Why more druid forms?

Shaman need love. I wasn’t born bitter and nasty, I’ve been made this way but constant abuse.

This really baffles me. Like you pointed out, in a year they’ll be completely pointless. Why spend more time on them instead of giving Warlocks a stable-like feature?


To claim you are abused simply because you play a certain class that only has a choice between two or three shapes for a form you do not stay in all that often is quite offensive to those that are actually abused.

I shall not speak to you again.

This is a good point. I hate to do any complaining since Nightborne are getting fixed though. :grinning:

I still want my freaking incubus. Blizzard it can’t be that hard to add one!

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They could probably just take the new male Nathrezim model and change the skin color.

Stop trying to get incubus to happen. It’s NOT going to happen.

People have told me Demon Hunters, Classic Servers, Buying gold with cash and a bunch of other things will never happen. WoW has proven then wrong time and time again.

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Keep dreaming then

Plz bump the extra thicc thread friends


Agreed, and I don’t say this because I main a lock now, it’s just true. I will always be a druid at heart, it was my first and only main for the better part of 10 years. But enough is enough with the druid forms. Give locks, DH, DK’s and some other classes some love.

Also give some love to those classes that don’t have special forms or pets to allow them some class customization on the appearance side. Just don’t go over board on any class please. Keep it simple and classy.

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Void elf locks should only summon void based pets, not fel imho. And Demo locks should only summon fel based pets. Voidwalkers are not demons.

I’d rather offer a choice of flavor rather than limit it

I go over this history, about how Void wasn’t separate from Demons for most of WoW, in my master post :smiley:

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I know, my opinion isn’t popular. I just prefer to keep things lore based. And it really never made sense to me that warlocks summoned void walkers.

I’m not sure why most of these threads begin with dismissing what others are getting. “Why do they get this when we can’t get x, y, z”. Druids only see their forms if they play bear/feral. They don’t see armor.

Warlocks definitely deserve more demons and abilities to change demons, perhaps like hunters do, but I wouldn’t say others deserve flack for getting things. The designers working on those may not even have anything to do with the other classes.


I am not sure they are getting fixed. Simply some more options. To fix them would have to be revamping their faces entirely to look like Nightborne.

I know they were classified as demons in Vanilla and TBC, but that was out of laziness or lack of lore development due to time constraints I’m sure. It just never felt right calling a voidwalker a demon given they obviously don’t exist from the Twisting Nether.

That’s just me and my opinion.

Maybe they’ll add 5 new colors to warlock pets instead of just blueberry. lol

I hope you’re not trying to compare the oodles of hunter pets to the meager druid form options.

Yo for real tho. Why wouldn’t more druid forms be celebrated as well as requesting for more Warlock pet options? Same with Shaman with needing ‘ghost wolf’ options.

The soulshape complaint is legit af.

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