LFD and The Real World

The problem with the LFD & LFR arguments in my opinion is same as the real world.

2 opinions (yes no). And people trying to force their opinion on other people. ‘Cuz they are the only ones who are right. Everyone else is wrong and away the BS goes on and on.

Here’s a thought. You do you and I’ll do me. I don’t want to be you doing things your way. I want to be me. When you pay for my sub and my time you can tell me what to do in a game I pay to play.

If I want to use or not use LFD. I will/won’t. If I want full tier 6- I form a group. Grab a guild. Etc. I will. Doesn’t effect you. Nothing to do with you. What you choose to do doesn’t effect me. Or the people I hang around with. Or my friends. Etc etc.

I don’t care. Why do you care how I run a dungeon.

If you want to or not. That’s you.

Adding the functionality isn’t going to change to toxicity level that we deal with. It’s not going to improve the “community”.

All the arguments and putting people down that don’t subscribe to your view points (either side) is more than enough proof adding functionality isn’t going to make it better or worse.


There’s a thread by a Community Council member, asking for feedback on LFD and Wrath:

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