Ladder ends next week

Why do we need an xp fix? You get to 85+ very easy at the start of the ladder? You don’t need anymore levels than that.

So people actually start playing the competitive ladder instead of just ignoring it. They should be motivated to level up multiple 99 characters within the 4 month period. It’s a good end game activity that’s being ignored because of how painful the grind is.


Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640k of ram!?

No. 99 should be an achievement and not handed out like candies.


No one plays the ladder to get to level 99.

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Wow, you are full of crap 1 liners, aren’t you? Only because you don’t play for 99 doesn’t mean that nobody does.

Guys like you are a cancer for the game.


I agree when you see a level 99 character it’s something to admire. And it probably is better if you can only choose 1 class of your specialty to main for a ladder season.

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So, are you telling me, the only reason you play ladder is to get to level 99 so you can be on the leaderboard?

You don’t play for the fun in starting a new character with a fresh economy?

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I didn’t play ladder to get to 99 because I’m not going to grind for 8 hours a day. If they make some adjustments to how XP is awarded in groups of 8 then it will be another story and more people will be encouraged to join in.


I would only play ladder for 99, if my time would allow it.

Currently I can’t commit the time to lvl to 99.

If the alter things to make it more easy, then the ladder race will be over in 2 days lol.

So a new feature, huh? What about chat/lobby? I mean seriously?

Is this new feature something to benefit hammerdins/botters? If so, I don’t want to see it.

Guys, seriously, you just don’t get it! STOP! Don’t add a damned new thing until you fix some of the broken stuff. Especially some of the newer broken stuff that you aren’t even addressing. Throwing gas on a fire makes it brighter, temporarily. Eventually, the fire will burn back down and the smoke screen will dissipate.

You have a bad botting issue that you already have the means to seriously curtail. Lengthen ladder seasons and delete that damned enigma.

Fix the damned chat lobby you recently broke.

You have the pvp community, as much as there is, crawling up your butt regarding things you have recently broken.

You have numerous issues you really need to address. Simply helping hammerdins/bots along further, throwing up a smoke screen, and trying to sugar coat things will not do a damned thing. FIX some of this crap!@ Especially the stuff you broke for D2R. Give the PLAYERS what the PLAYERS want! NOT what YOU want!

You want to win us back over? You want us to support you? You want us to actually care again??? STOP placating! STOP trying to tiptoe around the real issues. STOP trying to appease!! You just don’t frigging get it!!!~!!~~!~!!~

WE are whom you need to address and listen to! We are whom you need to please! The PLAYERS. NOT yourselves! GET YOUR CRAP STRAIGHT! We are sick and tired of the B.S.!!!

You don’t want to hear it, but, there is a growing mass in your game that is just getting to that point. You need to do something and right or you are about to lose a helluva lot of peeps and not just for D2R. D Immoral, D4, etc. You are showing your behinds and your arrogance. You may be the gaming company. But, without us, the player base, you are NOTHING!

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with ladder seasons being so short and favoring bots/d2stores, it would take a major commitment to even get close to 99 in such a short time. Yet the whole purpose of ladder is to be ranked and reach 99. But as you can tell, 90% is botters. And blizz refuses to even recognize this.

Funny thing is, them being college educated and so damned smart as “programmers”, they shoot themselves in their own foot. A much longer ladder season would allow them the time to fix and enhance the D2R experience. Such dummies. I often wonder how some of them continue to work there facing these very issues??? Doesn’t say much for them … i would buy and play the game just to see the state of it, and someone said “Yeah, I worked for Blizz as a programmer” I’d end the interview right there … not the kind of employee I’d want working for me, that’s for damned sure. they could claim it’s all upper management all they want … but, they curtail their own integrity to perpetuate the problem.

You can get to 99 in less than 10 days as proven this season. Ladder 99 is not for everyone, if you don’t want to commit time, play NL. You won’t have to worry about resets before you reach 99.

Sounds like a lot of real life grudges against educated people. You should work through this.


Hahhahha, as proven by whom, streamers with unlimited support? What a damn joke. Besides, there are many working class types that play the game and stand no chance at all of getting close to 99 in such a short period of time. The same working class people that would take their hard earned money and buy a game like this.

No grudges whatsoever. I am educated myself, but I am not stupid either. I also have integrity and will not compromise myself for money. That would make me akin to a prostitute…

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you may just get that wish. It has been very hotly debated and fought for. I would say likely hood of this is now over 50%

Yeah, I was being overly sarcastic.

I would be shocked if they destoyed the game with optional or forced personal loot nearly 1 year after release.

Honestly it’d be immersion shattering from a gameplay and nostalgia angle. So I hope they keep ploot confined to newer games.


well sorry to hear that was a sarcastic reply.

This is one of the reasons PTR are back I feel. There are a few ideas they want to test to see how well they are liked. Time will see whats next

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I’m hoping we’ll see some news tomorrow regarding PTR.

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“For the estimated D2R Ladder Season 1 end date, if the developers stick on a 4-month reset, we expect the Ladder 1 to end around August 25, 2022, which is also a Thursday.”

lvl 99 has never been a goal for many people. most people have never done it more than once. you gain very little for it, anything past lvl 90 takes time and it makes little difference to character performance. i usually don’t get a character past lvl 90 and its because its not needed. idc if they change that at all. i would be cool with some harder end game content with bigger exp rewards but at the same time, i could care less… ladder reset is about a FRESH game, not grinding your teeth out for a useless lvl. runescape is for brainless grinding.