Rdf levels: working as intended

for those of us waiting for the rdf level fix, the blue has spoken and the anserw is:

lol im not even mad or disappointed bc i knew theyd add rdf with failures but the fact he has to say “we havent found anything to fix” guy… u play this game at all? literally log on the dang game and look … holy jeez lol.


Sounds like almost every boss I’ve ever had.

“I don’t FEEL like anything is wrong so I’m choosing to believe everything is working as intended. We have decided not to investigate this issue. Please forward any further information regarding this matter to the trash. Thanks.”

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Yeah, I think that ships sailed buddy.

Would it really be that hard to have the intern log in and check various level ranges and match it with the intended levels in the reference client?

Or check that you can actually do stuff like Old Hillsbrad/Black Morass?

Or that A 10 MAN RAID IN THE FORM OF UBRS hasn’t snuck in there?

Or that you don’t need the key for BRD?

Corrupt a wish company.

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