I genuinely think Classic will have more players then retail does right now

After the first or second raid tier release, 400k regular NA players, 600k EU players, I don’t care about Asian numbers, and Oceanic/other will be a small fraction of the overall population. (Regular = logging on at least every other day)

WoW died in late Oct 2018. the classic announcement created some new interest. I would be surprised to see a classic release before Nov. 2019, despite the summer claim. the interest will fall off drastically 3 months after classic is released. all that will remain will be the undead.

I play on one of the rare “full” servers and can attest that it is dead. Very little or NO activity in trade chat, no more than a dozen people in IF on the 25th when presents became active. It has become a ghost town

I don’t care how many are or are not subscribed. Players are remaining in their small littles cliques and the server communities are DEAD.


Which server is that?

Every day I see one of these “WoW is dead” rants on the forums. Then I log in and see people playing. Then I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…

It’s not factual if people are still playing. It’s not factual if people are still running M+, raids, BGs, and Warmode. And it’s not factual if people are coming to the forums to complain about other people in that content.

If the game was dead we wouldn’t have threads whining about raider io or warmode imbalances in incursion zones or RNG loot or titan forging or leveling. If the game was dead these complaints wouldn’t exist because no one would be playing in the first place.

The simple fact I can log in and see other players disproves your thesis. Anyone is welcome to test my data. Just log in, look around, read the chat log.

What’s even more sad is that homeopathy trends higher than a lot of actual medical science. Also flat earth interest trends higher than round earth interest. But people are actually sheep who get easily distracted by the newest shiny object in their field of view.

Give it a couple of weeks and there will be a video of a cat playing with a straw that trending higher than Classic.


I honestly think you’re a bit misguided on this.

I could find no quotes supporting the notion that takes the notion of functionally the exact same game with just two different server options-- but then running farther with it as you do, going on about “what’s good for one is good for the other” etc. Just this:

Ysithiens stated straight up that they’ll be watching logins into Classic, which means of course they’ll be looking doing the same for regular WoW and analyzing the various metrics for each. The two are so different, and will be attracting different audiences, it makes little sense to try to say that they’d be thinking of it all as the same game:

Now this is aside from the fact that they swear that Classic’s popularity isn’t an issue:

But he says nothing about modern WoW’s popularity. We all know that this has to be something that they certainly worry about, maybe not in relation to Classic. But in general.


I really can’t get past these new forms lay out, i’m sorta odd but as for the OP and others, does it matter? Retail isn’t dead, it just isn’t striving as it once was, is being stagnant death? If so, these are dark times for us as the human race as whole, let alone a video games. Though i don’t enjoy retail, at all. We cant say it is “Dead” that’s child’s play, and acting like kids didn’t get us vanilla.

As for subs does wow tokens count towards it? Most people i know only pay for subs with gold as myself do and many many others some people bought years of wow time with gold during wod, (One buddie has i think 5 years of sub due to this hah!) Even so 3.4 million is good for modern day, but if vanilla even gets 1 million that’s pretty big so many MMO’s struggle now and day’s for an older MMO to strike such numbers may help newer game makers get out of this cash grab mindset, and let em look back to find a middle ground, between the two extreme’s.

As Blizzard has said this isn’t about making money, and us die hard fans who have been waiting for what… a good 10 years now? You think we’ll care if our servers are “Dead” with only 1k or so people on em? No, we make it work. That is our mindset i hope. We won’t see it at first, most likely not for the first 6 or 7 month’s but i do think that old community will return, back when bridge building was more then just an ideal but eh. Only time will tell, who know’s how blizzard will set this in, surely not i, and not you buddy.

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It’s more that the retail classes, customization and world is terribly boring for of a host of reasons. So making things longer in retail doesn’t make it a better experience, you just want to hit the upper levels.

Once they get retail on maintence mode and classic is released they’ll be completely hands off is my guess. It’s especially telling seeing what happened to HotS as of recent and how that game will enter it’s own maintence mode from here on out.

If classic wow can maintain over a million people subscribing specifically to play it, I would consider that an enormous success.

1 million people paying a sub fee for a 15 year old game that they don’t need to develop new content for? Should be right up Activision’s alley. The game will be in maintenance mode right out of the gate and in this case that’s a good thing,

I would rather they never take a single step down that road to ruin, unless they completely redo the post vanilla content to be horizontal rather than a huge freaking leap and then vertical climb.

None of which has a shred to do with gameplay and content.

I bought a toaster and a package of condensed photographic developer on Amazon. They were on the same order together, paid for together, wen’t through the same conveyor belt system and are delivered by the same UPS guy. Clearly the toaster is the same thing as the package of developer.

If you cannot differentiate between one game being vastly different than another and only share the unseen backbone, that’s on you.

Reported for harassment.

Also flagged you for harassment for this post, and for false flagging.

Also see https://imgur.com/a/UZrNtvx for proof of concept. They made a retail folder, which leads to the logical conclusion there will be a classic folder under the same EXACT client directory.

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Yeah, I would vastly prefer a tourist rush to happen long after launch when BFA is in (even more) boring mode than having every soul on the classic servers at release. The last 10 year’s history has taught me to expect the worst from blizzard so…

Well, I double dog reported you for THAT post’s harassment, AND for wrong think! :partying_face:

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Oh wow, you found yet another example of not-gameplay as evidence. Quite compelling, mmm yes :thinking: quite.


Subs is actually a misnomer, since even back in vanilla days it was possible to buy game time via a card rather than have an ongoing subscription. Accounts with active game time would be more relevant. As such, yes, accounts with game time that purchased it with gold via tokens count just as much as accounts with game time that purchased it in other ways or had it gifted to them.

Retail and classic use the same server side infraestructure and the backend code. But they don’t share the database and the art sprites, so from a technical point of view, you are wrong.

They are a two different games.

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And yet, they share a subscription, and by the looks of it, game client.

So, they are the same game with different rules sets and art assets.

From a technical standpoint, I am correct.

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Time will tell I think a lot of hype around Classic is nostalgia, putting the time into Classic though is going to be the hard part, do people have the time they use to have in order to the content they want?

I plan on playing both, I want the feel of playing Vanilla back, but I also want to play as a Troll Paladin.

I think nostalgia is part of it.

But, to be honest… I think that a large part of it is that some older people just prefer the Vanilla type of game design. Doesn’t mean that either variation is OBJECTIVELY better than the other, just different.

I, for one, just hope that World of Warcraft as a whole continues to succeed.