Why High Elves Didn't Work - A Restrospective

This sounds like trolling.

As someone who likes Sin’dorei and Ren’dorei I’d never play a Quel’dorei. I don’t understand why the helfer fandom thinks that we want to.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—the helfer fandom has too many things adjacent to a real life group I abhor with their obsession over pure people with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.


Calling someone a brat is spiteful behavior if you did not know.

Which is purely a title. They’re still the same people. Blood elf simply means “I honor the high elves who died fightig Arthas”.
A void elf, however, is something more, something of a deeper change. The tentacles and purple blood hint to it. So it isn’t quite the same.

Which is still the same thing.
To be more okay, means you were okay with it to begin with Dorp. So again, how were people ever okay with void elves?
How could they not be okay with them when void elves popped out of nowhere?

And it dosen’t need to. Nor should it happen. Void elves don’t need to be renamed to High elves just like Dwarves don’t need to be renamed to Wildhammer for them to be playable.

Incorrect, I’m 100% happy with the new skin tone options. I don’t need further changes to be satisfied. Happy to share, its the horde players who are refusing to accept that we are getting the High elves.

No it isn’t, since Human isn’t a political view…
The race is simply ‘elf’ High elf and blood elf are two different groups of the single ‘elf’ race. At no point am I saying they are not elves.

Its more like saying a Rebublican is not a Democrat. Which is a pretty accurate comparison. Blood elf and High elf are two political contrasting views of the one ‘Elf’ race.

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The race is Quel’dorei.

“Thereafter, the Highborne abandoned their traditional worship of the moon, instead taking their strength from the sun. In time, they would even be known by a new name: high elves.” Chronicle 1 page 120

I find it’s kind of like a fine whine, just get’s better with age :wine_glass:

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Don’t blame me, you were doing that already!

False. I in fact said we did not need this thread.

Again, no part of this assigns responsibility. That is a narrative you are using to stir up drama and assign blame to other to justify your own actions.

You are trying to shift the burden of your own behavior to avoid criticism. You only care about the spam so far as you see it as a tool to silence differing opinions. By evidence of the very comments you’ve made in here and the sheer number of other active threads.

Last night when you commented on this thread these threads were all active:

By an alt

Bumped after 2 weeks of inactivity

Bumped after 2 weeks of inactivity

Consumed by Allaince high elf posts.


You really think this is my only toon?

I dont particular care about Silvermoon, as for a rename/the ability to change the look, yes I want. But at thia point, Blizzard might as well give us that customization option.

So basically High Elf is whatever suits the agenda. Got it.

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Your warchief demolished Teldrassil, beat down the Lich King and crumpled the Helm like a beer can.

On a side note, you can still go to your Troll Capital without having to time travel to when it wasn’t destroyed off camera. You still have Silvermoon AND Suramar.

Alliance has the still empty Gilneas and bombed out warcamps in the twisting nether and Argus.

Tell me more of your suffering.

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She ripped it in half sir. Get it right. GOD!

Honestly, its a video game, and you’re way too invested in it. Take a break.

Former Warchief. The Horde doesn’t have a warchief anymore.

Alliance has double Gnome capitals, so?

You mean the mostly Alliance focused story?

I am sneezing right now, but I bet you’ll claim that’s just more Horde bias while playing a hordie.

Get real.


But when your anti primer was bumped after 19 days?

And you guys have your own thinly veiled anti HE threads, so I don’t think one community gets exclusive we don’t have various threads claim because both do it.

And then let’s not forget the famous, these aren’t actual antis doing that argument. So in return are these even pros?

Because I think both sides contribute to this problem :confused:


It’s retrospective, restrospective is maybe looking at things while in tree form?


For the purposes of RP? Zerde, you know fanon isnt canon to the story right?

Who cares what someone deems as the potential thoughts of WoW, the majority of this game isnt RPers. I say this as an RPer in RP servers apart of RP guilds…RP has never been the focus of WoW.

inb4 “WoW is a MMORPG” but compared to other games with RPG aspects…Warcraft is very barren of them and relies heavily on add-ons and player ingenuity to make it usable for roleplay.

So? People rp themselves as the boyfriends or relatives or famous lore characters in RP. People rp themselves as other media characters. People rp themselves as races that dont exist in the Warcraft universe. People add their own interpretations to roleplaying all the time, man…it doesnt make it a good focal point of defense now.

I am not saying that either. Nor have I ever said that.

The player character is a murder hobo with a fancy title. We are just some force that acts as a part of the larger spectrum. There is no choice. There is no alternative direction.

All they have done is given you the ability to look like your previous self minus the fel green eyes. There is nothing else that makes them consider themselves as a high elf; simply because they are under the encompassing force known as “ren’dorei”

You do realize people do that just to trigger, right?

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The problem I’m addressing isn’t necro threading, it’s having 5 threads going but only complaining about spam in the one made by people she doesn’t like. You’re trying to red herring the argument.

However if you are concerned about people coordinating spam off the forums having two separate thread bumped by two separate posters at the same time after two weeks of inactivity looks bad.

Never said they didn’t, however your response is besides the point. As I am sure you didn’t read my post, last night there were plenty of Alliance high elf threads active. My issue is Sara using selective fake concern about spam. She is welcome to address it in all those other places.

Do threads made by antis represent a significant number of Alliance high elf posts? Not really. Did I say anti-threads don’t contribute to the spam? No. In fact…

However you are welcome to hop into any of those other threads and make your concerns about spam known. If this isn’t just fake concern out of tribalism…

…Though if I recall didn’t you lead a boycott on the Alliance high elf mega thread made by Broflake when the old one expired because of who made it, then proceeded to make another identical thread? Sounds tribal.

No it isn’t. The race is elf…

“Thereafter, the Highborne (who were a group of night elves, highborne isn’t a race) abandoned their traditional worship of the moon, instead taking their strength from the sun. In time, they would even be known by a new name: high elves (which isn’t a race either, its a new name, instead of being called highborne they are now High elves, neither title was a race it’s just a title.).”*

The race is elf

I believe you are misinformed but I’m just going to let you continue to be wrong.

it says it right there in your own quote. “knowen by a new name” like when British people travelled to a new continent and became knowen as americans, they didn’t change race. They are still human.

Race in lore is not the same as ‘playable race’ which is not actually necessarily a race, as Kul’tirans and Stormwind Humans are still both the same race, Human.

Yes, but they are a different kind of elf than Night Elves and Nightborne and High Elves have a lot of history and culture in common that other elves don’t. Particularly a recent point in their history where they were a nation and culture called High Elves.

So when us in the real world are talking about them, we call them High Elves.