[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

Edit: I have made a post regarding the LFD in the Community Council forum if you wish to read it: Link to thread

WotLK is almost here and it was announced that the Dungeon Finder wouldn’t be included with WotLK Classic, at least from the start.

I am interested in knowing everyone’s thoughts about this. There has been a lot of topics on the subject and I’ve read a lot of arguments both in favor and against the Dungeon Finder in Classic WotLK.

Dungeon Finder is a very contentious issue that is important to a lot of people, whether they are in favor or against it. I wish to see if perhaps there could be a more favorable approach to it that could be presented to blizzard.

There is no ways to satisfy everyone of course, but having a good healthy discussion about it is a good way for as many people as possible to be heard.

So I’m asking you this:

  1. How do you feel about Dungeon Finder not being added to WotLK Classic?
  2. What do you think are the positives of having Dungeon Finder?
  3. What do you think are the negatives of having Dungeon Finder?
  4. Do you think an hybrid solution could be implemented, whether it be a partial Dungeon Finder or a different solution altogether, and what could that solution be, if you can think of any?

My personal thought on this:
I feel that the complete removal of Dungeon Finder is a too heavy handed approach and I would like to see a more moderate approach to it, or at the very least for Blizzard to provide more insight on their reasoning for the removal.

“Who so hath his mind on taking, hath it no more on what he taketh.” - Michel de Montaigne


i hate it. i could live without it being in at launch but it not being in at all is just the wrong move, but at the same time i know they just said it so that they can “listen to the community” later on in Wrath’s cycle and add it back in.

it helps people level alts of any level, and at max level it guarantees that you actually can get into a dungeon without having to jump through hoops of being the right class or that other people looking at chat are wanting to run with you.

only thing i can even think of as a perceived negative is that people may get into “too many” dungeons so they stop playing sooner, but like if all they were playing for was to get loot then they’d have left anyways

edit: another negative is that sometimes people that you are grouped with may not be the best and some people may abuse the kick feature, or tanks/healers will abuse the kick feature because they don’t want to run that dungeon and just /afk until they get kicked so they get out with no negative (just add the Cata deserter feature that also gets placed on kicked members until a certain % of the dungeon is ran)

i think for prepatch they should give classic and tbc normals the ability to queue up for LFD. while i’d love for Wrath to just fully have LFD from launch, i could see waiting until phase 2 to launch it, or if they delay raid release like retail does then wait until the first set of raids comes out.


There are innumerable threads that outline everyone’s feelings. I have given detailed answers to many of them on how i feel, so i will try to summarize my feelings toward the issue.

  • leveling comminities and low population realms suffer without it.
  • provides an interesting breakup from questing for leveling players
  • Does impact the social experience, however in my personal experience the majority of pug players dont value the social experience while those that do play in guilds and often dont look outside of their guilds to fulfill their group needs.

I believe a compromise is achievable and this post roughly outlines what i would like to see implemented.


I personally feel the reason that blizzard is removing Dungeon Finder has absolutely no bearing on anything except the fact that they want to sell more level 70 boosts. Because with the changes they are making to boosting as well as preventing RDF from being an easy way for people to level, it makes it seem like they simply do not care that people are struggling at low levels to level up quickly.

With this change, you are basically forced to quest mindlessly through old content, and pray once in a blue moon you -might- get a dungeon group, because the level 15-68 leveling pool is going to be abysmally low, further you will not be able to just get a guildy / Friend to help you out on a new toon.

As per what I think the positives of the Dungeon Finder is? Plenty. From being able to do something besides mindlessly do the same quests over and over again to level, to being able to reasonably get groups for level 70 dungeons, especially on low population servers, so that people can get their level 70 dungeon gear. To just being something people do for fun. Sure not everyone’s going to find it fun to repeatedly do dungeons, but there’s plenty of people that -did- have fun on a healer or tank alt, just mindlessly grinding dungeons getting small awards and using it as a money making method. Not to mention being able to actively help random people, sometimes people have no idea they are doing and a few pointers can lead to a much better experience. :woman_shrugging:

The only negative I can think of in a dungeon finder situation is you might run into people that truly are out to make a fool of the group (Through Ninja looting or actively trolling) however those are easy to fix with the fact you can just kick them, or leave the group. A way to report people for actively trolling and making the community worse (And enforce that contract that blizzard wanted everyone to adhere to) would easily fix these very minor inconveniences.

