[2.4 Patch] WW Barbarian is still Bugged & Unplayable

Hi there,

Just read the new patch :

And sadly nothing about the buggy Whirlwind.

Edit - 01/03/2022 - New patch - New update - Still No words about broken Whirlwind

We are reporting this since more than 6 months.

At the current state Whirlwind is bugged that makes Barbarian more or less unplayable.

Some of those problems have been reported since ALPHA and nothing is fixed yet.

Reminder :

ALPHA Report : DHA Review - Bugs/issues report - Beta - Bug Report - Diablo 3 Forums
BETA Report : DHA Review [Beta] - Report Bugs/Issues - Beta - Bug Report - Diablo 3 Forums
Detailled Bug Report about Whirlwind by aaronoob : Whirlwind is Broken [Video]

Repost of the video by aaronoob

My youtube for more infos and tests : https://youtube.com/c/DHAPvP


  1. Whirlwing “bugs” and broken ALT (display items) hotkey - FIXED IN PATCH 2.4

When you teleport on your ennemy (or opponent in PvP) and then swith to whirlwind, you have 90% chance to make an unwanted whirlwind namelock on your opponent or his pets/summons.

That will force you to whirlwind until you hit him then interrupt your action.
And most of the time if the opponent is going away it will lead to a “whirlwind bug” - you will follow your opponent until you hit and then the bug occurs

In D2 LOD, we could use the hotkey ALT (Display items) to fix and avoid this problem. Indeed, Holding Alt prevents you from interacting with anything besides items on the ground. For example, you could talk to NPCs or enter TPs while holding Alt.
And for whirlwind barbarian, you could not target an ennemy - no more unwanted namelock and ww bugs.

But in D2R, ALT hotkey is broken. When you hold it, you still interact with everything and so you still hit monsters/opponents.

This is a real problem because of the way Whirlwind works. It’s a skill that you hold, it’s a “travelling” skill that make multiples damage by travelling through ennemy.

:warning: How to fix this ?

- Whirlwind should be UNTARGETABLE. It’s a non sense that you can target ennemy with whirlwind.

- ALT hotkey should be fixed, not only for whirlwind but for every unwanted interactions. The only thing you want to do when you hold ALT (Display items) is to actualy pick up items, not to target monsters etc.

  1. Hit registry - STILL NOT FIXED

In D2 LOD, Whirlwind will immediatly register hits when engaging the skill.
That means you could do multiples damage in a row with short whirlwinds.
(PvP combo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwE7WRG8HSw)

In D2R, Whirlwind does not seems to register the first few frame attakcs. That means a short whirlwind does nothing to an ennemy.

  1. Whirlwind animation STILL NOT FIXED

Something is wrong with the D2R WW animation. In D2 LOD you could hold whirlwind in a row.

In D2R, when you hold it, it stops and repeats.
That means sometimes ennemy or opponent in PvP can hit you between two whirlwind animation. And that leads to problem Number 4.

  1. Visual Desynch/bug STILL NOT FIXED

Explained in aaronoob video.

A visual desynch may occur when a player receives damage between two whirlwind animation.

Please, can you fix our beloved Barbarian ?




help =( fix WW PLEASE


Ww definitely need to be fixed like well explained in the OP


Yes Please!!! This is very important to the fundamentals of the game. Without WW being fixed it is like having an amazing sports car with one flat tire. I am sure this is the first thing people will be testing in the PTR.


Fix this, it is important to us whirlwind barbs.


This 100%. Please fix whirlwind (WW). It is a critical skill used by both barbs and ww assassins (through chaos runeword). Both of these characters are very popular classes.

Make it untargetable (aka click and it will travel to intended location). No more name locking that results in ww lock.


Here is my ideas to help Whirlwind:

  • Improve Whirlwind targeting/control (WW can now be used in tight triangles)
  • Improve Whirlwind damage scaling for early levels. Currently, at first skill point, Whirlwind starts at -50% damage. At 20, Whirlwind is 102% damage. Change scaling of Whirlwind at first skill point to 7% and increase 5% thereafter for every skill point. At 20 points, you will arrive at same 102% damage

that’s a very important topic, please review this @devs


Well explained !
Your summary will be surely taken into account.
The video also helps a lot to understand the bugs.
I agree on this fix which is game improvement, not reinventing.

PS : has is been modified for Xbox playing !? Weird.


Hope it gets noticed and fixed.
I like my hybrid sin some Ww help would be nice.


Please fix it, barbarian is unplayable


Please fix the whirlwind bugs!


If they don’t fix it, we can all play amazons with the newly buffed Strafe :slight_smile:


Thank you for the detailed post. Everyone needs to submit bug reports on ptr to fix this.


This is an absolute disaster and needs to be fixed or at least commented on that they’re looking into it.

Not sure how this can get overlooked.


vouch, needs to be fixed asap.

Up there in priority alongside lobby / socials interface and interaction on things to fix.


This post, this subject, everyone agrees. It has a meaning.


I support fixing WW on barb. At it’s current state it is tough to use without high end equipment already plus the desynch makes it frustrating.


please blizzard fix this
ww is most fun skill and this bug makes it unplayable


That remind me when my ww barb chased after a Zakarumite in act 3 for like 10-15 sec. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: