WOTLK classic dungeon finder - dungeons missing in level range

At level 24 BFD is listed as level 19-29 dungeon. Suddenly at level 25 it is not among “specific dungeons” anymore.
Similarly, Stockades is in range 20-30, but at level 26 it disappears from the list.


This trend of have 1 dungeon available continues into the 30s. I had Gnomergan as the only dungeon available at level 28 or level 29 (can’t recall). Then I had Scarlet Monastery Graveyard as the only dungeon available for the next few levels.


Yes I am having similar problems at level 22. I have only had two dungeon options available since level 15, where even at 15 you should have 3. RFC, Deadmines, and WC. Now at 22 I only have Stockades and Blackfathom Deeps, when I should have those two PLUS Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and Wailing Caverns. Then these dungeons disappear 2-3 levels after you are eligible for them even though their level range goes far beyond that. This bug will make those who were looking forward to using RDF to help level discouraged in playing, I know I am. I want to keep doing a specific dungeon for either loot or simply because I like it, but can’t since it randomly disappears even though it is actually still in level range.


I am not able to queue for Deadmines at level 21. Please fix this.


Im bout to be 80 on my shaman soon and i cant join UP, HoL, CoS or Oculus at lvl 78


This is a huge bummer on the lower level dungeons. My mage is 24 and my friend is 20. We can’t do a single dungeon together despite there being 2 dungeons in the specific dungeons tab that we are in the range for and 3 random dungeons that we are in range of.

How did they mess up re-releasing something that’s decades old?


I ran into this just now. I tried to queue for Blood Furnace with a level 64 character in my party, and it denied us the ability to do so, saying that the other player was too high a level. The dungeon is listed as being 59-68.


I’m level 31 and have only Scarlet M Graveyard available to me, it’s been like that for 3 levels so i am forced to do quests instead to diversify my leveling…


Same issue only 1 or 2 dungeons available, cant get quests done for upgrades due to the dungeons not able to be qued for. blizzard needs to fix this, this is BS.


Same issue here as well, level 22 druid does not have all dungeons in level range available for queuing. Only BFD and Stockades are listed.


Level 51 shaman here, doin my lvl 50 shaman quest. did the part in western plaguelands with the spiders and bear parts, now i have to do Sunken Temple again (did it 5 times from 47-49) but now that im on a lvl 52+ quest called Da Voodoo, i can no longer que for the dungeon. Please fix que levels

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super super depressing, completed one RFC run under random, and now its completely vanished from the specific que list, and the two that are there are locked even though we’re in level range :frowning: unable to que random or specific… seemingly ever again lol, a shame because i made this character specifically to que rdf and do nothing else. i really hope they’ll care enough to fix this, as this is my favorite content (dungeons) and rdf just makes it so much more accessible… hopefully we can hear about this sometime at least?


Same issue for me. Level 21, can’t queue for deadlines or wailing caverns.


I’m lvl 77, and I cant queue for (or let alone see) Halls of Lightning, Oculus, Utgarde Pinnacle, or Culling of Strat in the dungeon finder. Please help


Bump. This needs to be addressed. It’s at all level ranges, low, mid, high. This isn’t intended, because different toons of the same level have different dungeons available. The game is literally looking for 4 other people the same level as you, making it take ages to get into a dungeon.

Also, the satchels don’t always drop, even when doing full clears.

We need a blue post to acknowledge this.


Same problem for me. Zul’Farrak was appearing as a specific dungeon choice at level 46, but it disappeared when I hit level 47, even though it should be available for levels 44 - 54. I was questing in the world to get all of the Zul’Farrak dungeon quests, but now I cannot queue.


Bump. Leveling my prot warrior exclusively through dungeons. I believe BRD opened up at lvl 50 and it’s still my only choice 4 levels later. I love BRD but some variety would be nice.


Thank you for your reports.

We’ve been examining this issue for the last two weeks, and we will continue to look into it whenever we receive new detailed information on it.

We’ve not yet found anything to fix, but we may, and we appreciate details from you.

As always, the more you can tell us (character name and level and realm, time and date you were playing, names and levels of the other members of your party), the closer we can get to understanding it.

I have a 69 priest that can only queue for Utgarde Keep, which is listed as a 68-80 dungeon. My slightly higher level toons have Nexus, saying it’s 69-80. My 69 priest cannot. Also, despite both of these and others saying they go up to 80 (on Normal difficulty), none of my 80s can see them as queuable.


what! smh. Don’t you have the original 3.3.5 client to check what dungeons should be available at what level in rdf?

You should be able to queue for dungeons when you meet the min level to enter them


I don’t know when the pre requisite quest chain for Old hillsbrad foothills and black morass were removed but I could not queue for them in rdf they showed as locked and not eligible

edit again to add that brd upper city needs a key or rogue with high level lockpicking to complete. this door should be unlocked.