Why more druid forms?

Soulshapes they just pick an existing model and paint onto it. I’ve had mine bug where the NF effect falls off and the original color of the model shows through. It probably takes no time at all to make them and putting out a few at a time makes some people happy.

The only reason druids are in travel form more than shamans ghost wolf is because travel form functions as a mount. Shaman often use ghost wolf as mobility in combat, druids don’t/can’t due to outdoor restrictions. If you take away the doubling as a mount bit…ghost wolf is probably used more than travel form.

If you take away combat, druid uses travel form more than ghost wolf.

Your point doesn’t make much sense. Yeah, in the open world, Shamans don’t use ghost wolf much and druids do because their travel form is just superior. But I use ghost wolf all the time in actual content for mobility, where druids just shift into cat form - not even travel form (which is the thing getting an update). You say “especially travel and boomkin” forms like boomkin form is somehow more important than bear or kitty forms? /confused

Druids don’t have a “need” for more forms. Your comment is silly. No one has a “need” for any more customization. However, everyone wants them.

Naturally, people are going to feel like it’s “unfair” for a class that already has so much customization to get more, while other classes with next to no customization continue to get nothing.

There’s an argument. Welcome to World of Peacecraft, where the druids have infinite travel forms and noone fights.

Tell me about all the Legion forms boomkin got, then compare it to the bear and cat forms druids got in Legion. I’ll wait.

Ahh, I misunderstood what you meant. My bad. I get you now (on that part).

But either way, no reason to say druids have a “need” for more forms and others don’t.

No one has a “need” for them. Pretty much no class even comes close to the amount of customization that druids get… and hunters with their pages of pets they can tame.

Boomkin can go bluekin and actually display their mog. They don’t need anything else.

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What? No! No, no, no. You realize transmog is basically a non-thing for druids right? Oh wow look at my armor! Oh wait it’s gone 90% of the time to a form.

No, bluekin is trash and it ruins transmog just like shadow form.


Isn’t… that the point… of being a druid?

To be a shapeshifter? Out of combat, you’re free to show off your mog.

My only point is that you immediately shut down some other person’s request for some other class to get customization… when druids already have more than everyone else. I don’t see how you can just shut down someone else when they want the same treatment druids get. Shaman asks for another ghost wolf appearance, and you “no druids need moar!!” Claiming travel form is more important… when you can’t even use it in most forms of content.

(I’d rather every class, including druids, get more customization).

At this point I think druids could be handed the entire game on a platter and they wouldn’t be satisfied.

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Anyone else get the feeling that the art team has just gone rogue and started doing what they want?

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More is not enough. Druids deserve it because they are the best.

Demons are sentient beings and thus this is slavery. Plan for a complete rework of the Warlock class in the near future to remove this horrific mechanic.

I agree with this. I think it should be possible for Warlocks to be able to customize their demons as well - maybe use the same modeling tools that are used on players (not the same looks, just a similar system) for altering the look of their demons. They ought to be able to “recruit” different ones as well much as Hunters can do with pets.

For starters on travel form, most dungeons are outdoor and raid isn’t most forms of content. It’s used literally everywhere else.

I’m fine with Shamans getting more forms, but I also understand this is a business, resources are a thing, and they’re limited. So yes, I think the class that spends almost all their time in forms deserves priority over the class that if you’re spending more than a second or two in their form for fast movement through combat, you’re bad.

Bear form: Required to tank
Cat form: Required to dps
Moonkin form: Required to dps
Travel form: Not required, but time spent in it is significantly higher than ghost wolf. If you collected the data and compared it to ghost wolf as a ratio, it would blow it out of the water.
Ghost Wolf: Minimal uptime used for movement, quickly getting out of it to return to dps in combat scenarios. Used indoors when can’t mount in cities, etc. ​

So really I’m saying, yeah I’m fine with it, but not before us, sorry it’s just not close in usage.

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Artists and creators are shackled to their desks in dark and dank warehouse basements. They are fed fish heads at the end of each day. If they do not meet their quota, they are subjected to piped in Barbara Streisand music blaring out of a dozen cracked speakers.
Going rogue is only a distant dream.

I’m here with my thumb up my keister waiting for them to make more Shaman Spirit Forms.

Quite bitter and nasty.

The reason I mentioned it, is because some soulshapes simply do not fit Shaman. Quite frankly, the zone does not either. So I was merely trying to find a correlation.