Wrath Classic PvP Season 8 Ending Soon

The current PvP season in Wrath Classic is ending soon. The evening before weekly maintenance, at 10:00 p.m. PDT (April 15), Season 8 will end. There will be an off-season period until Season 9 goes live after Cataclysm launches.

Please note that Arena Points will be converted to Honor when patch 4.4.0 releases.

Have a good fight to the finish!


Hello blue poster!

What does off-season mean? Can you still queue arenas or is it only skirmishes?

This is so bad.


ty!1 woot!

Really hope this means prepatch is the 22nd or something then.

A 12-day notice for PvPers??

What kinda incompetence is this?


Wait, so there’s just going to be no ranked arena for 2-3 months? I doubt there will be ranked arenas on cata launch for a couple weeks, so pvp’rs are out of content for 3 months straight?

I haven’t played arena in over three months and still in duelist range in 2s. Pretty sure even when arena is active, no one is playing.

Everything about this is totally fine. 2 weeks is very appropriate amount of notice. What’s the problem?

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Season should end on day 1 of prepatch so you dont just have nothing to do as a pvper for months.

LOL HOW? Theres still months of time before Cata…

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Do battlegrounds. No reason it has to end when prepatch launches. This is so people can buy gear at reduced-cost arena points before everything goes to honor.

Surprised? By the time April 16th comes, this season will have lasted 27 weeks. Maybe Cata will come sooner than you think, just not April 16th.

You two are simply being crybabies.

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Nah im good ill just come back when cata launches.

Fo sho I take back calling you a baby, gl.

Possible for an update on why Wrathful was not or won’t be discounted before patch drop?


Looking for an update on the Wrathful Gladiator item prices, even if it’s just confirmation that the team intended no changes with the end of the season.


looking forward to getting an update on when the arena vendors will get a hotfix. Have thousands of arena points and lots of transmog wrathful items to buy! Thanks in advance.


bump for this please