Wow classic cost?

I would happily buy a collectors edition(provided its not to expensive) if it means not having to deal with a subscription model.

And dasilas modern wow makes most of its money from that anyways so sure I wouldn’t mind having that if it meant no sub fees and the only things it would provide were cosmetic only in nature.

People like you are why this company has turned to garbage. Rush to buy every collector’s edition and fluff they put out. Whales propping up the sinking ship.

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If someone wants to purchase a CE of something that is there choice, some of us like to collect things they are passionate about and support the company that creates this passion. It is no less than ignorant of you to ridicule people for this. Not to mention the term “Whale” apllies mainly to somebody who buys micro transactions to gain an edge within the game. Blizzard clearly does not produce p2w games.

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Really? I haven’t given blizzard money in years because I disagree with the subscription model. I also have never purchased a single collectors edition for anything in my entire life but I would do so if it meant not having to pay a subscription fee.

Bad news is: You won’t be playing Classic with us.

Good news is: You won’t be playing Classic with us.


You do know that Vanilla had a subscription right?

As for the notion that you don’t want to support modern WoW… then don’t. You do realize we’ll be able to see which one you log into and actually play right? Meaning internally when we look at metrics we can easily determine that you only support Classic.


every MMO in existence would die to have WoWs success, pretty good for ‘garbage’,lol.


Has nothing to do with not wanting to support modern wow, has everything to do with monthly extortion payments needed to play the game I already purchased. Subscriptions are a load of garbage you pay 45-50$ for 86400 minute of game play(60 days) but you don’t actually get that as the game time expires 60 calendar days later not after 86400 minute of actual game time, we have also already payed 50-60$ for the base game and then 60-80$ for each expansion pack there after.

You have a valid point for sure, but unless something like that happens you are either going to sub, or you will not be playing. The sub is more than fair for me, and like the Blue said, they can tell who is playing Classic and who is not.


i’ll be playing no matter the cost. however saying vanilla had a sub cost is very different as that was an evolving game with constant updates happening. classic will not be that, it will be a static world.


This sounds remarkably like something I have said before,lol


Classic is essentially “free” its an added bonus to the sub we all currently pay.

You didn’t purchase the new client they are making, what you pruchased is now base WoW.

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And I would like the ability to purchase that and not have to sub to play the game.


You pay for the base game, the monthly sub is for the updates and all the extra work the Dev’s and everyone on down who put in daily work to maintain such an amazing MMO. I completely understand that you dislike the sub fee, and that’s perfectly fine. However, I prefer playing a monthly sub because i like to support the development of this amazing game.

If you wish to not play monthly fees there are plenty of single player games that are equally amazing as Wow. Skyrim is the first that comes to mind. Maybe focus on those games since this game is not what you’re looking for. There’s also several MMO’s that are F2P and P2W that you could play for free. However none of them are anywhere close to how good WoW is. The monthly sub is a huge reason as to why this game is so successful. not to leave out the fact that 15 dollars a month is incredibly cheap for how much entertainment value you get out of this. If it comes down to not being able to afford the 15 dollars a month, Blizzard has given you access to being able to farm your gold which can pay your monthly sub fee.


How about those of us who aren’t part of that We?

(What is with people on this forum, of all forums, assuming that everyone who wants to play Classic must be currently playing retail?)

I would have been very surprised if there wasn’t a subscription fee for Classic; still wish it was something a little more nuanced then “you pay a subscription fee for Retail and get Classic.”


Amen. Those of us who are only coming back for the static 1-60 vanilla content, $15 is not a bargain. Despite how many coffees or beers you can buy with $15 a month, a game as static as Diablo 3 should not have such a sub cost.


I haven’t played since before MOP, I’m more than happy to pay the $15/month, especially with no box fee. I was expecting to dish out a box fee as well.


Well, good for you? I personally view static games as things that should have a one-time cost. Simply because you are happy to blow a large monthly fee on 60 levels of 14 year old not to be expanded content, it does not mean that cost is justified. Much less a bargain because it is “free” with a game I do not want or ever intend to play.


…a large monthly fee?