the new recipes (which are completely new) the horadric cache recipe drops no longer function as intended. The new plans are not part of the pool which guarantees the drop but they should be.


Even though I’ve accepted Matthew’s response as an “official” response, something stills bothers me.

We had the same issue, not too long ago, with the Sage’s Journey Plans (along with a few others) not dropping. Many of us complained about it then too. Now, Blizzard has changed it so the Blacksmith learns Sage’s Journey automatically when you train him to Level 12.

I always interpreted that as Blizzard’s solution to the issue. In other words, fixing the bug. Maybe I interpreted it wrong. Maybe it was just Blizzard’s way of halting all the reports that were being posted in the General Discussion and Bug Report Forums and “satisfying their customers”, so to speak.

The problem is, now it’s happening with the Captain Crimson’s Trimmings Plans. Okay, so it’s "working as intended"TM. That doesn’t really help all the players that now play builds that require pieces of that Set.


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Matt, last season I did dozens and dozens of bounties without the 70 version of CC dropping. I stashed some Bounty caches and leveled a 2nd seasonal character and out of the 5 bags i opened, 1 plan dropped from the first one, and it was CCT. Just really unlucky or was it the different character doing something?

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Run a few vaults, youll get the plans. Stop crying.

This is the problem we had with the Sage’s Journey plans before they were transferred to the blacksmith. They’d somehow not drop on a character no matter what, but when making a new character they would drop. That right there makes this a bug, and not working as intended.

I felt the same way. I even lobbied, right along side you people, that this was a bug. Unfortunately, a Game Producer came along and posted this:

Luckily, last night the Plan: Captain Crimson’s Trimmings finally dropped for me. (After rebirthing 3 Seasonal Characters, creating a 4th one and running countless Bounties, Vaults, Not the Cow Level, and Rifts).

After that I actually got back to concentrating on and finishing the Season through Guardian.  

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i did nearly 50 full bounties in known-grp - not even one crimson’s pan dropped for me - the other 2 friends of mine had theirs at the first 3 tries. this IS A BUG blizzard. don’t tell fairy tales to your customers but simply fix it! and give in that this is a major bug - my demonhunter is stuck at 90-95 now. with the plans grift 100 (my alltime goal) will go down surely - but 100% dropchance twice on my friends chars and i don’t even have 1%… come on - we are not that stupid^^

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