Why do you allow griefing?

It’s not a PvP game. It’s an RPG with a faction conflict storyline. Players killing players is not the basis of this game. But that’s a different argument for a different thread.

It’s their time to waste if they wish. Not really my place to say what they like or dislike. I just figured a solution that helped the lowbies and let the others do what they want sounded like a good idea.

… who was crying about it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I couldn’t see them long enough to see their name, or click on them, before they stealthed again.

Really you don’t even know that they’re 120. You’re assuming that.

I don’t see how the level even matters.

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my take on the discussion is that you’re discussing the wrong thing. blizzard doesn’t think this is a problem. so you should be trying to convince blizzard of WHY they shouldn’t be so easy to kill, not HOW to make them harder to kill. we don’t need to enumerate out well A. we could make them max level B. they could be invulnerable C. they could have a million hp etc etc. how to make stuff harder to kill is obvious. and quoting their own rules to convince them that something they don’t consider griefing is actually griefing is silly as well, though that wasn’t you, i actually think your take on the eula was completely correct.

why do you think blizzard likes having this in the game, and why do you think they’re wrong.

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Yeah, guards have been in a pretty bad state for a long time honestly and I don’t know why Blizzard does not care. I use to get nightmares and practically walk on eggshells around the guards in Everlook, Booty Bay, and Gadgetzan. City Guards were also a massive threat back in the day and city raids took a massive force and a decent amount of co-ordination.

Cool, so, ask for sources and you immediately go after the green title.

You want to know how I got this title? Because I am knowledgeable and know what I am talking about.

Under “What does an MVP do?”

When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game.

It speaks greatly to my favor how, whenever I counter someone who can not back up their statement they immediately go for the MVP title and really show their true character. (True, you decided to find a “source” in a later post, but we will get to that in a second)

Dealt with this the other day when telling the people modding game files that its against ToS and watched as several went after my MVP title. Because, just like you, they have nothing to back up their claims.

The scenario mentioned above by the TC could fall under griefing. In fact, hilariously enough, your source even proves as much. To quote the Blue Post in question…

If an NPC can be attacked, Oiaa, a player is generally allowed to attack them. Our Support staff would only intervene in that rarest of situations. Sorry.

The situation stated above, again under the assumption that Warmode is not active, could indeed fall under specific situations. Its kinda funny because you did my work for me by finding a blue post on the matter.

Its entirely determinant on the situation, how long the players in question were doing this, and as well as multiple other variables. Its not as cut and dry, black and white, as you are trying to paint it.

But, again, thanks for humoring me.


There are situations in which actions have been counted as briefing and have been. You are correct, the large majority of situations are not griefing and there is a plethora of situations where Blues state just that. However, there is also a number of situations, again backed by the blue post YOU provided, where that is the case.

That’s not how the burden for proof works, slugger.

Which is hilarious considering that you sure as heck didn’t quote my full post when you made your first response. Really going after every tiny little nitpick you can, huh?

Again, you are really nitpicking here. Zone Disruption is Griefing, griefing is just a very generalized word used to cover a broad variety of situations.

I am not saying that TC’s post IS griefing, but neither you nor I have the tools to investigate and more often than not neither do the CS forums. Thats why I very clearly stated that TC needs to report the person in question so an actual GM can investigate.

You come after me with nitpicking, personally attacking my title, and even provide evidence that actually backs up my point that situations can be considered griefing and are evaluated on a situation by situation basis. Fact is that neither of use know the exact situation TC encountered and it very well could be zone disruption because we have no idea for how long that went on for no is there any way for either of use to know, and stating otherwise is ignorant and presumptuous.


Actually I do. Because when I said “where are the quest npcs?” the other players in the area said “a 120 alliance druid is killing them.”


The odd truth is I generally roam about with WM on.

Less competition, less faction side trolling, and if the opposing faction gets too rowdy it usually evolves into a full on conflict and smack down.

Doesn’t always level out, but more often than not it does.

With WM off I come across a lot more jerks.

Admittedly, this is subject to perception.

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I mean… there are ways to tell. Health is a good way to tell, if they are around 100k+ then its a pretty safe bet they are 120 or close to 120.


Yay! :smiley::blue_heart:

It’s simply suggestions in a constructive conversation. That’s what people do when they try to have constructive feedback. I know it’s obvious that they can be made more difficult to kill. But there’s nothing wrong with discussing the options to point out reasons why they would or wouldn’t be good ones.

Yup. That was just me trying to curb the bad direction the discussion had taken. Which obviously didn’t work. lol

Pretty sure it has nothing to do with like or dislike. They’ve already made some quest givers untargetable. It’s just not across the board, probably due to budget and time constraints as they make new content. They most likely just don’t see a reason to waste the time to change it. But that’s just a theory.

By bringing up these discussions to let them know it is disruptful to some people and that it does take away from some players’ experience, that gives them reason to think about doing something.


I’d suggest heading to Eastern Kingdoms or another zone, or log onto another toon, or go watch TV, or anything else, and let that person just kill the same quest givers until they get bored.

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Yes and on pve servers this was reportable as griefing and resulted in escalating actions. PVE servers had different rules. I imagine that applies here too.

You are absolutely wrong about that griefing thing, i can attest from personal experience.

You get flagged when you attack opposite faction NPCs, so yes, Horde can attack him back.

That said, quest givers not in war mode should just turn it off like the players do.

I thought we were supposed to wait for Sunday for this kind of trolling posts.

In other words, don’t play the game I pay for when I want to. Give in to the griefer and allow them to dictate when, where and who I can play. Because allowing someone to be a complete jerk and run people off appears to be the Blizzard way.


Yeah, that’s basically correct, because the game is working as intended. It sounds like you may enjoy something else a lot more. Also, why are you paying for a game you don’t like?


Where did I say I don’t like WoW?

Right here.


You’re post/complaint, it’s about how you do not like WoW and want them to change it into something different.

Greifing is s term that players came up with to describe using either superor levels, numbers of players or loopholes to prevent people from playing the game. Parking a mammath on a flight master is griefing. Taking a group of hunters to the starting area of your own faction and killing all the mobs so people can’t level is griefing.

That last one happened both times that I tried to try out alliance. They said they just liked relaxing and killing low lvl mobs but would do it for hours during prime time every other day so they eventually got banned.

Developers can decide what types of behavior they will act on but they dont control what is or isn’t greifing.

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