Every single blizzard game logs me out of the blizzard app and logs me back in, kicking me off of whatever I was playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s COD:CW, MW, or Diablo III. This happens at least every hour. Why am I being logged out in the middle of my games?


Because they all ready got your money, they don’t care if you can actually play the games.


There’s currently an issue that’s being investigated (of which the error code you are getting is included). You can find the main thread on it here where Bliz is collecting information and giving updates when they can.

zInstinctz, it’s pretty clear that Bliz cares as evidenced by the request for information and the resulting investigation. You’d see that if you simply looked at the main forum page where the respective thread is almost always up near the top.

Thanks. I’m going to try and provide log files to your support team.

No I have read it and I would have participated in the solution, but when you start blaming Activision, or other developers and ignoring your own problems Its time to just get refunds and dismiss blizzard as a reputable company I care to deal with any more. Its taken two months for ya to even finally accept the issue.

I guess I should edit this, BLIZZARD still probably is ignore the issues, Forum Game Mods (who can not do anything) might have a bit more acknowledgement.

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Then you didn’t read it fully. Again, the fact that they are calling for info and investigating it internally means they suspect an issue on their end, or at the very least not with Activision. That’s what all this is for.

Either read all the updates in the thread (not just the early ones), or read them in reverse order for the most recent updates.

As you’ll see in other places as well, I have used two work arounds.

  1. Change the realm to ASIA, before launching the game, laggy but fine for campaign modes.
  2. Use a VPN services, I used NordVPN and this has kept most disconnects away.

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Let’s keep this discussion in the main thread: