Why the lack of Customization?

This an awesome change, but after seeing it implemented, it kinda shows how bad tattoo opacity is. When Allied Races were in beta back for 7.3.5, the Nightborne had these awesome bright glowing tattoos. On live we got a much dimmer version, one that doesn’t reflect what I thought were cool about the NPC tats. If the glow tech could be used to make the beta version tattoos, but better, that would be awesome.


Can the alliance at least have the Arakkoa ? :pleading_face:


Personally for the Alliance I want Sethrak, Furbolg, Wildhammer, Frostborn, Jinyu, Ankoan and High Arakkoa.

Horde needs a bunch of things they’re still missing. Like Sethrak, Ogres, Revantusk Trolls, Taunka, Hozen, Kelfin, Alteraci Humans, San’layn…

Kinda on the fence about what side I want them for but also still want Sethrak, Saberon, Cursed Arakkoa, Ethereals, Tortollan.

Could probably find some more I’m interested in but forgetting. lol


Oh yes of course! I hope the alliance gets good stuff too. I just don’t play it much. But arrakoa would be an AWESOME addition to the Alliance, I feel.

Oh oops I meant playable Sethrak in general, not a specific faction! Ogres are the ones I definitely feel are horde!


Sethrak: Alliance
Saberon: Horde
Cursed Arakkoa: Horde
Ethereals: Alliance
Tortollan: Neutral

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The dryads😆
The Satyrs :smiling_imp:

Can you manifest a cosmic race or races for the Horde?

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Sorry perhaps it wasn’t clear from me putting them in all three lists. :stuck_out_tongue: I want Neutral Sethrak.

Or Alliance. They have no real ties to either.

Or Alliance. They have no real ties to either.

Plus we do have a void race already they might find common ground with.

Then again… Horde could use a cosmic focused race and they’re kinda one of those.

Both of these races are far too neutral to really say.

Ethereals even have the opportunity to be one type goes Alliance one type goes Horde.

Hence why I’m on the fence with all of these. (except Sethrak. I really do want them neutral, but mostly I just want them playable.)

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Personally I think future new races should be:


-Non-cursed arakkoan or Taunka

Also, subraces as customization:

Alliance: Broken, Man’ari, voice boxes for humans so they can be from any nationality.

Horde: Kelfin, Green trolls, Dragonmaw orcs


I think the cosmic chart is actually filled. Racial-wise

Horde has: Death (Forsaken), Fel (Orcs) and Arcane (Nightborne)
Alliance has: Life (Worgen), Light (Lightforged) and Void (Void Elves)

I’d say that Ethereals are like goblins. Quite neutral as a whole lorewise due their economic interests, but for a playable possibility they only have ties to one faction. in this case, the alliance.

No one is moving any goal posts, that us something high elf fans tends to do.

By trolls no doubt.

I wouldn’t use youtubers as a good source on this, audiences normally go to the guy they relate to or like the best, so he would have a biased crowd.

Maybe in 4-5 years later sure.

This is false, neco and fen dissected this and found it to be different textures then blood elves. There is also again how they handle recolors art wise via repainting them with oil paints.

They choose to listen to a small segment of high elf trolls, not the entire alliance base.


A pass is a pass, considering the work that needed to be done with the tenticle toggle and hair colors, it is not a mini one.


I’d play this one but the rest are kind of meh. :yum: :yum: :yum:

Once upon a time I had my belly button pierced. Had to take it out for my appendectomy and never put it back in. That counts a body jewelry doesn’t it?


I think the Alliance needs to dial it back on the cosmic sci-fi races.

The Horde has enough “earthly” races what we need is some representation on the cosmic realm. The Horde does not have any kind of cosmic representation while the Alliance has 2 different kinds of Draenei and Void Elves.


Man’ari are next :japanese_goblin:

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Yes it does, I got mine when I was 15 and I still have it today. :dancer:t5: :dancer:t5: :dancer:t5:


Nice! You must be excited about the forthcoming Incubus glyph for warlocks (considering how many you have he he).


Never personally been interested in Naga or Saytr and I have issues as a Night Elf main (this expac) with both of them storywise being Alliance. >.>

But hey whatever floats ones boat. :stuck_out_tongue:

No real notes for the Horde choices there. Lol

I’m pretty against customization to be used to represent subcultures or sub races. Love the idea of Human voice boxes though.

Kelfin absolutely NEED to be their own thing. Their racials alone would NOT be goblin ones.

Forest trolls I’d like to be their own AR simply so they can have their proper druid forms. They have their own loa that would fit them too well.

Dragonmaw Orcs I can see just being customization. (Though even better if blizzard can somehow give orc players to option to choose a clan to be descendant from. )

What ties though?

Locus-Walker? Hes supposed to be an outcast among his own.

Didn’t stop all 6 Void Elves to become a playable race.

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I’m super excited but I don’t know if I’ll change mine personally because I took a lot of time on each Warlock to farm the fel succubus glyph from Cathedral of Eternal Night due to the low droprate percentage. :blush: :blush: :blush:

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