Why more druid forms?

I would not count on this one. The current Scubas will likely be woken out of the game first, preventing the need to put resources into its creation.

No I mean, you’re wrong. Originally, the lore was that the Twisting Nether and Void and even the Shadowlands were all wrapped up with each other.

it’s why early Warlocks were all Shaman and why one of the Warlock specs is centered on Void/Shadow.

Because Shaman took power from the Twisting Nether, which was the source of both “fel”/demons and shadow.

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More druid forums.

Shadowlands was not original lore.

Again, I say they were folded into the fel demon camp because there was no urgent need to describe/explain void when developing WoW from WC lore.

Everybody deserves something new in the game.

Either do them all or none!

Because it didn’t exist lol that division itself is a retcon

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cus nobody plays warlock, people play druid. stay mad i guess

there are gonna be new druid forms??

I didn’t exist not because it didn’t exist in game… it merely wasn’t written. There’s a difference between retcon and developing a concept. You’re assuming because the void wasn’t expanded on that it was originally based in the Twisting Nether. The absence of lore does not define the lore. Void was lumped with fel demonology because the void lore hadn’t been developed and the voidwalker had to have a faction tag.

Because the universe hadn’t been fleshed out, it was assumed that void/shadow came from the Twisting Nether. You have to remember, WoW lore is based on WC lore, and WC lore was not that detailed. WoW lore was also very under developed because no one ever expected the game, and the genre, to require it as mmorpg’s were uncharted territory then.

No, the canon was that it was all just smashed together lol

That’s why Shaman called upon the Nether and used both Shadow and Fel and Elements and Ancestors and everything lol

That’s exactly what I’m saying, the canon was a mashup because there was no lore written at that time for void/shadow. Had the game been written after the lore, void elves likely not have access to any fel based demons at all, and vice versa. Void would probably be a warlock spec rather than a race based idea.

Expanding on Void lore isn’t a retcon because there wasn’t anything to retrofit, it didn’t exist. The only canon that ties void to the Twisting Nether is head canon based on the distinct lack of void based lore in the past.

No Ehlissa.

You’re putting the cart before the horse.

The lore has materially changed. It has been retcon’d.

And furthermore, all warlocks use shadow. Canonically, the Council of the Black Harvest learned new magic (Affliction) from the Twilight’s Hammer (Old Gods).

They retcon’d the Twisting Nether to not use void, but also warlocks are “any magic user breaking the rules and using dark and dangerous magic”

The Council of the Black Harvest has canonically adopted magic from:

  • Twilight’s Hammer and Old Gods
  • Deathwing
  • Ragnaros/the Elemental Plane of Fire
  • Illidan
  • The Burning Legion
  • Azerothian Blood Magic (Specifically Blood Stones, which has ties to Old Gods)
  • Necrolytes (Necromancy) wielding a Dreadlord Scythe (Necromancy)
  • and more

Which is all listed in my thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t change what doesn’t exist. Do your own research, you’ll find that Voidwalkers were only classified as demons for game mechanics, not because of any tie to the Twisting Nether. It’s out there, just search it. There are even Blizzard comments on it out there to find. Voidwalkers and the Void are not fel based demons. They are creatures that did not have their lore written for them until years after Vanilla was released. That’s just how it is.

Nope, originally Voidwalkers were creatures of the Twisting Nether.

Because that was the canon.

I go over this in my thread.

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It’s a great thread.

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As a druid you can mount up.

No one is saying you can’t enjoy your mog and mount collection in the open world. Your argument is that you should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Have the most customization for your forms while still being able to use a mount for open world travel.

I am also not arguing to prioritize shaman over druid for forms. I am just saying throw us a friggin bone.

We have 1 different form from our base.

I can be a wolf. I can be a raptor.

Right now, a covenant that will go away has a million times more prioritization over a class that will still be here.

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I would argue that druids dont stay in their ground travel form that often.

I’d rather they just give glyphs that transform the spells of warlock plus pet to a necromancer, voidmancer(?)…well and such things.

I tried out a couple locks and I couldn’t help it, I just hate the aesthetics of the demons. Except the fel hunter, he looks like the cosmic horror that all of them should invoke.

Instead we got the worst tropes imaginable and done in such a way that they look like ironic tattoo art. “Most evil” class in the game so often resembles a traveling clown show.

So yeah, maybe I’ll revisit if they ever give good customization. Probably not, I’m more mage and paladin, but at least others could enjoy it.

If you read my thread, you will see there are actually over 300 demon/aberration models that warlocks should have access to.

Glyphs will not cut it.

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