[Main Thread] Blizzard App & Games Disconnecting - Receiving Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8, BLZBNTBGS80000011 & BLZ51901016

buenas tardes, e intentado todo el día poder ingresar al juego MW, pero me marca este error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8, diciendo problema de internet, lo cual es imposible, lo conecte a 3 routers diferentes y a mi celular y me sigue arrojando el mismo problema, me cierra el juego enviándome al escritorio, y cuando logro ingresar a una partida después de 3 min. me vuelve a pasar.


Me lleva pasando tres dias y al principio pense que eran los servidores de blizzard o activision pero no es eso, lo mas seguro es que sea por conexion a internet.
Hice prueba de velocidad y todo salia bien pero al hacer una prueba constante me doy cuenta que llega a bajar a menos de 2mbps, el problema es el internet horrible de Mexico

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aca donde vivo no way problema de internet e lo mismo error tengo

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Pues es que tengo amigos jugando ahora mismo, y aqui en mi casa somos dos que queremos jugar y nos saca por el mismo error.
Videos, llamadas y todo eso funcionan bien solo el juego no



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ando en la misma, no encuentro solucion, y no es el internet.


Yo desde el 06/11 que estoy teniendo el mismo problema

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Hey there everyone.

Please note that this forum is intended for English support, so I’m going to reply in English in hopes that it helps you all find help for your errors.

The error BLZBNTBGS000003F8 is an error code that only appears when you are playing Call of Duty. It is a generic code that means that you disconnected from the game while playing. Because this happens within the game client, we can’t help with it if you’re just seeing connection errors while playing Call of Duty. There are no currently tracked authentication server issues that might cause this, so I would recommend contacting Activision for help with this.

Demoware and Activision, 100% sure it’s from Blizzard. just fix it.


I saw a previous post about this that was recently told to go to Activision instead of getting any Blizzard support, but I would also like to state that after posting on Reddit and trying every possible solution to fix this, I haven’t come across any. I get kicked off the servers of both Hearthstone and MW at earliest 2 min after opening either game, but have enjoyed about 10 min before getting booted. This issue isn’t only tied to MW, its an actual client issue. Also when downloading updates they have been paused while the client reconnects, and I can actually watch the client having to reconnect constantly. This may be a issue that only plagues a few users but can we please get some support from the company that runs the client?

EDIT: I just went so far as to reinstall the client with no luck. As I said, this isn’t simply a MW issue but a client issue. We spend good money on games and can’t even do that any more.


With a game that connects to Blizzard’s services, a game that connects to Activision’s services, and a launcher that doesn’t do anything but launch game executables (has nothing to with their connections), it sounds much more like a internet issue, not something with the launcher.

From the MTR tests I’ve seen posted in others threads, one showed significant packet loss on the Telia backbone, anther showed packet loss at the user’s home network.

No packets lost



We’d need to see the results of the test that catches a disconnection to try to figure out why this is happening. Can you please post the results here so we can try to help you further? The instructions I provided in the other thread should walk you through creating the test, and you can post the results in this thread. Please note - you’ll need to run it while playing Hearthstone and use the Hearthstone IP and catch a disconnection. This lets us check the path to our servers to see if anything is wrong - even if it’s not packet loss.

No, even with perfect fiber connection we have this issue, and i never had this before, my setup didn’t change, and i got absolutely no problem with the connexion, in any games, and i do remote working, it’s working PERFECTLY… except with YOU. This comes from YOU no more no less, let’s investigate instead of sending automatic answers, i contacted activision, and your european provider, DemonWare, they BOTH 100% sure it’s from your side Just fix it THANKS.


Im getting the same issue, its definatly not on my end, i have tried everything. I cant even get 1 match in before it crashes. sometimes it crashes right away in the lobby. Rediculous a company with this many resources cant fix this


Been getting the same error code for the past few days. I don’t think its a coincidence that a numerous amount of people began getting these codes, at the same point in time! Please help solve this issue…


I keep having the same issue. I thought it was MW but I get the same issue with any game that I have in the battle.net app with the same error code. I play games like apex, and I have no network issues. Would love a solution for this I haven’t been able to play any of my games on the blizzard app


Same problem. I can play all day on my pc until about 6pm. Then it starts booting me every match. Always with the same error code. I can swap over to my XBOX and play the game just fine on the same internet connection. This problem seems to only be on pc. Both on a wired connection. I didn’t have this problem until after the last update.


Same problem, its so irritating especially when you are in the middle or in the end of a match


It would seem like its definitely a problem with Blizzard and Battle.net app, but they insist that its a problem with the cod servers