[Year 36 Campaign] Happy Dragonflight Launch Day!



In January of 2021, a group of dedicated role-players came together to collaborate on an extremely ambitious project: write the story of what was happening on Azeroth during the Shadowlands expansion, and develop an entire year of weekly server events.: The Year of the Scourge.

What we ended up with was not only one of the most active years for role-play for many involved, but also an incredible sense of community with over 90 people on our discord server and participation of regularly 20+ at our weekly events, totalling 49 primary campaign events and countless side-missions, was nothing short of amazing!

The Year of the Scourge has now come to an end, as the three commanders leading the New Scourge have been defeated and our brave heroes have been recognized and honoured.

But there are many loose ends to tie up all around Azeroth, and our coalition of allied forces are ready to take up the cause.

As we archive our other forum thread at over 13K+ views, we cannot wait to use this new Master Thread to share our adventures with you, and provide not only World Update Posts to give others an active setting to role-play in, but also an opportunity for new characters to join us in our adventures all around the world.

So follow us, or join us, for a brand new year of content!

Our community is one made up of brave heroes and guilds from many nations, working together cooperatively. They are more dedicated to helping and healing Azeroth, and leave the faction conflicts at the door. We welcome characters and guilds from the Alliance and the Horde, and ones more neutral, to join in our collaborative efforts.

The use of Elixir of Tongue and Cross-RP addon help us run smooth events.


Our discord server is the absolutely best way of staying in the loop about planned events and updates to our story. Anyone is welcome to join here: https://discord.gg/NsBR4ue9dY

World Update Posts (Opt-in, always)

One of the key goals of our journey is to make Azeroth feel alive as it evolves and faces new issues. ON a regular basis, we will provide World Update posts: these will describe the current situation and climate in one of Azeroth’s many regions, helping to add to the ambiance and setting for anyone choosing to role-play there, with or without our group.

An example:
We may describe Westfall as being devastated by the Scour incursions in the area over the last year, with very many farms destroyed or blighted. Many in the area suffer from famine as a result. There is a sense of urgency to re-build as the area provides much of the food for the people of the kingdom of Stormwind.

As a reminder: these posts are entirely opt-in and no one in our group expects everyone on Wyrmrest Accord to adopt it as server-lore. We simply wish to be as open and inviting as possible and help foster more role-play in the old world of Azeroth.

Where do will our story go?

While the admin and leadership team is still working out the final details of our future campaigns, one thing we know is that our story will take us all over old-world Azeroth: Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, the Broken Isles and Pandaria will be the settings for multi-week campaigns and investigations as we tie up many loose ends from the previous year.

If your character or guild calls one of these areas home, or are travellers who might just happen to be in these areas when we are, feel free to join our discord server (above) to see how you can get involved!


As we enter a brand new year and anxiously await any word on World of Warcraft’s next expansion focus, we are committed to providing a quality role-play environment and opportunities for the dedicated players who are still here and who have remained or are returning to Azeroth. May we help each other grow and prosper and always remember that we are in this together…

For Azeroth!



As the Wheel of the Year turns, and the people of Azeroth finish celebrating the Festival of Winter Veil, their attention must now turn to healing and rebuilding their broken world.

Thirteen months ago, the confrontation between Sylvanas Windrunner and Bolvar Fordragon ended with the Helm of Domination being broken, shattering the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead and releasing the Scourge back to their feral state. But they did not stay feral for long. Three ambitious commanders, bent on world domination, seized the opportunity and took control of the mindless undead.

Under the leadership of the lich Lady Damnedfate, Muaniir the Herobreaker and Zek’thal the Wyrmflayer, the New Scourge began their assault on the citizens of the world while preparing a ritual that would strengthen their hold on that power. Continent by continent, the outposts, towns and cities of Azeroth were assaulted.

