Ladder ends next week

And still no details or PTR for this upcoming patch…

One thing is certain, there will be a large break between ladder sessions…

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According to whom? …


The Magic Eight Ball.


Pfft, that thing lies more than the innocent girl from high school…

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:8ball: Are we going to finally get some ladder/PTR/patch details by next week?

shake shake shake

Awwww! :angry: :sob:


Really wish we could get some Info… bought the game this month started ladder got a hdin full enigma ect… now i am sitting on 5osPB, runes to make grief and exile. not sure if its even worth doing since season might or might not end in a week…FFS communication

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Pez already said the ladder won’t reset until after the new patch releases which would be after the PTR.

Just hold tight, we’ll probably get PTR news next week. There’s been quite a few D2R client updates on BlizzTrack the last few days.


chill. the community manager is busy playing wow and exercising. he will get to it soon :tm:



The ladder ended before it started due to the lack of endgame activities added along with it


Pezradar replied me on twitter and he said that we will get ptr before the end of this month!

Lucky that The invisible man replied to you lol

New games/expansions to existing games bring new content.

This is a remaster of a 22 year old game.

Start asking for an expansion to the game, you might get more player base support.

Pez said there’s no expansions in the works for D2(R), just FYI. That seems doubtful to change either, it’s probably all (most) hands on deck for D4.


He never said D2R

He said D2

Yeah, I’m sure Pez was talking about original D2 when he said that. :roll_eyes:


I’m fine with that, I like D2:R as it is, and would prefer it remain as faithful as it can to the original game.

The people that need convincing are the ones who expect a perpetual stream of new content for a pay one time remaster of a 22 year old game.


It’s blizzard… the masters of PR word manipulation

Wyatt said “ you can’t buy gear” for Diablo immortal

Then the game came out and said “we don’t consider jewels as gear”

I’m not saying that I think they are making an expansion

But if they were and wanted to keep it secret, that’s the kind of “technically not a lie” statement I would do

Please Gentlemens (and Ladies? omg!), lets keep our dignity waiting for PTR news :joy:. (I cant wait to see it too though).

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Better than no info.

Wow not even a full month and you’ve done all that in a game you knew nothing about.

Great first post humble brag

Now you’re already trash talking the devs in a game that you just started 2 weeks ago

Please teach me how to be like you