[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

I think the only low level dungeon I did during leveling in WotLK back then was RFC one time. For some other dungeons I just asked a max level guild member if they could “boost” me through dungeons for the quests or for some XP.
There was no point in searching for hours and it certainly didn’t feel good, seeing that there’s a tank missing in the group and knowing that further searching could be a waste of time.


I highly recommend everyone look up the “tier list” for specs in wrath classic, then choose to ONLY play from that list of the percieved “meta” specs.

Otherwise, you will have a horrible experience trying to get groups, even though the dungeons in Wrath are extremely easy.

Blizzard is clearly going against what the majority want for some unclear reason. Keep making noise, but prepare for another barely-used group finder system in Wrath.

Edit: Oh, and transfer off your server if it’s unbalanced or dead while it’s still free. Long queue times are better than zero groups.


I assume you mean the first half of Wrath, because after dungeon finder was added, low level dungeon participation skyrocketed. Which is what would have happened again in Wrath Classic…had they not removed dungeon finder. But don’t worry, they’re nerfing boosting!!! So players will now suddenly want to form natural dungeon groups. :man_facepalming: No, Blizzard. No. They’ll find some other optimal way to level or just quit. This is the playerbase of 2022.

Imagine you’re some undead warlock questing in Stonetalon Mountains. You’re trying to get into a group. You’ve listed yourself for all the dungeons around that level. Yay, you finally get an invite for an SFK dungeon run. “Hey guys, be there in about 15 minutes!”
*booted from group

What a fantastic system. Why have players be able to actually do the content?

  • And before anyone chimes in, I’m aware of Meeting Stones. That still requires a couple to be at the instance, which isn’t always the case. So why actually have the freedom to be out in the world questing, gathering, exploring, doing professions, whatever. Just park yourself outside one particular dungeon and hope others do the same.

At this point, knowing what kind of people most of the devs are, especially the lead dev, I kinda just think they are spiting us as much as they can. Kinda like how all the best tv shows and cult movie classics are being ruined by stupid remakes that push an agenda. The directors are doing it to spite us, and so are these new devs.


It’s the same mentality that’s infested retail for years and is why retail is in such a bad state. I was hoping that classic would be separated more from it but apparently not.


It depends on how you look at it - most of the class mechanics have become effectively streamlined so there’s not much difficulty left.

If you were to purchase an 80 boost, and use it from level 1, never even logging into that character, there are a few things:

  • You won’t know your abilities/spells
  • Tanks will not have developed situational awareness
  • You will not have learned ‘life-saving’ class tactics

…and many other things, really.

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The basics of WoW are not that hard, it doesn’t take leveling from 1-80 to learn how to play a class.


That’s a pretty broad statement - we could also say that a boosted 80 can learn their class after a year of playing.

The reality is that, yes, you can learn to play your class if you boosted your character to 80, but it will not be an immediate thing, as it would be if you had levelled up the traditional way.

Yeah, like the Halo showrunners saying they didn’t look at the game, or the new Star Wars garbage.

People just exploiting the past, but not being respectful of it.


I think it’s more than that. I really do think that they are trying to low key make some of us miserable, like you know a good portion of the gamer community leans to the right, especially like asmons followers and a few other streamers.

It takes maybe an hour or two at most to pick up a new class and be able to play it competently. Plus just leveling unless you are actually doing dungeons(which thanks to no LFD you won’t be) doesn’t teach you how to actually play in a group.


I, personally, don’t agree with this based on my experience grouping up with players that were boosted to 58 or via dungeons.

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/shrug I’ve met plenty of terrible players who didn’t boost

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How well do you learn your class sitting at an instance portal and paying someone to clear the dungeon? It’s not just buying boosts from Blizz. There’s the RMT boosting business as well.

But you know what really gets players active, playing the game, and doing the content? Dungeon Finder! It’s almost like making the content more accessible actually gives players a reason to play the game. Blizz just doesn’t get it.


I’m trying to pick up some sort of rational rebuttal out of your spamming of clown emojis but I am failing.

Typically some forum posters do this when they find they lack actual words to make their point and would prefer to hope just spamming emojis makes them look smart.

Spoilers: it didn’t.

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Try not to hurt yourself with the brain straining.

“Tribalism is the belief in the supremacy of one’s group identity over individual rights. Tribal identity fosters negative feelings, even hatred, toward those outside the tribe. In the grips of the tribal mindset, we see the world through a lens of us vs. them, victims and victimizers.”

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No, but all else being equal, someone who leveled from 1 to 80 will usually have an experience and familiarity advantage over the boostee. Not always, though. Sometimes players get used to using certain abilities from the early game that are really best removed from your bars at the later levels.

As with so many other things, it really does boil down to the player.

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I checked out this thread again because I was a bit bored after taking a castle in Mount and Blade Warband.

Well this place isn’t getting anywhere is it lol.

Huhh I am honestly glad I am starting to get ready to stream. It will mean I will have less time for WoW overall. The time I do have left I will mostly likely spend with my friends and leave all of this fighting over what classic should and shouldn’t be nonsense behind me. I am getting really tired of this stuff and just want to see a fun game that all people can play like they did in the original Wrath.

But if that isn’t going to happen, I have other things I am slowly working on that I will be very happy to take the place of this. Besides I don’t want to be stuck here fighting over the same ole thing until the end of time. I have enough things on my mind.