Ladder ends next week

oooOOOoooh tantalizing

Hi all :slight_smile:

Happy to see some good excitement for the PTR. I do want to level set some expectations with 2.5 and the PTR. The team has been pretty heads down on the new feature so expectations for 2.5 when it comes to balance/number changes should be very minimal. 2.4 was the big hoorah of changes for D2R and was the main focus but 2.5’s main focus was very much this new feature and a good amount of bug fixes.

As for PTR, you should expect more info to hit tomorrow so see you then.


WooHoo! Hopes are a high for neat features. While there are some things that could still be done with balance, we got plenty of time, leeeeets go!


Looking forward to some more information, and still hoping that FHR is part of the ‘bug fixes’ :wink:


Cheers Pez, thanks for the update! Surprised to see minimal balance/numbers changes, but excited to see the big feature!


Pez does state something here pretty interesting, in that 2.4 was the big hurrah for changes (assuming balance changes). Something that I pretty much figured. I also hope that it does set the expectations moving forward that we are not looking at massive scale balance changes for the future, including many of these nerfs threads that have been popping up.

So I think moving forward, it might be minor balancing with a major focus on features.


No big rush on balance tbh. 2.4 was a great step already and we’ve got time. I mean damn, people had been playing the same balance for like 15 years beforehand so :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully in 2.6 we see some new life breathed into underused unique items + buffs to act 3 mercs


More talk of a feature which lies outside of balance/content! Whaaaat is it!?

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This feature had better be really game enhancing if the team has been neglecting core parts of improving the game and fixing what was broken with 2.4…

We will see! I hope that it is good enough to really pump up the morale for this game.


Anything to increase the multiplayer experience would be great. Better lobby, friends list, guilds as far as social aspect goes. Optional players loot (chosen when creating a game) is a fine idea so long as the overall quantity of loot is not altered.

But it’s probably going to be a loot filter.


Neat “feature” not “features” lol.

Thank u pez, u are the best!!

something tells me is not going to be loot filter either currency stash.

Can’t wait to hear more!

Iron golem disappearing/targetable bug finally fixed? :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like a currency tab =}

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Bet that it is crossplay.

Crossing my fingers for a Currency Tab or Stackable Runes/Gems.

I can wait for more skill reworking for patch 2.6 :slight_smile:


They’re focus is one this “big feature” for patch 2.5. Doesn’t mean there will not be smaller features. From another thread here, a datamine shows both Loot Filters and Currency Tab are in, which I expected (while not confirmed, we’ll see tomorrow).

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Niiiiice. I need to catch up! Hope we do see that.

Add channels back to the lobby! Regardless, end the current ladder season and let’s move on.