As the cities were cleared and fortified by brave local defenders over weeks of battles in the streets, the rest of the kingdoms and territories were not so lucky. Refugees by the thousands fled to these sanctuary cities to hide behind closed gates, while their farms, villages and towns were destroyed or blighted. .

While the countryside was ravaged, the cities became crowded and resources dwindled. Famine and disease set in, and in the last weeks of autumn, leaders wondered how many would die in the cold months of winter.

Thankfully, a coalition of brave champions, labouring for months to stop the new Scourge threat, achieved victory in stopping Damnedfate and her associates and ending their control from Northrend.

The scourge surrounding the cities, feral once more, were easily slaughtered or chased off, and the people of Azeroth were liberated from their city prisons.

What shall the people find when they return to their towns or territories? What new problems await them as they set forth to rebuild their lives? What new threats have risen to fill the space left behind by the scourge in the battle for power and supremacy of the world?

Find out as we enter a brand new year…


The YOTS in 2021 continues to be/was a great RP experience by mature dedicated RPrs that like a great story and have some fun along the way.

I think the YOTS construct is an important growth area for WRA/MG RP storyline projects and encourage all content creators to check it out. The ability to cross factions and guilds creating an adventure is just what the RP community needs in WoW.


Good Monday morning!

As we continue the planning and will soon launch our campaigns, let us take the time to meet some of the GUILDS that will be participating in the Azeroth: Year 35 campaign!


Guild leader:
Magister Axiann Sungazer
Membership restrictions:
Thalassian elves only, some class restrictions may apply
(this is a Kirin Tor affiliated guild)

Current location: Dalaran (Broken Isles)

The Sunreavers, loyal followers of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, represent Quel’Thalas within the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. They are the guardians of the Thalassian culture that has helped to shape Dalaran for over two millennia. Additionally, they represent an elite fighting force and are used by the Kirin Tor to venture out and investigate anomalies or threats to Dalaran and the peoples of Azeroth.

Led by Magister Axiann Sungazer, as well as Commander Von Rothbart and Lieutenant Kiah Emberflame, the Dalaran unit is made up of Thalassian wielders of the Arcane and the Light, as well as specialized weapons masters of various backgrounds and training. Those members hold one of three distinct ranks: Sunreaver Guardians, Sentinels or Scouts.

Upon enlistment, new recruits begin the path of the initiate. The hope is to one day earn the respect and trust of not only the Sunreavers leadership, but also its membership, and be offered their promotion and their very own Sunreavers Tabard. Thalassian elves wanting to enlist can find their way to the Tower of the Guardians in Dalaran and fill out the application form (found below).



Founded: 2015

Guild Leader: Highlord Lys Raseri

Membership Restrictions: Good or lawful aligned. All races/classes welcomed under good alignment.

Homebase: Dawncall Citadel

Current Location: The Maw

The Legion of the Dawn is a holy militant organization founded after the third war, and rising to prominence in the wake of the Burning War against Sargeras. Fierce, moral, and just, the Dawn is guided by a philosophy of military readiness and preparation. Their soldiers are Alliance elites, taught and trained against undeath, fel, and void.

With their clarion call, they shall fear no evil, working alongside the organizations of Azeroth to safeguard it’s people and slay any evil in it’s wake.

New recruits can expect to spend much time learning equal parts practical war theory, demonslaying techniques, and philosophical teachings on the nature of justice. All are uplifted to become heroes. Any wishing to join may find a recruiting station under black and gold banners in any major Alliance city, and fill out this form.

https ://tinyurl. com/apply LOTD


Silver Circle
Wyrmrest Accord since 2017

The Silver Circle is the modern iteration of an ancient Elunarian order dating back more than 12,000 years. The Circle is comprised of Alliance kaldorei dedicated to the protection of Elune's ideals and Her sacred flame. These Silversworn stand vigil in the service of their people where others cannot, ever alert for the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old.

