Still getting BLZBNTBGS000003F8

I saw a previous post about this that was recently told to go to Activision instead of getting any Blizzard support, but I would also like to state that after posting on Reddit and trying every possible solution to fix this, I haven’t come across any. I get kicked off the servers of both Hearthstone and MW at earliest 2 min after opening either game, but have enjoyed about 10 min before getting booted. This issue isn’t only tied to MW, its an actual client issue. Also when downloading updates they have been paused while the client reconnects, and I can actually watch the client having to reconnect constantly. This may be a issue that only plagues a few users but can we please get some support from the company that runs the client?

EDIT: I just went so far as to reinstall the client with no luck. As I said, this isn’t simply a MW issue but a client issue. We spend good money on games and can’t even do that any more.


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