Random Disconnects From Launcher

I am being presented with the error code blzbntbgs000003f8. My account is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting seemingly randomly. This is not just occurring with COD Cold War, but it began on Friday 11/13/20 after downloading Cold War. Nothing other than my downloading Cold War has changed since the battle.net launcher had been working. This occurs with any game I have on the battle.net launcher, I have tried modern warfare in addition to Cold War. These disconnects even happen if the launcher is open on its own, as I go on and offline even if no games are being played. I get disconnects whether my internet and ping is extremely good or if it is bad. I have looked up the suggestions given by blizzard customer service employees on forums and tried the methods described there, such as restarting my router, and flushing and changing my dns, among other things. I have also tried running the game as an administrator, confirming that my activision and battle.net accounts were linked, and port forwarding, as suggested by various other people with the same error code and issues. I am at a loss, as I can no longer find any things to try and do to fix the random disconnects and they have yet to be affected. Is there any other methods I can try, since I am unable to play any games I bought using the battle.net launcher.


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