No Patch notes for 2.5?

The article has a button for Patch notes but there are none…typo or just no patch notes?

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This is for the PTR and is basically a preview of the patch notes. Since it’s a PTR, things are subject to change.

Theres has always been a primary list of patch notes (skill balance changes, tweeks, etc)
Then as the ptr progresses those primary changes are iterated upon.
It never just starts with nothing.

So theres a difference between minimal changes and ZERO changes.

You would still show these changes in a patch note section that is completely missing from the artice.

Why would you have a button/link to a part of an article that doesnt exist?


It works fine here.

There are many changes, check the bugfix list.

You dont understand what i am saying.

The link to PTR Focus and Details… WORKS… brings you to that part of the article.

Patch Notes link… DOES NOTHING. No Patch notes. Skips from the ptr focus right to How to participate.

Ahh, I see why I mis-understood:

After reading I have one issue … this B.S. pronoun crap that these freaks are pushing … changing him and her to their? Seriously? Did the less than 1% get ahold of your jockeys and twist them up? Blizz is seriously going to hop onto this fake band wagon???

I want that fake acronym filtered out, it seriously offends me: lbgqt or w/e it is. Itr is offensive and needs to be added to the filtered list.


Short answer: Yes, but since I need 20 characters…
I can see how it can be… annoying and you’re right, it should be kept out of this game especially since classes are him/her gender locked. There is no “their” when the gender is locked or reason to cater to the individuals that think so. BUT the change is so small, does it really matter? It won’t affect my gameplay.

Well guys and gals play this game.

Guys who play mainly sorcs an sins…and vice verca…wadya call em?

This issue predates the they them thing.

gameplay, no … but I still find it highly offensive. It is wrong of blizz to play politics with this crap.

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Please make a different thread on the “their” topic.

I hope they actually just forgot to copy pasta the patch notes part. Because else it’s kind of disappointing.

Kind of? LMAO!

I’d say it was a HUGE let down!

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As you So Often Do:man_facepalming:

What can I say, nobody is perfect.


Most people at least make an effort to do better🤦‍♂️

It looks like your intentions are only to try and stir up drama. Are your soap operas in commercial break or something? Go take a long walk on a short pier.

Good day.

Nope I Just/Don’t and never have liked you and your @#$% posts!:man_facepalming: