WoW Classic Realm Forums are Open

Can we get forums for the new transfer servers, i.e. Earthfury?

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Earthfury is so dead they forgot to include it on this list

LF Heartseeker Realm forums and Discord plzkthnxbai


The list at the top now includes:

Arcanite Reaper PvP

Earthfury PvP

Heartseeker PvP


Will we get these posted on a main forum page like retail has?

A lot of folks are missing the sticky in the hunt for realm forums.

What i’d like to find is a forum about each realms AH market? What realm has the best/worst AH markets per profession mats?

How do i go abouts changing this to my classic aviator?

Top right avatar image -> Change character

should be listed

just my 120 and few 110s are shown… dangit

must have updated today- TY

Yay! I was going to request these! Class sub forums next?? <3


How come I can read any realm forum except for the realm I play on Anathema? 403 error…

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Does those show how many people are on each server? The number by the side of the realms.

Because the link above has a capital A in the name Anathema. Change to lower case and you’ll get there.

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One catch all Classic Classes sub topic will be an awesome addition.

Can you please fix the link for Anathema PvP ? I get access denied.

If you look at the timestamps, this has been an issue since August.

Don’t think it’s on their priority list… good luck.

When can we escape this hellish prison servers you created?

You can let people escape your broken servers or watch people quit. Your call; but even someone as categorically indifferent as you obviously are should recognize that no ones going to pay you for this unplayable garbage

Has Blizzard made a post yet to state whey they are removing the 30 per day instance reset cap?

This is easily the most disruptive change the community has felt since the RealID fiasco a decade ago.

I dunno, the retail “temporary” sharding change was also pretty awful