[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

It’s a good thing that they got rid of RDF to improve the social fabric of the game. Now we have guides on solo dungeon leveling in Wrath lol


Shh… they’re going to make it so you can’t enter a dungeon unless you have a group. Shh…

I like the idea behind the improved group finder interface and think it is a good try at addressing the reasons people want an automatic dungeon finder.

It would be interesting to explore allowing cross realm grouping, at least for dungeons, to address the remaining reasons.


It’s not, it fails to address key reasons people want the LFD tool. It does nothing for low pop realms/low level dungeons/people playing off hours. It also does nothing to stop trying to find a group as a dps be not whack a mole and pray you get accepted.

Sure it’s a fine tool for say pugging raids or maybe achievements, but it fundamentally does not replace LFD.


The two reasons I was thinking of when I said that were:

chat spam - the tool builds into the interface the kinds of information people would otherwise be spamming into chat
connecting players - it addresses the situation where a willing player and a willing player miss each other’s chat message

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Still gonna see spam in LFG chat.

They can still miss the message(s).

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Of course. What we’re saying can be true at the same time.

It’s not even messages anymore, it’s just listed of groups and applicants in a menu.

Ok, with Quest Helper in, we can go back to DEMANDING RANDOM DUNGEON FINDER!


But that’s how you build a community!

Let’s be real here. No one cares who you are. No one cares about your name or your personality. You’re a spec and a gear score. That’s it. This Retail lfg tool is going to be all business. It does nothing to create social interactions.

All it does is gatekeep players and reduce accessibility to the content.


I disagree. Blizzard has been very clear on why they are not including RDF. It takes away player engagement by auto assigning you into a group and teleporting you to the dungeon. This was bad design. That being said there comes a time in each release where there are fewer and fewer leveling players and it is difficult to find players to dungeon with. It would be nice to see an option for a cross-realm group finder for those times where you can’t find a group.

And you think it’s not like this now in tbc If you’re on a server with over even 10K people Especially the way people play the game now I can tell you.

I’ve done tons of heroics with a ton of people and unless I know the prior As in I talked to them in discord and what not.

I don’t recognize a single name of anyone I’ve done a heroic with as far as reputation Yeah people don’t care about as much anymore uninja loot something unless it’s from a raid.

Most people Don’t care There’s been a couple ninja lutes posted on my server throughout tbc.

And most of them just kind of burn out Even gdkps Like it or not most people Are all about rushrush rush And borderline speed running I can tell you idea with that on a daily basis when I tank heroics.

To the point where I’ll have hunters not even say anything but Missed direct pull on me without even telling me while I’m still drinking And people borderline demanding me to pop manipots instead of drinking.

If but with RFD people are going to care less because it takes less time Even if you have a less optimal DPS To do arathropic people are going to get way more picky if they have The Choice to pick what they want.

That’s the point. Dungeon finder doesn’t cause that to happen.

Yeah I 100% agree LFD Doesn’t cause that to happen It’s people like it or not A system that makes everybody want a rush rush rush and be toxic.

That’s just how some people are and they use LFD for cover as an excuse Now there could be some adjustments done for example like a meeting for people to boot someone instead of 3 but yeah.

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Because it’s so damn hard to find decent groups that aren’t gatekeeping anything that’s out of the “sweaty meta”.

Yes, give us the worst part of RDF without any of the benefits.


And I would completely have to disagree especially considering the way people play the game now If like it or not most people do not care about talking in dungeons and making friends.

If we gave that up the minute we said logs in midmaxine And speed running became the norm like it or not I do heroic pugs all the time And I can tell you most people are not patient on top of that the very few Raid pugs that I’ve tried to get in too.

And it doesn’t matter how low level of content we’re talking about like I’m even talking about this with kera and za Most people say if you don’t have at least tier 5 we don’t want you in here.

And mind you I’m a tank A palliden tank on top of that And I have phase 1 bis And there’s nothing else I can buy even from the new badge vendor.

And the moment I mentioned I’ve never been to za That’s where the conversation ends And I’m talking about people that have been spamming for a tank for a good hour and a 1/2.

So This new LFD tool isn’t going to solve any of the problems and the same problems you’re going to run into with random dungeon finder are the same exact issues you’re gonna run in with this in fact it’s going to be worse.

Because the advantage LFD You could still get into groups With A none Meta speck Now Because people can pick and choose everything well.

If you don’t have AOE You’re probably just not getting into groups now you can make the argument well you could always make your own groups OK yeah have fun.

Somebody never joining your group ever unless your friends with a tank Or a healer that’s just not happening And that’s before we talk about gear score Which is going to come back with a thrightful vengeance.

Do you think things are toxic Oh buddy strap in it’s going to be 3 times worse Mark my words people are going to be linking 4K gear score requirement for 10 naxx and At least 3K gear score for heroics.


They’ve said what they’ve said, but it still isn’t convincing nor is it compelling.

It’s not engaging to scan the LFG channel/addons and whisper, “inv” trying to get into a group. It’s not really engaging flying to a dungeon, either.

However, I wouldn’t mind the teleport being removed. But pretty much every modern MMO has their own version of LFD.

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Maybe keep heroics and raids off the tool. Let current content normal runs rando-queue after first phase. Raiders will still queue for the daily/reward, enough of us will anyways to help ballast the toxic insanity that inevitably comes with.

Thoughts in this post are wildly popular on the BC Classic server I play on. Not going to name it because I’m pretty sure it’s the only NA server not overran by bots and gbids at this point. :kissing_heart:

Heroics are essential for end game in wrath. Normals will be dead for max level toons after a week. They need to focus on keeping people playing once they hit 80. Better gear is the carrot we’re chasing.

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It’s more engaging to do all of that than it is to wait in a lobby queue.

You keep saying this as if we aren’t playing a CLASSIC version of a game…