RDF level window?

Has there been any blue post to atleast aknowledge that the RDF level windows are severly messed up?? figured the “weekly maintenance” going past 11, they were actually fixing something…


Only thing ive seen is they said they don’t see an issue.

A blue posted yesterday in the bug report forum and said that they hadn’t found any problem to fix yet:

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What appears lost on a lot of the angry posts in the bug thread is that the dev team appears to be pushing back against the reports. You have to prove that there is a bug or that something is wrong by using evidence. From the sounds of the posts from the CM and the QA blue poster, it sounds like the dev team is pushing back asking for actual evidence from customers to justify the need to divert resources to “fix” something. Obviously this isn’t something you can say to a customer if you’re the messenger/go between for the customer and the dev team hence the blue replies being somewhat obtuse.

This means all of the reports need to correctly state what the issue is. “Dungeons are missing” is only half of the problem or rather the end result/symptom of the problem. The other half or rather root cause is that the stated level ranges in the RDF window do not actually match the allowed level ranges that can actually queue into each dungeon. The level ranges being smaller than they should be per the stated level ranges is the cause of the “dungeons are missing” issue.

If all the dev’s are looking for are “missing dungeons from the RDF,” of course they’re not going to find the issue unless they’re actually trying to look for a root cause (which they should be but that’s another topic for another day).

It doesn’t appear that looking for the root cause is something the dev team or the QA team is really interested in doing at least for this RDF issue we’re experiencing. Regardless of how people feel about the situation, complaining and not providing the information asked is only going to make it harder for everyone involved.

You and I have already provided detailed information as far as I can see. We just need more reports to hopefully increase the internal priority of whatever dev ticket they hopefully have opened by now for this issue.


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