Led as a collective council organized by Keeper Feyawen Nightfury, as well as Elders Kelanthos Ivyfang and Celassa Kal’nor and Warden Mythanil Briarblade, the Silversworn operate out of the hidden village of Lightsong in the southern wilds of Val’sharah.

Kaldorei interested in joining the Circle are welcome to attend Council Glade, a monthly moot, to make themselves known to the Circle. Afterwards potential recruits are encouraged to accompany the Silversworn on their missions until they are known by most members. After this trial period, potential recruits can make their Aspirant pledge at a subsequent Council Glade; but to be enlisted as Aspirants their pledge must be accepted by multiple Silversworn.


The Vol’kar Legion
est. 2015

The Vol’kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was forged shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor’kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, and to discourage the “master-race” permeated by Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

Led by the infamous High Warlord Jan-Mak, the unit operates under highly secretive pretenses. More than ninety percent of their movements are classified, and in just six years of loyal service to the Horde, the Children of Vol’jin have gone from reclaiming Kalimdor in His name, to the far reaches of the Great Dark. There is no task too difficult, no cost too great.

All recruits are placed through rigorous intense training to prepare them for a lifetime of conflict. There is nothing the Vol’kar will refuse in order to protect the Horde. While honor may be tarnished to many, fickle to some, all forms of alignments exist within their ranks.

With the decisive, and hopefully final blow to the Scourge, the Vol’kar seeks to rebuild what was lost and to protect the children of the Horde.


It was grand to participate in the final chapters of this community campaign. I had a great time with the players that took part in the Seige of Black Rook on my monk! I look forward to what the future holds for year 35!


Big thank you to everyone who introduced their guilds in the previous posts. Cannot wait to work side by side with you wonderful people over the next several months!

Now, it’s time for:

We are now inviting folks to introduce the various characters they intend to bring along for our adventures in Azeroth: Year 35!

Challenge extended…


Yello! Lara here will continue to represent the Vol’kar Legion in defending Azeroth and the Horde.

Lara has lived a life of hardship, having lost every member of her family to the Sethrak. She saw what the Horde did to save her people and swore she would return the favor one day. It was the day Vulpera were officially inducted into the Horde that she approached Jan-Mak and began her meteoric career.

Stubborn, tenacious, stern, hardworking, loyal. Lara embodies many traits of an excellent soldier, and her efforts were recognized as she rose to the rank of General.

Dispatched with a few of her men to aid in Northrend, she endured the Scourge as best she could. Her actions resulted in three medals of honor once they had defeated Damnedfate, and she is happy to count all those of the coalition as her allies.

She looks to the future now, never content to rest on her paws. The fight continues.


Vanskral Frosthoof

Born to the Skyhorn Tribe on Highmountain. He lost his parents at a young age to an attack of demons from the Legion. Having lived most of his young live with the family of his best friend - and then coming love interest - he followed a path, he thought to be right. After having completed his basic training as a Spiritwalker, the bull decided to leave the mountain.

This is when he found the Wolfmane Tribe. Ever since then we walked with them. Fighting mostly only, when he really had to… But things have changed significantly ever since what was come to be known as the War of Thorns.

Having fought alongside the Alliance against the Scourge on the last big push into Northrend. Unfortunately he found many injuries during that campaign… and eventually he would also find his own death and subsequent revival as a Death Knight in the final battle against Lady Damnedfate. Ther eis still many things, he has to learn, but mostly how to handle this new situation.

Having found many like-minded, though very much different people in their ranks… It comes only natural that he would once again decide to stand by their side, even if the bull was to be the only one that did so.


