Black box textures/animations in some acts

Large black textures flashing really fast. Started act 2 where the boundaries of the map are. In act 4 much more severe, usually where dead monster are on the ground. It blinks a lot and makes impossible to see what is happening.


I am getting the same issues, I see huge black boxes which makes playing almost impossible


Same here. It started in act II.


I have this same thing. Now its happening with certain mobs too, the maggots in the River of Flame currently.


I am having the same issues


I have gotten this in act 2 and act 4, and it’s literally seizure inducing levels, causing me to have a migraine and literally have to stop playing, it’s that bad. This needs to be fixed like yesterday, unless you want more lawsuits. Literally can’t move fighting most mobs in act 4 or they have a giant black flashing seizure box on them. Even without me moving the bat mobs are flashing black boxes. The maggots in river of flame too mother of god my eyes are bleeding, it’s literally on their corpses and doesn’t go away.

Yeah, it is really bad. Seems to be only act 2, act 4 and some parts near the end in act 5.


I was able to switch to legacy mode to avoid the parts with bad textures.

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If I have to play on legacy mode just to play the game I deserve a full refund, I already own D2 LoD on this exact account.

I can confirm that this bug is happening with some of the borders in ACT 2 out in Dryhills or any of the desert areas. Its also happening with Blood Maggot (Or any maggot variant) texture. It’s also happening with either the Succubus or some of the fixed permanent environment textures in the World Stone Dungeon. I will update this if there are anymore that I am noticing.

I have tried changing resolutions, changing many graphic settings, switching sampling and some rendering options and to no avail. The only sure fire way to bypass these black boxes on screen is to switch to Legacy Mode for the duration.

I am running A GTX 1080ti on Windows 10 with latest drivers. I can’t 100% confirm that messing with some of the graphics settings reduces the stickyness of these boxes because at times they are flashing back and forth and other times they are on the screen permanently. But I can most CERTAINLY confirm there is something wrong with the texture and/or how it’s being delivered.

This is beyond infuriating and I hope it makes it into the very first set of patches as it makes those zones unenjoyable.

Other issues I have come to see is that the game will have random crashes which are memory related. There is a giant memory leak somewhere in the code of the game and when I let my machine idle overnight with it. The entire system will eventually lock up. It’s an older game and not sure what can be done or if this was even known from the get go.

The Mini map bug from doing multiple runs is still a thing. I’ve had it happen several times today alone.


I have been having the same issue on widescreen with 1440p res. Played around with the resolution and found that it is a lot worse in 4k. Was able to work around by switching to a 1080p res or res scaling down to 50 and then sharpen to 50 to make it less blurry for me. It had almost disappeared and only appeared a single box in 40 mins after switching.

It is better than switching to legacy, but it is still annoying. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Can confirm that reducing resolution scaling makes the boxes disappear. Mine heavily reduces at about 74 and completely disappears at 50, 1080p.

EDIT: After some testing, even with resolution scaling at 50 black boxes appear. It is heavily dependent on what mobs spawn in the area.

I’ve also been experiencing the same issue.
Personally, using the resolution scale slider and lowering it seems to alleviate the issue. Currently at 70, I still see some boxes sometimes, but it’s not nausea inducing anymore.

Processor	  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 core(s)
MB : 	      P8Z77-M PRO
OS :          Win 10 Pro Version	10.0.19043
GPU :         NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
GPU Driver :  Version

Does everybody have some varriant of the GTX 1080? i have a Rog Strix 1080 OC, and i’m having these issues.

I am using Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP edition. Playing on 4k res with it scaled to 50. sharp turned up. I can’t drop the resolution and keep full screen and I don’t want to play in Window mode. I should note also I have 2 displays up.

I’m having the same issue but don’t have a 1080. I’m using a pretty basic lappy with integrated iris graphics and a big black square is dancing around the screen in some maps.

I use RTX 3070. Seems like it’s not specific to a graphics card. Might be driver issue?

problem is with nvidia drivers 510. On old drivers problem didn’t happen.

Same problem, act 2 borders and act IV maggots, sometimes I got weird flashes in act IV in the beginning.
Edit: I have an gtx 1660, ryzen 5 3600, 16 gb ram.

I have this on 2080ti at 1440p. It’s really bad, I even get it at the main menu now.

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