WoW Classic Realm Forums are Open

FYI Anathema gives 404.


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I am doing this for warcraft logs to find my account.

test the test test please.

Wooooooooo! Nice job

Can anyone tell me which realm(s) are predominantly Horde, and is in the Pacific Time Zone?

SOM realm forums when?


Are there any forums for classic era servers such as Shadowstrike and Obsidian Edge ? Thanks !

Cool! this is good news

Very cool stuff

Love this stuff! Very cool

Still waiting for SoM realm forums. Am I just dumb and they exist but I can’t find them? So much juicy drama on Jom that needs a place to breathe.

Discord, Gladys Kravitz.

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Skeezer knows he’ll get booted from the Discord.

niceeeeeeeeeee lez g

i just want to know why blizz fot marketing of this game and I received an awnser from an officer wich said that if you want to game thi be comfortavle cause bliz dont have any rroubleble about it… so you u guys, players
… ehat you say about the rolls that you pay to play and still waiting hours to log in in yhe server wich you up on yours chars but after your job u cant just log??? blizzz awnser us wich have job, family, whatever… just say anything

Herod forums don’t work

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thank god whitemane is open!

Blizzard, how often do you make new servers for your paying customers able to play? with that said, when do you typically OPEN them to be able to transfer toons to the new servers?

we are paying customers, and all that i have heard is there are MANY upset customers, including myself.

I agree, I dont understand why there are too many upset paying customers and Blizzard not willing to fix or help the problem. Please make a new server on both realm OR combine servers.