Level Bracket is Broken in RDF dungeons

The biggest feature I was excited about to spruce up the leveling experience, particularly with groups, and it’s an absolute mess. I’ve been chiming in on any thread on this issue in hopes it will get Blizzard’s attention at least to make a post. Trying to queue up with friends even if they’re very close in level leaves you with one or two dungeons if you’re lucky. It’s very possible to do a dungeon together, one person levels, and then you can’t queue up for the same dungeon again despite them still being in the listed range. The requirements are horribly restrictive and I don’t remember it being this bad back in the day.


I kind of feel the same. I know ICC is exciting, but I don’t even have a character close to that lol. I’m a new player, with a group of all new players, and we cannot do dungeons anymore.


at lvl 28 can only queue for gnome lol


You can still do the dungeons the old-fashioned way.

Gross. Better if they just fix what they did.


if they don’t by tues then this might be intended or they dont care
i just bit the bullet and continued lvling.
may as well i waited too long for this feature lol and it still works its just the lvl crap is scuffed


I’ve tried a lot, unfortunately its proving near impossible, it usually ends with people arguing why we aren’t using RDF, and theres no LFG screen that people use anymore, I end up just randomly whispering people and they usually don’t respond. Spent like 2 hours trying to find 2 people for Scarlet Graveyard and just gave up.


If you queued as a healer it would pop pretty quickly for you. It’s a nightmare for low level DPS though. Iv’e had 5 dungeons total pop for me the entire time I’ve been leveling and I’m currently level 46.


we aren’t talking about Queue times, the queue brackets are messed up and not letting us queue for all dungeons in our level bracket.


I knew something was off when I couldn’t que for nexus on my 70. Blizzard get this fixed or atleast give us a notice that you’re fixing it.


I really hope today’s patch fixes this. Because right now my alt is level 27 and his only options for dungeons is Gnomer. and my friend is 28, and he can only do Scarlet Graveyard.

maybe tues it’ll be fixed by i doubt it

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Please fix the brackets!!!

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bumping again, hopefully its fixed with Todays patch. but this is becoming more and more of an issue.

Was there any indication that it would be changing in this patch? Blizzard hasn’t said anything about it.

It seems that the random Group Finder had some issues last night, this week, and seems to be an on going issue, resulting in broken coaches. As a level 80 player, I should be able to queue with 77-80s who are in my bracket, and even those who are below me to help them out as part of my guild. Unfortunately, due to some complications with the random group finder, I was unable to do so.

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so it’s still broken? the levels?


A blue finally responded yesterday in the bug report forum.

I’d post more details in that thread:

O Frabjous Day! Looks like they may have fixed it. My lvl 33 is no longer locked to only Scarlet Monastery. Now shows Gnomergon and RFK

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