As per your question of hybrid solutions? Why would we need a hybrid solution at all? Dungeon finder is not some crazy bogyman that some people make it out to be, and no one can prove any amount of “Community damage” that supposedly it caused, it’s just a strawman people use and a buzz phrase people hide behind because they have no actual arguements against RDF.

RDF just needs to be implemented, I would have to say blizzards “Suggestion” of doing the retail LFG tool in Classic Wrath is more ridiculous in my opinion than RDF ever was, especially when they are hiding behind the excuse of it “Being within the spirit of classic” as their ridiculous notion as to why they are wanting to not add RDF, when the LFG tool is literally something that never existed until a few years ago in retail wow. :roll_eyes:

For years people have asked for an RDF style solution to finding groups in classic servers for the servers that are bleeding people but still have people that want to stick around for their communities they have (And not wanting/able to pay transfer money) for years now we were told to “Wait for wrath” well, we’re at wrath now. It should be implemented at this point in time.


Not having dungeon finder is terrible. I play late night (after midnight) and my server pop on Myzrael is dwindeling.

It would be much easier to find a dungeon via queuing rather than asking away into the void.

There are no real negatives for me. If I run into issues with people I can either finish the dungeon or the group falls apart and I can re-queue. Its still more reliable than my current situation.

Of course I would be open to some type of hybrid solution. Anything would be better than how things are now.

I cannot think of a solution. I always just assumed things would be better when in wotlk for 2 reasons.

  1. I loved wotlk, i had the most fun and engaged in nearly all the content.
  2. Dungeon finder would make it worth actually trying to find a group late night as I would automatically be grouped up with people who wanted to do the same content. I could farm or do dailies etc without the need for spamming chat and getting no replies. If a group never pops up, well at least i didnt waste my “breath”.

Why are we still talking about this, I’m pro LFD but they said they aren’t implementing and if you know blizzard they will stick to their guns then in the final patch add it in and say “oops shoulda done this at the beginning” look at the last 3 retail expansions.


Have you not been reading the multiple other threads on this topic? Did we really need yet another thread for the same rehashed conversation?


Do you work for Blizzard?

I have read a lot of the threads yes. I’m looking to consolidate some thoughts here before I make a post on the Community Council forums regarding the Dungeon Finder. I know it sounds redundant to make another thread, but I wish to keep it a bit more focused so that I can write a post that points to the community’s feedback rather than it being my own opinionated piece.


Why not just read through them, comment if/when necessary and consolidate? This feels like a rehash of the same things, and a spam thread, imo.


Then don’t interact with it? If you don’t care enough to go over it again.


What’s wrong with voicing my opinion?


Feels like you are actively attempting to derail the topic. If you’re not happy about another thread in regards to RDF, then feel free to just ignore it.


My official stance: The current system of finding a group through the LFG chat is completely inadequate. Lets be honest here, WOTLK will be the end of classic as we know it. Let’s send it out with a bang playing the game instead of spending hours in chat looking to find people who are already here and willing to play.


Well, my opinion here is that there are many threads on this topic. A Community Council member feeling the need, this late after the announcement that RDF wouldn’t be included, and after numerous threads on the forums feels lazy, and condescending, imo. I’m not a fan of that.

As far as ignoring it, it bothers me, because it feels like theatrics, but also suggests that this is the only thread now that matters with regards to RDF.

We’ve had several conversations on this, and the only thing that seems obvious is that some people who are disappointed that RDF won’t be in Wrath Classic are relatively vocal.


I’m not dismissing other threads on this topic if that’s your concern, I’ve taken notes from them.
I’m new to the Community Council as of today so whatever thread I could have made back when Dungeon Finder exclusion was first announced wouldn’t have been from a Community Council member.

Would you prefer I simply not post anything? My goal is not to be condescending or do theatrics, I genuinely wish to move this discussion about LFD to the Community Council to maybe get Blizzard eyes on it, not on my personal take on it, but what the community has to say about it.
Sifting through countless threads that is mostly banter is one thing, and I’ve done it as far as my patience allowed me, but asking everyone directly a few specific questions is better done in a thread of its own.


Please make a thread regarding Race Changes good sir!


Blizzard does the opposite of what the community wants then says they are doing what the community wants…

No rdf is idiotic but obviously that’s what blizzard would choose.

It’s ok to watch an addon be spammed and hope when I message someone “hunter lfg” they invite me instead of ignoring me, but it’s usually ignore me.

Then content should be hard not the gating to get into the content.


I’ll see if I can do that, maybe not today though. I’d like to avoid spamming too many thread this quickly.

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