Name: Teilaiya Sangryn
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Sex: Female
Race: Sin’dorei
Age: 987
Proficiencies: Daggers, subterfuge, martial arts, self developed “Redweave” mistweaving method.
Family: Ka’tpro Sangryn (father, deceased), Lisza Laiya (mother, deceased) Vor’rinar Solarshade (Ex-partner, deceased), Sylrianna Sangryn (daughter, living) Erias Grimfaith (Ex-partner, deceased), Renaya Makenna (Current partner, living)

Teilaiya was born the daughter of the nobleman Ka’toro Sangryn, and his handmaiden Lisza Laiya. She and her mother both were cast out into Murder Row in order to hide his affair. One day, when Teilaiya was about nine, she snuck back into the spire, only to be caught and dangled off the side of the tower, where Ka’toro threatened to release her then and there if she ever returned.

She kept the surname Sangryn, as a final middle finger to her father, that it was she, a rogue and a woman who had won, and held the legacy he so desperately wanted to deny her. When she grew up, at about 110, she met Vor’rinar Solarshade. The master of fel machines, and a criminal mastermind who trapped and manipulated her to suit his own ends.

When she finally broke free of his machinations, in her bid to escape she ran into one who held no connection to her whatsoever, Aelsa’Mori Mystfire, scared and startled they fought. And in a burst of adrenaline Aelsa’Mori nearly got away. But Teilaiya once more gained the upper hand, slit Aelsa’Mori Mystfire’s throat, dying her raven black hair to match Aelsa’Mori’s blonde, and taking the dead woman’s name before burying the priestess far out in the Quel’thalas countryside.

Wrought with the guilt of the murder she left Silvermoon, stowing away on a ship bound south that hit rough seas. She awoke as the sole survivors on mist soaked shores surrounded by strange and mewrciful creatures, from them she learned the martial arts of their land, and she learned how to weave mists to heal wounds, from this mastery she practiced her own technique: Redweave, a form of mistweaving that laces her weapons with woven mist and transfers chi from enemies to allies with every strike.

When Deathwing sundered the world and the Horde and Alliance both came to the now naked shoreline of Pandaria, Teilaiya Sangryn stood against both sides, with the Pandaren people she had come to see as family. It was during this campaign she saw the horrors both House Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream did to a good natured people. She resolved never to utter the phrase “For the Horde” so long as Garrosh remained in power.

So when he fell, and the Burning Legion reappeared at the Peak of Serenity killing her master Hao-Ji, she took up Horde colors once more, under the banner of the Vol’kar Legion, whose own creed was to “Never forget the Siege of Orgrimmar” To never let a tyrant control the Horde once more while serving it.

She almost retired as she watched that large tree burn due to the machinations of a banshee drunk with power.

But now here she stands, Senior Sergeant in an elite legion, the banshee somewhere dead or dying like the Garrosh shaped rat she is, trying to rebuild a world torn asunder by Scourge, again.


140 years old

Axiann was an orphan, left on the doorstep of Falthrien Academy on Sunstrider Isle around age 5 years old. Taken in, he was raised and trained by the masters there.

At 18 years old, Axiann was recruited into Dalaran University by a passing Archmage and professor of the Kirin Tor. He has called Dalaran home ever since. Residing in the dorms, he learned and practiced for years, eventually earning admission into the Kirin Tor, honing his pyromancy skills and specializing in enchanting.

When the Lich King’s forces approached during the Third War, Axiann helped evacuate the citizens before the attack. He followed the leadership of one Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, along with many other Thalassian members of the Kirin Tor, gaining much respect for the powerful man.

Becoming an official Sunreaver Guardian Mage, he helped in rebuilding the city and eventually in lifting it into the skies and teleporting it to Northrend for the Nexus Wars and Lich King campaign. He continued to serve after those campaigns, defending Dalaran in his role.

Following the Purge of Dalaran, Axiann was promoted to the leadership rank of Magister by the Archmage, and tasked with recruiting members to a new unit in Silvermoon City. When the Legion invaded the Broken Isles and the Sunreavers were re-admitted into the Kirin Tor, Axiann moved his unit back to Dalaran.

He continues to lead his unit from Dalaran, though their missions often taken them to many parts of the world. Over the last few years, campaigns have brought them to Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Pandaria and, finally, to Northrend to help end the last Scourge threat.


