Why the lack of Customization?

One of mine would be Lordaeronian, and another would be Stormwindian… Might make myself a few side characters if that were a thing. A stromgardian, and Alteraci. (Though I want Alteraci humans to go Horde.)

Naga are tied to the Void.

Saytr are mostly tied to the Fel. Though through their tie to the Nightmare they do have some void. but they are literal Demons.

I don’t know who this tyrande is.

No leader of the Night Elves would ever forgive Sylvanas and still be able or willing to show their face in Night Elven lands.

Personally, I made these mockups, for different lightforged horns.
They aren’t like super intricate or anything but was a quick edit to illustrate my ideas.

Crystal, Metal and Naaru texture for their horns, including glow


I like the first one the most myself.


Metal horns would fit well with their “forged theme”

Also, maybe horns that are like half normal, and half metal, like it broke (they have broken horns customization) and then replaced the rest with metal, that would be quite hardcore and fitting for their race.


If Sethrak go Alliance I’ll quit this game.


And if they go Neutral? (not gunna lie I don’t much care which side they go nowadays, as long as they’re playable. I just want them on both for selfish reasons.)

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I won’t be as upset but I could get over it.

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I’d say nothing race-wise is worth quitting the game, to me anyways, but I hope you don’t have to quit if they become playable whichever side. :frowning:

I know I personally want whatever side they go to make sense in the end, which is really easy for the Horde right now, but I still think is doable for Alliance as well.

A Theramore human would be grea- oh wait

Yeah, but still they mostly became void-adjacent later so they could work that angle. Maybe void elves learn to harness the nightmare.

Would serve to increase the friendship of alliance elves as well, which contrary to the horde’s, are very separated.

Malfurion should leave her and Marry Maiev.

I’ve been a staunch advocate for Sethrak on the Horde since before BFA even came out. I love snakes, and it despite what people say I think they would suffer on the Alliance side despite arguments to the contrary. I just don’t see many players on that side choosing them, except the niche, whereas I think they’d be very popular on the Horde.


There’s really no reason for them to ever go Alliance if they ever become playable, it’s like when Alliance wanted Vulpera and there was no reason so they ended up Horde.


Some survived. No reason not to allow them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’d say Night Elves wouldn’t stand for that but…

Tyrande’s dislike of things or like of them is a massively moving target it seems so… Oh and the rest of the Night Elves just have no teeth or will…

Even poor Shandris is being dragged down by all this.

Not sure I’m putting Maiev on a pedestal either after what she did to the Shen’dralar.

I hadn’t supported them from the start (mostly cause I didn’t know about them for awhile.) But once I did I’ve been a strong supporter. (Nadezhdha has a lot to do with that.)

I think they feel more Alliance like, personally, while still being something you would expect on the Horde. I was always hopeful they’d be an Alliance AR.

That said, that isn’t how things went. Storywise or otherwise. I do think they’d be good Horde-side for how Alliance like they feel. Give the Horde some of that isn’t the worst idea.

But yeah… My best case is that they go Neutral with the Horde getting the Devoted and the Alliance getting an offshoot of the Faithless.

I do think they’d be much more popular than you think Alliance side. They’re routinely requested by the Alliance in general.

(But then we’re just making assumptions based on anecdote so I shouldn’t say thats any sort of proof.)

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I do as well. More ‘noble’ than the Vulpera and have an uppity demeanor. Vol’dun felt like content was cut for Alliance though, but from what I interacted with them, I really felt like they’d be nice Alliance side.

Much needed racial diversity and religious dynamic for the Alliance as well.

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I’d say the alliance does need a tribal race, since we never got one.

But furbolgs or something new fit the bill better.

Blizzard is too lazy to properly develop races. They could’ve developed nelves being more accepting, after they get to meet more of the world and so. But now is just like they just accept things.

She took some crazy pills. I still ship Malf x Maiev though, since WC3.

The fact that they used the worgen model and had a story vs vulpera made it seem that way, could’ve been an interesting development TBH.

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Sry but Maiev is Tsundere for Illidaddy

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Sethrak were a complete missed opportunity. Disappointing to saying the least.

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What is the hunter, without the hunt.


Needs to be playable. I want to roll a furbolg warrior or monk with fist weapons and smack things with them lol.

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Illidan is paired with Velen now, we all know it.

Yup, even though we had requests for them for the alliance since day 1 of the blizzcon presentation.

Then again we also had requests for Kul’tirans and Mechagnomes to NOT be allied races since day 1 of blizzcon/datamining…

Yeah, it is what it is. Disappointing

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