Still waiting on news to have PvP queue removed

I would edit that if I were you, they can flag this as trolling/inappropriate and it will get you a time out.

But you are totally right though. This is one step away from “I’ll hold my breathe until I pass out if you dont give me the thing I want” behavior.

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People can flag anything. I don’t think there is anything trolling/inappropriate about what I’ve stated such that I would deserve a time out for it, though of course, it’s ultimately up to the moderators.

I’m not making fun of anyone, but pointing out that it’s not a very well-formed argument; it’s irrational, but does seem to be emotional.


Oh yeah I agree. I’ve gotten a time out for calling someone a donut before, just trying to give a heads up.

Fair enough. I’m not calling anyone anything in this thread though.

Why is it irrational?
PvP’ers have full freedom, but not PvErs.

PvP’er said that same realm PvP is hard due to 1 faction dominance.
No one talks about PvErs who can’t do content if another faction dominates.

Then PvPers came again and said Horde queues across all realms is too long.
So they got custom Merc mode to allow cross faction PvP

Again, no one talks about PVE. Not even PvE as a whole, just dungeons.

PvPers have all these “perks”. But no one actually wants an equality here. You got PvP wins, and that’s all you can about.


Because you’re stating that they can’t do something that they do do, have done, and will continue to do, because you don’t like something else they have stated they will do.

I understand that you would like to have RDF introduced in WotLK Classic. And while I’m not a fan of RDF for the Classic series, I agree that RDF should be introduced in WotLK Classic, around the same timeline it was originally.

We have several threads about RDF. A Community Council member made a thread specifically to discuss it, and is posting feedback in the Community Council forum based on it, so that may be a reasonable thread to post some of your concerns in (if you’d like them to potentially be raised elsewhere):

And somebody else brought up this same point, that it might be better to not have an automated LFBG feature (though I assume they were being satirical, I find there to be some validity of the point; though not for the reasons you’re claiming in your initial post here):

Apples and oranges.

PvP needs 2 group of players to happen, not 1.
PvP also need more players overall and more different brackets to happen. 4, 6, 10, 20, 30 and 80 versus 5, 10 and 25.

If the issue is that WotLK Classic might have the “queue from anywhere” feature it had at the end of WotLK rather than queuing from Battlemasters, then sure, we can talk about that, but this thread is clearly not a discussion about PvP queues but rather a rant about LFD not being included in WotLK.


They’re both fruits.



and everything is made of atoms, therefor we’re all just the same as potatoes. :potato:


You’re the one using them as examples to make your point.

Removing LFD with the far-fetched excuse of “maintaining the community” makes no sense while allowing one click queue to BGs from capitals.

We all know the reasons for LFD removal is actually having to build the LFD engine (which is not the RDF from retail) and Blizzard simply doesn’t want to spend man hours on developing it.

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It’s an expression.

BGs and Arenas aren’t the same thing as Dungeons.
There is no “queue” for dungeon. You form the group, walk to it and you can go in.
There is a queue for BGs and Arenas because it requires another group of players to also queue for it.

If they remove battlemasters and require players to walk to BGs entrances, then I demand they also add a wait time in front of the dungeon to be able to enter it that is equivalent to the wait time for Battlegrounds.

This nonsense logic serves no one.
If you want to complain about the LFD not being included, than talk about that, if you want to talk about PvP specific stuff, then talk about that, don’t conflate the two when they aren’t even remotely close to being the same thing.


That is not how it works

I see yellow text doesn’t confer everything one would hope.


Glad we agree that demanding something happens isn’t how it works, because demanding for PvP to be treated the same as PvE isn’t how it works my friend.


Haters gonna hate

Nah, I have to agree with the OP. This is a hypocritical stance blizzard is taking.

There’s literally no reason why PvP queueing from cities and then getting teleported to a battle ground or arena, is somehow not damaging the “Community” while at the same time they are claiming that doing the same thing for a dungeon is somehow harmful to the community.

If your so intent on this community thing, why not have PvPers all have to congregate outside of their battleground of choice? They can see other people they are queuing with on their own realm and possible make friends doing it that way! Isn’t’ that the interaction you want players doing dungeons to have? Maybe they can discuss strategies and other things while waiting for their queue!

Also why is it okay to state “Well we need enough players to do battlegrounds.” but it’s not okay to say “Well we need enough players to do dungeons!” Do we make 2v2 Arenas run to each arena? No? That’s 4 players, lower than the part of 5 required for most dungeon parties!

Further, there’s plenty of small realms that struggle with making dungeon groups (Not to mention we don’t even have a larger cross realm pool to pull from, we’re stuck with whatever server we’re on.) It’s literally the same situation, sure battlegrounds on average take more players, but that really doesn’t matter, it’s still a double standard to state that it’s okay that battlegrounds get to get filled out and automated travel and random selection, but it’s not okay for people who want to do dungeons to get the same!

Is somehow the PvP community not part of “The community”? So that they just get exemptions from having to participate with the community the same way PvE players >Must< interact?

This is not an apples and oranges situation like some people are trying to say, this is a clear double standard that blizzard refuses to address. If it’s good for the Geese it’s good for the Ganders. (Or however that saying specifically goes) it’s strictly speaking not fair to hold PvE players to a different level of expectation than PvP players.


exactly this right here, why does the PvP community get to do all the things that are “bad” for the PvE community?

open world dead/no wPvP? that’s fine the PvPers can sit in dalaran and queue all day.
open world dead/no wPvP? how dare those PvEers sit in dalaran and queue all day.

PvPers sitting over here getting all the benefits of retail, they don’t even have to stay with the same people anymore for Arena now that its just a personal score. yet any form of retail that helps out PvEers is inherently bad for the game on a fundamental level to the point that “it destroys the game”


Earlier you mentioned you don’t trust Youtubers and their fake polls. And apparently how only pro-LFD people watch youtube.

wowlogs conducted one recently themselves. It was on their front page.
Here are the results:
22% - dont care
55% - Yes for RDF
23% - No for RDF

Can you, with a straight face, now say that these results are also skewed? Because if you can, then there is nothing that will change your mind at this point. Community wants RDF, whether you want to admit it or not.


a little salty today arent we?

Proving people wrong and providing facts now means being salty?

Good to know.
Welcome to 2022 everyone. The age of not being allowed to present facts (from multiple sources that is), just because someone else doesn’t agree with them.