Field Report written by Ranger-Captain Ethan’tolas Everdawn:


Patrols of Quel’Thalas continue. It has now been over six weeks since the Scourge became feral, yet we continue to find isolated undead individuals or groups hiding within our kingdom.

The Eversong Woods appear to be mostly clear and safe. No incidents have been reported on the roads or in the vicinity of any villages or towns for weeks.

Citizens are advised that travel between locations within the Eversong Woods should be safe, however Farstriders continue to patrol the countryside.

Ethan’tolas Everdawn


Archmage Sunreaver,

As we depart Tranquillien to continue our travels, we leave behind a potential new threat in the Ghostlands.

Amani trolls have apparently found a way to focus and manipulate the feral scourge left in the area. During our time here, we aided the local Guardians and Farstriders in repelling a deadly attack on the Sanctums of the Moon and the Sun.

This renewed initiative on the part of the Amani is worrying, and it will be interesting to see if there are continued aggressions and what their motive and ultimate objective might be.

It is worthy to note that many brave Guardians gave their lives in the defence of the Sanctum of the Sun. It was an honour to fight alongside them.

We continue our travels towards the Thalassian Pass and the Plaguelands.

Magister Axiann Sungazer


Archmage Sunreaver,

Three weeks ago, The Argent Crusade reports that all communication from Northpass Tower ceased, roughly around the time the Farstriders heard rumours of danger in the Plaguelands. It is now believed the Tower was attached by a large mob of feral Scourge, assisted and under the control of a terrible Scourge Frostwraith.

A unit from Eastwall Tower was sent to investigate and found signs of a skirmish and no bodies to be found. Scouts exploring the area went missing, including the CO, Commander Frost.

The Sunreavers, upon arrival, were sent to find survivors or clues.

Through feral Scourge infested Plaguewood, the Sunreavers fought their way until they found Commander Frost, and with him, made their way to the Gates of Stratholme, where the Knight had seen Argent prisoners being herded.

The group proceeded to raid the ruins, finding the ten surviving scouts from Eastwall. Sadly, the entire Nortpass platoon had been killed and raised into feral undeath, and under the control of the Frostwraith. All aforementioned Scourge were felled, and the survivors returned to Northpass to lower their standards at half mast and mourn their dead.

Magister Axiann Sungazer
Northpass Tower



Up on a hill outside the gates of Stratholme a hooded figure carefully watched the Sunreavers as they entered the city.

First the Argents I spoke to mention finding a dead Vykrul outside of Andorhal, and now the Sunreavers are heading into Stratholme for a grand rescue mission.

He stood up as a fel green eye returned to him and then disappeared.

The Magister definitely noticed me. It might be best for me to keep my distance for now, I’d be no match for him, at least not in a fair fight.


The man looked up at the walls of his old home city.

Still, I can’t be on the sidelines forever. Unless my instincts are wrong… this is going to be a hell of a year.

And with that the hooded man quietly made his way away from the fallen city.


Light’s Hope
Eastern Plaguelands

On Friday February 18th, three storylines converged as The Sunreavers, The Argent Resurgence/Redemption and The Legion of the Dawn all arrived at Light’s Hope Chapel.

The Sunreavers, traveling through the area by hawkstrider, arrived after days of travel to request more supplies be sent to Eastwall following the killing and raising of the Argents sent to bring food there.

The Argents, arriving via hippogryph, had been investigating a new threat in the way of the Mossflayers experimenting with necromancy and raising an apparent army of undead Trolls.

The Legion, arriving by land, were responding to an urgent missive sent by the Argents to assist in their operations in the area.

Following a briefing by all three groups, it was decided than an attack by the Mossflayers is clearly imminent. Using Light’s Hope as a main, common base, preparations are underway to help fortify nearby towers.

The story continues today, Saturday February 19th, starting at 4:30pm server time.


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