Why do the forum mods allow…

Man, we need to get a new joke already


Bobby needs to work on his rocket for the space race?


Some so-called “SJW” threads aren’t actually trolling. But, yes, some seem to be.


Bobby needs to pay out another sexually harassment lawsuit

It’s topical


I’m gonna go ahead and say you don’t speak for me :slight_smile:

That’s easy, Blizz gave us their definition of trolling

What you think trolling is doesn’t matter, Blizz has a definition they follow and it’s their forum so that’s that :man_shrugging:

Which lines? There’s parts of that song that violate the rules

But they are within the rules Blizz set forth. This is the problem/benefit of rules :smiley: Once you know where the line is you can just hang out at it all day long

The troll post use language that aligns with the mods political ideology.


All troll post. The only reason they are still up is because the language they use sounds progressive. The mods don’t read past the title and at most a few lines to see that its a troll. When they finally do the post get shut down and delisted. just like this old troll.


So they don’t get accused of censoring opinions. Then we’d have a ton of topics on that all the time.

Exactly those are great for this thread, thanks for linking those.

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some of the topics like my succubus is sexist and greenskins vs brownskins i just look at as ridiculous
everyone has a different sense of what they can accept as appropriate and like aunt jemimah syrup some people take an inch and they want a mile, they abuse things “or” are just too sensitive (as i see it), but again we are all different.
to censor the boards could potentialy cause bigger problems for people that in thier own heads arent really trolling but do consider the succubus to be sexist ( yes there are people that are serious about that)
they would screenshot then use it to create issues with blizzard and ride the anti activision wave just to add fuel to the fire
so mods arent usually going to censor these topics
i just look at them and roll my eyes ( but we all think differently and are offended by different things ) so i dont feed the troll topics and let them die

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Mods lose their minds after a few weeks reading GD, it is hard to replace them so we have long periods of low to zero moderation.

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I could be a mod but I think everyone would hate me


GD would be a ghost town if adhering strictly to the rules :laughing:

Including this thread since I’m preeetty sure (though not 100%) you aren’t supposed to make threads discussing prior punishments on the forums

Yet that’s exactly what is classified as trolling around here these days.

I have been pointing out this stuff for months because no one else is.

I point out people being outright hostile towards others, and I myself get accused of being a troll and hostile. I’ve even received a few forum vacations for trying to curb the hostile behavior.

What the reason I’m given every time?


Yet there are a few people here that do nothing but insult, attack, and troll at will, with zero repercussions.

If I was new to this game and/or forums and saw these people’s behavior, I would run for the hills and never look back.

I guarantee there are many others that had this same reaction because of these few people’s behavior.

Luup isn’t a troll. She’s a great poster.

Funny. The mods saw fit to close it. And yes it was a troll.


I’ve seen you talk to people and tell them they’re toxic out of nowhere, bro.

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Unless the OPs admitted that they were trolling, you don’t know that. I have some incendiary perspectives and get accused of trolling all the time, despite the fact that I never have.

I don’t agree with the woke mafia, and I consider these achievement changes to be a major slap in the face of the entire playerbase, but I’m not going to pretend to think they are trolling.

They genuinely are offended, and they are expressing their honest opinions. We may find those opinions to be idiotic, but they’re certainly not trolling (in most cases.)

Agree with this sentiment and statement. I think WoW and another games should be allowed liberties and freedoms with their content similar to what a movie or tv show gets.

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Then you’re not paying attention, because I only call out people that started the hostility first. Usually to someone else that was being completely civil to begin with.

I haven’t started a single confrontation. And never “out of nowhere”.

My profile isn’t hidden. Find me a single example of me telling anyone they are toxic out of nowhere.

I am never trying to attack anyone that hasn’t done anything.

I am trying to make some people realize that their behavior is HURTING these forums.

Actually I think it’s the egg shell syndrome.

It is easy to tell. They use language that is antagonistic or purposely moronic. You can tell when they are just trying to get a reaction from people. And even if some how someone is that dumb the post still should be taken down. They do more to spread toxicity than anything that has ever been in the game.