Why the lack of Customization?

They need to make the fel succubus glyph either a real glyph that scribes can make, or make the dropped item from CoEN a permanently reusable glyph.


Agreed, for sure agreed given I will eventually make more Warlocks and I don’t want to have to farm it again, I mean I will if I have to but it would be nicer if I didn’t have to. :yum: :yum: :yum:

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Well when your next warlock is in the works… maybe just stick with a sexy incubus for that one :slight_smile:


First off.

I’m going to need some ointment for that burn you just gave me.

Second though, The Void Elves had more than one… (after Alleria.) Though its not like you’re wrong either way. They could just pull out some scenario and boom more perfectly happy to work with Locus-Walker. lol


hehe, gottem

I’m up for w/e on Alliance as long as it’s not a human/elf copy/paste at this point. I’m thirsty for creativity.

Before I forget, daily please allow us to have a permanent Ethropic Embrace option or at least that type of skintone.

Oh, and give jewelry that matches the gems of their heritage armor. thanks


I want permanent EE that looks like Alleria in her void form. Imagine how cool void elves would be with permanent EE and glowing void tattoos :heart_eyes:


I want it so bad. It’s the last checkbox I have to create a Void Elf. Just want it to not effect the hair so I can just look like her permanently.


Much Support.


I can live with that, yup.

It’s about mirroring the player model. I’m pretty sure they would land in the Horde.

I see them rather Horde. The Alliance is bland (as the developers love to make them), the corrupted ones will be likely Horde because I cannot see them landing anywhere elsewhere.

I think the Ethereals will stick with the Alliance due Alleria and her Void Elves.

As I understand it, WoW’s art assets aren’t set up in such a way as to work with a color wheel. That’s why, for example, a Blood Elf character picks from specific eye color assets rather than being able to adjust the exact hue and saturation of green, gold, or blue as the player pleases, as the colors are baked into the art asset. Making customization work with a color wheel would require completely overhauling the art assets, which isn’t necessarily impossible, but would be a considerable amount of work. That’s why it was such a big deal that in 9.0 eye color could be chosen separate from a character’s face, because previously the eyes were part of the face art asset, so picking a different eye color required picking a different face. When Blood Elves first got golden eyes, they were only applied to some of the face options, so there was a chance that if you wanted to change to having golden eyes, you’d have to change which face option you used.

This is also why any time a new hair style and color combination appears in the game, it involves more work than may be apparent to us players, because it’s not as simple as adding a new color option to an existing selection of hues and calling it a day. Each available hairstyle has to have a separate art asset file for each color that it will be available in.


Reading through the current news about the upcoming Warlock glyphs: Can some of the Voidwalker enemy npcs colorization made available for the Warlock class? Flame Red and Fel Green to fulfill the Blood Elf & Orgrimmar Orc Fel-fantasy.

An example found through google:


Not sure about why it would be orcs and blood elf related, but yeah I’ll support the Fel Elemental as a glyph for Voidwalkers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though even better Blizzard is adding a system more like the hunter pet and taming system for Warlocks…

Maybe like in this thread?


I thought the Ethereals hated the void, like really really hated the void. In fact aren’t the void based Ethereals seen as extremists by the friendly Ethereals?

Theres a few types of ethereals.

The void ones are a bit nuts, but Locus-Walker and a few others show that there are non-nuts ones about.

The Arcane type seem to be arranged mostly into trade groups.

Suppose while I’m here. Lore has a thread on them.

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Got those reversed something awful.

The Horde needs a race with a Void connection and space-faring tech way more than the Alliance needs it’s third or fourth race with such.

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Great write up, makes sense. :+1:

For real though Blizzard, you guys gotta hook Void Elves with some actual Void skintones.


There’s more ‘natural’ than Void. Needs to be fixed.


I mean velves’ racial is that they are friends with ethereals, that’s why transmog and that bank-like thing are cheaper for them.

I’d make my humans gilnean.

Naga and Satyrs are elves tied to the void in a way so I think that can work with velves and the whole theme of “hey, they void is not so bad” that blizz has been pushing.

And if Tyrande can forgive Sylvanas, then anything is game for nelves TBH.

Sethrak being Alliance and Saberon being Horde is the proper decision.

I disagree, especially since the Alliance still needs a mercantile race whereas the Horde have 2 races that fit that already.
Horde also already have a Void connection through the Forsaken (Cult of Forgotten Shadows).


It makes absolutely no sense.

Orcs hunted down the Saberon on Draenor, using their hearts as reagents for rituals.

Sethrak live on Horde lands, have stronger connections to the Horde players through the story, and political ties to both the Vulpera and the Zandalari.

Sethrak belong on the Horde, and if the Saberon are going anywhere it should be Alliance.

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What would horn glow effects look like for Lightforged Blizzard :thinking:

Why no facial tattoos for Lightforged Blizzard?